Night of the Raven here. New story that's not about vampires. Hmmm…different no? It's actually about one of my fav chars. Dilly!!!

IMPORTANT: It takes place after the war. The slayers aren't dead (all including Dilly are 18) and Dilly and Celena are separated. Hitomi came back and married Van. This story however, centers on a missing slayer. One that wasn't in the war but on Earth. The only girl slayer there is. Tempest.


"Hey! Come back here you thief!" a fat grubby guy was chasing a little girl in a cloak around the street.

The little girl ran and ran, her tattered cloak billowing around her agile form. She looked back frantically. She couldn't be caught. This was Zaibach country. If people were caught for doing even the slightest wrong, they would be killed.

'Please please let me survive this.' Tempest prayed in her head to whatever god was watching.

As she looked back at the guy who was chasing her, she clutched the loaf of bread she stole from his stand more tightly to her. She was too busy looking back that she crashed right into something.

Tempest blinked and craned her neck up to see what she had run into. It was a man. A man in a cloak. The hood however was down and Tempest recognized who he was. She remembered seeing him in the paper she had stolen a couple years ago. He was promoted in Emperor Dornkirk's right hand man so to speak.

Tempest immediately bowed down.

"Forgive me Master Folken." she said in her child like voice.

"Where are you, you brat!" she heard the stand owner shout. He was coming this way.

Tempest scrambled to her feet.

"Are you in trouble, little one?" asked Folken.

Tempest bit her lip and nodded.

Folken squatted down so he was eye level with her. He gently took down her hood so he could see her face. He was a bit taken aback by the beauty of this young child. She had unkempt black hair and a pale complexion, but the most beautiful thing about her was her eyes. One was blue and the other green.

"What's your name?"

"I remember being called Tempest a long time ago." she answered.

"Where are your parents?"

Tempest shrugged.

"I've been by myself for so long that I don't know where they are."

"Would you like to come with me? I could give you a home and other kids to play with."

Tempest nodded.

All the sudden, she was grabbed from behind. The grubby guy had found her.

"Put her down." Folken stated calmly.

The man immediately recognized him and obeyed.

"But Sir this thief has stolen from me."

Tempest looked down ashamed as Folken looked at her with his cold eyes.

"Well then, I will take care of her. She will be given a private execution." said Folken.

The man smirked at Tempest and bowed.

"Thank you milord."

Folken grabbed Tempest by the scruff of her cloak and dragged her to his coach.

Tempest sat down on the seat opposite of him. He lied and she would die. However, she was calm. She would finally get to sleep for eternity.

The ride was silent. They reached the Vione and Folken lead her inside. As they went down the many twists and turns in the hallway, Folken finally spoke.

"Do you know you're going to die?"

"Yes." she said calmly. "Which way I do not know yet. Which would even be best? A be heading or a short drop and a sudden stop?"

"I don't know."

"In a beheading you have the fear of the blade. It might go fast. It might not. With a hanging. It might go fast and might not as well."

"You are very calm about this. Most adults would be frightened."

"I am an adult milord. I'm just trapped. I have been robbed of a childhood and have been forced to grow into an adult."

Folken nodded.

"I see."

He led her down another corridor and into a big room. Tempest quickly replaced her hood. There were other people in here. Boys her age. Fifteen or so.

"why have you brought me here?"

"This is where you will live. With the boys."

"Oh." Tempest was stunned.

"Attention." Folken shouted.

All of the boys scurried around and lined up. One with silver hair and dark red eyes stepped up.

"What is this about Folken?" he asked angrily.

Tempest pulled her hood more securely to hide her face.

"You have a new slayer Dilandau."

"Oh?" he arched an eyebrow.

"This is Tempest?" he said gesturing to her.

Dilandau assessed her, taking in her cloak.

"Why is he wearing that?"

"I have just picked her up off the street."

"Wait! Her?! As in girl?"

"Last time I checked her meant girl dumb ass." Tempest mumbled.

Folken looked at the girl in amazement. She looked like ten are so and her guts and words fascinated him.

"What was that Street Rat?" Dilandau asked in a voice that scared most men.

"I said last time I checked her meant girl dumb ass." she said louder. "Also, I'd appreciate it if you backed up off of my past."

Dilandau stomped over to her and slapped her.

"Learn your place Girl."

Tempest socked him in the jaw.

Soon, it broke out into an all out fight between the two. Folken ended up having to grab a hold of each of them and literally pull them apart.

"Alright, infirmary you two."

Folken dragged them down to the infirmary. The nurse attended to the two of them. She had Tempest remove her cloak.

After a little hesitating, Tempest did as she asked. The nurse cooed over Tempest's different colored eyes. Tempest blushed over the praise she was getting, while Dilandau steamed over the inattention he was getting.

"Looks like you and Dilandau both are going to have a shiner."

The nurse clucked at the bruises the two had given each other.

"Well congrats Little One. You're the first one to actually land a hit on Dilandau."

"Well that makes me feel better." Tempest said sarcastically.

As soon as the treatment was done, Folken dragged them back to the room that all the boys were in.

"This is the lounge. When you're not training, this is where you will go."

Tempest nodded.



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