Chapter Eight Fun and games in Sunny-hell

This work of Fiction is written by a fan who does not own the characters. And he is running out of jokes that say the last sentence any better.

Buffy was out of the hospital and was ringing Angel for the fiftieth time when she heard the banging on the back door. Lying in a pond of blood was a badly wounded Spike. From the looks of things he had dragged himself by his finger tips to the house and collapsed. Doing her best not to cause any more damage she picked him up and carried him into the kitchen. 'Buffy! Did I here the door. Who was...' Buffy's mother was standing at the kitchen door looking at the un-dead man on the floor 'What happened?'
'Don't know. When he wakes up I'll ask him' filling a glass of water she through it on his face after that didn't work, she grabbed a crucifix and pressed it to his face.

Spike woke up with a start, the was a smell of burning flesh 'Bloody hell woman couldn't you shout like a normal bint?'
'Spike, I don't want any funny business. What happened and where is Dawn?'
'She's out playing Jane with Tarzan the Head-hunter! She just told me it was around when it pitchfork-ed me guts out. Saw it take her like a sack of spuds when it, and her, did the vanishing trick. Left me for dead.'
'What makes you think I ain't going to sake you for losing her!' Buffy looked terrified and angry at Spike but did nothing
For a second he couldn't think of a reason and not for the first time wondered why he was telling her. He failed as the grey fuss creped back into the corners of his eyes. Deciding to wing it he blacked out.

Buffy looked at him trying to figure out if he was faking. The wound was so bad and the fact he was actually snoring ruled that out. Reaching for the phone she pressed redial and waited for the "bleep" 'Angel I don't care what your doing, drop everything. I need you here now Dawn is in trouble. Big trouble.'

Dawn remembered. The monks had put the knowledge of what she was into her and why. The Key. This guy must think its valuable. Of course its valuable! Its living, growing, energy what ever it uses up it recharges. Forever. That's all she was a battery to out live that bunny rabbit. Hell charge that with the Key and it would probably run at warp speed! Dawn realised this as she looked into the unmasked face of the alien creature. That's what he wants, to use me as a power source. Dawn knew that the only hope she had was that Buffy found and helped her.
That was another problem her family. Dawn was not really related to any of them. Her mind raced as she started to cry. She tried to wipe the tears away but couldn't move an inch. Strung up in the net all she could do was cry for a life that was never real.

Angel was driving the packed car as fast as he could. He had to get there soon. The sun was rising to his left, slowly dragging itself into position. Only at Wesley's instance did he swap drivers with Gunn. Telling him to either find cover or burn into ash and try to help Buffy in that condition. Fortunately Gunn, now being paid for his help was flooring it.
The vampire hid under the blanket in the back seat hoping, praying that the slayer was alright. Only once had he ever seen a head hunter and that was with Spike, back in the days if Angelus...

Coming next FLASH BACK Am I on a roll or what P.S. If any one can think of a good ending, tell me. This things taken on a life of its own and I'm sacred.