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The shrinking solution had turned out well. With the others looking on in something a bit like disgust at some of the ingredients. "So witches and that actually do make potions and that?" asked Rob, for about the fifth time.

"I'm a wizard, and yes, we do." Muttered Harry watching as Mike got his bearings once back to his normal size having decided after much thinking (or possibly little, depending on how one looked at it) to take the potion himself.

Rob finally decided to ask something else. "So if he knows all this, but he's not a witch, sorry, wizard… then how does he know it?" Mike took over.

"Well you see, my parents are magical, a witch and a wizard. However when I was born, while I inherited magical genes, which allow me to see and feel things normal people can't but not to the extent of wizards, I don't actually have magic. Like I said earlier this is known as a Squib."

These kinds of questions, and repeated answers, lasted until Rob's mother decided it was time they all left.

Harry sat up that night with a quill hovering over a bit of parchment trying to decide how to ask professor Dumbledore to allow him to leave during term time. After all the man would be wary of letting leave at the best of times, especially these days, but ever single weekend? He couldn't help but worry that he was pushing it a bit. By the time eleven came Harry decided that he should just get on with it, so he could send the letter as soon as possible so that the headmaster would hopefully get the letter the next morning. 'After all,' he thought 'the sooner I send it, the sooner I get a reply.'

Within five minutes the letter was written and sent with Hedwig, and being to anxious to get to sleep easily Harry picked up a bit of paper and started writing what he hoped would be able to be turned into lyrics.

So am I still waiting, for this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason, can't find hope to believe in.

Drop dead, a bullet to my head.

Your words are like a gun in hand.

To sleepy overall to complete more than that, Harry gave up, set the pen and paper down, turned off the light and eventually got to sleep.

He didn't realise until the next morning that the words seemed to reflect what little faith he had in Dumbledore writing him a letter giving permission for him to stay in the band during term time. And upon mentally cursing Voldemort for causing this, he came up with more inspiration for his lyrics:

Can't change the state of the nation,

We just need some motivation.

Three times I've seen a conviction,

Just lies, and more contradiction.

So tell me what would you say?

I'd say it's time…

Yeah. Short. I know. That's what this bits about!

I've now started university. Got myself a new job. And am still continuing the activities I previously had that I always put before writing. Aren't you all so unlucky?

So, I thought, well one of the reasons I'm having so much trouble is because when I'm sitting thinking, write damn it write! I have no idea what to write about. This story only has a basic plotline that I'm following. I don't even know what's in the next chapter other than what I'll probably need to move the story on a bit more (the next chapter will be a bigger time leap, but not too big).

Because of this, I'm wanting to find a co-writer! Someone who has ideas their wiling to bash about likes the story and will be able to force me to write. Yes, the last one will be hard, but it's not impossible! If you're interested, please email me from my author page; I may view some of the reviews that regard this, but probably not. I won't just pick anyone though, I'll be looking for someone who's writing style I like (and if I'm lucky is similar to my own) and who I feel will help me get a more detailed plotline.

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