Two hours later back on Andromeda

Brendan was pacing inside waiting for the others to land. He turned again and walked back towards the airlock. He saw the Maro landing. Finally. He stopped pacing and watched the door. Tyr came threw first carrying Kate. She wasn't moving.

                "OH-GOD, Kate." Tyr walked away and Brendan was frightened as he waited for Harper. Seamus appeared being held up by Rommie. "Seamus, are you okay?" He waved him off.

                "I'm fine, but Kate isn't."

                "I know, come here man."He pulled him into a hug.

                "It's just that-"

                "I know..Gods I know." Beka and Dylan then came into view.

                "Harper, come on you need to go the sick bay."Beka said as she pulled him away from Brendan.

                "I just wanted to say goodbye." Brendan said. "I'm going home, back to Earth."

                "Take her body back with you, She would want that."

                "I will cousin, I will. Don't you worry about it."

                "Don't leave yet Brendan,  Please just wait a little longer."

                "I will." Then Harper was taken to the medical bay.


                A few hour later Harper was in the Observation deck with his hand on Kate's coffin. "It was just yesterday that I saw you again after so many years and now I have to say goodbye once again...I sorry that it has to be this soon for both of us but it was ment to be this way." He closed his eyes and smiled. "A brave girl once told me that if you look hard enough you will always find that of which you are looking for, but chances are that you will also lost it. And you were right I finally found what I was looking for and then I lost you. I'll miss you and never forget you. I guess hope where ever you are you are at peace and I hope to see you again." He kissed the area above her forehead. "Goodbye, and I love you now and forever.

                Harper walked slowly to the mess hall. Brendan was waiting for him. "Hey, how are you?"

                "I've been better. How about you."

                "The same."

                "Thanks for waiting."

                "It's not like I had somewhere to go." Harper almost smiled.

                "I just wanted to say thanks forever thing and to take care of yourself."

                "I will and when I get back home I'll give Kate a proper funeral. I'll contact you and give you the coordinates."

                "I have them here. Only if it's safe mind me." Harper handed him a data slip.

                "You're old place?"

                "Yeah, she always like it there and I got to know her the most there. I think it's fitting."

                "Me too." The two stood up.

                "I'll talk to you soon okay."

                "Yeah, try to keep in contact this time, huh?"

                "I will." Harper gave him a hug," Now get out of here." They smiled and Brendan walked to the landing dock as Harper went to the Observation deck. The others had already moved Kate's body to Brendan's ship and Harper was glad he didn't think he could stand any more pain right now. He looked out the view-port as an older ship flew into Harper's vision. He reached under his top for Kate's necklace. Fishing it out he held onto it as Brendan jumped into slipstream. He remained there until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find Rommie.

                "Hey, I was just coming back to work."

                "Actually, everyone was wondering if you would like to join us for a small gathering."

                "For what?"

                " A memoriam for Kate. We thought it would be nice as she saved our best friend." A real smile showed up on his face.

                "I think that will be nice." He linked arms with her and walked with her, his friend, his life, his everything. He walked to meet up with the rest of his family and knew that everything will be all right somehow.