Chapter One

The evening breeze cooled Estel's face as he raced on a new horse through the forests of Imladris. Being able to get away from his studies was possibly the best thing in Middle-earth. Estel hated studying more than anything, especially with Lord Elrond breathing down his neck and constantly quizzing him. As he tore across a plain Estel couldn't help but complain about how stuck up the Elves were.
When the sun began to set and the sky darkened, Estel rode back towards Rivendell. Entering the stable with renewed joy he felt like he'd be happy for the remainder of the day.
Closing the stable door Estel whispered an Elvish goodnight to the horse. Turning around his smile disappeared when Estel saw the stern face of Lord Elrond frowning down at him.
"Where have you been?" Elrond asked the fourteen-year-old boy. Before Estel could respond he continued, "Estel, that horse was for Glorfindel! It was a surprise for him and when I went to give it to him it was gone and I had nothing for him. Because you took that horse I looked like an absolute fool! What do you have to say for yourself?"
"Oh it was a simple mistake," a voice said from behind them. Glorfindel then strode up to Elrond's side and smiled down at Estel, who's eyes burned holes into the ground and was silent. He then continued saying, "My Lord Elrond, young Estel had no knowledge of this. It's not like you told him anything."
Estel smiled up at Glorfindel briefly for backing him up, but then glared as soon as Elrond said, "But you must remember Estel was to be doing his writing practices. Other and more importantly, I did tell him of the horse that he was not to ride."
Elrond continued, "I apologize for Estel's misbehavior and I'm sure he'll apologize, too." He then shot a look to Estel that told him to apologize.
With clenched fists and venomous attitude Estel shouted back, "I don't have to if I don't want to!"
"Estel!" Elrond exclaimed, and then turned back to Glorfindel and apologized again. "I am very sorry about his rude behavior, Glorfindel." Talking to Estel again Elrond snapped, "You better watch your mouth young man!"
"I don't have to!"
"Um, my lord?" Glorfindel piped up timidly. "I believe I have to speak with you about some important matters."
In a more business like manner Elrond responded, "Yes of course. Estel, go to the study and finish your writing practices until I am through speaking to Glorfindel."
Walking away Estel clenched his fists and jaw. Angry thoughts filled his mind with every step.
After he turned the corner he heard Glorfindel tell Elrond, "It was a mistake, my lord. Must you be so hard on him?"
Estel then heard a sigh from Elrond and then his reply, "I know you mean well, Glorfindel, but you must understand. Estel will never learn proper discipline if he is allowed to do whatever he wishes, so I must be strict with him."
With a heavy heart and tears welling up in his eyes Estel ran as fast as he could towards him room, not caring who saw or scorned him.

Chapter Two

"Can I go now? I'm practically finished."
"No, Estel. After yesterday's mishap you'll be here until the sun sets."
"But it's still morning!"
"Until the sun sets and that's final."
Lord Elrond and Estel were in the study and Estel was doing his writing practices. Due to his horse ride the day before Elrond had put Estel hard at work the moment he woke up. The damp rainy day didn't improve Estel's mood either. To add to rain, Elrond was watching him like a hawk and was nearly breathing down his neck.
Already trying really hard Estel gritted his teeth when Elrond said, "No, not like that. More smooth, don't make it so crooked."
At that Estel would have snapped back, but he was held back by Glorfindel entering the study saying, "My lord, Lord Thranduil of Mirkwood and his son have arrived. They're getting their horses put up as we speak."
With a nod Elrond got up and accompanied Glorfindel while saying, "Good. Continue working, Estel. I probably won't be back for a while so you should be done by then and you can leave early."
The two Elves walked out of the room and down the corridor discussing the stay of Lord Thranduil, and Estel got up to watch them leave. The instant they turned the corner he ran the opposite way. With a satisfied smile he headed straight towards the armory.