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Teen Titans Normalities-

Chapter Six- The Hospital-

Doctor: Well Raven, you're doing good, your triplets are doing fine.

All: Triplets!?

Doctor: Yeah, didn't I tell yoU?.....guess not....woops.

Nurse: Ok, we're going to have to get everyone except the father out.

Starfire: Goodluck Raven.

*Beastboy is a little nervous*

Raven: Calm down.

Doctor: Yes, there's nothing to worry about.

*Beastboy faints*

Doctor: Nurse, get him to a chair, can't just have him knocked out on the floor.

Nurse: Yes sir.

*Meanwhile in the waiting room*

Cyborg: How Ironic....triplets...think they'll name them what I think they'll name them?

Robin: Azarath, Metreon, and Zinthos? Yeah, I think so.

*Starfire and Blackfire giggle*

*Back with Raven and Beastboy*

Doctor: Just one more push....and.....good.

Raven: Well, that was easier than I expected.

*Beastboy wakes up*

Beastboy: What happened?

Nurse: You fainted.

Beastboy: Oh.

Doctor: Congradulation, you're the proud father of triplets.

Beastboy: Wow! Two boys and a girl.

Raven: Yep. Azarath with be the girl, I suppose the two boys will be Metreon and Zinthos.

Beastboy: Good call.

Robin: Well, that only took a few hours.

Cyborg: Yeah, and this vending machine took my money...

Robin: Which one?

Cyborg: C4.

Robin: Piece of cake.

*Robin sticks his arm into the bottom of the vending machine and reaches up to pull out Cy's bag of doritos.

Cyborg: Thanks man.

Only one chapter to go.