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Hunting Grounds By The Mountain King

The pods shielded skin burnt of as the pull of gravity was contested by the landing field. Malg 3 was known to harbor some of the strangest pray from the cunning and resourceful soft meat of human to the powerful and deadly creatures known only as 'feeders'
His last hunt was a disappointment the pray that he stalked for three nights was killed by the dust feeders. Dust feeders were the blight of the true collector, once dead their body heat was none existent and it took a keen eye to spot them then the strength and resilience of the creatures made them a challenge but to take a head was nothing as their bodies would disappear in to dust! This hunt was a gift, a chance to redeem the last one on this world and on a personal note a chance to thin the ranks of dust feeders and all the other beings that would interfere!
Leaving the Pod, and hiding it within a destroyed building on the outskirts of the hunting area he looked over his new grounds, strange energy waves had drawn the feeders to this place. The science prides were interested in the effect they could have, another bonus. Cloaking himself against the night sky the first night had begun.

Buffy looked up at the old castle that was so important last night. Dracula, The Count, vampire master with the power to hypnotize and mesmerize had come to see her. Dam if the vamps didn't get her she could rely on the ego to finish the job for them. Continuing her patrol she found nothing of interest, four vampires and one god-only-knows-what but no cult trying to end the world and no big bad looking to kill her, just a normal night. On the way home she was glad that her small wish upon the shooting star came true.

What was this, a small soft meat female on her own. Bait to see how the feeders would hunt. What!? This could be interesting, out numbered by the dust feeders and they are the ones who flee. Oh that is why, I was fooled by its size and appearance. This soft meat is powerful, cunning, skilled and intelligent, both soft meat and feeder at the same time. This will be an eventful hunt to be sure. To be sure.

Getting ready for bed she had already looked in on Dawn, why she idly wondered before she fell asleep. In the middle of the night she felt a pair of eyes boring into her. Awaking from her dream and rising from her shared bed the was nothing around. Putting it down to paranoia she returned to Riley's arms and into sleep.

Smiling outside the hunter settled in for the night knowing that the next few weeks would provide challenges and rewards worthy of legends.