Okay. So I didn't have to terminate my account. But something obviously did happen, right? AND IT WAS BAD. Hence the initial delay.

I moved out of my house four years ahead of schedule, with five months' notice. I made the decision myself, that was good, but it didn't excuse me from how much of a shock it was. And then when I got over that, I realized that it was hard work. And then when I got over that, I made friends with beautiful people and devoted free time to being a hot-blooded teenager with them. It was fun and I have no regrets. Thus, no, I did not die.

Naturally after exams, several of which kicked my ass, I wanted to simmer and sulk. I've been doing that for the past few weeks. Seeing as I now have free time that can't be used to roam around with my friends because they live far away from me, I promise (promise) I'll start working on my stories again. But I have a sibling about to leave for Europe for six weeks straight on a painting expedition for college, so if you all don't mind I think I'll bid her farewell first.

And I might have updated once or twice if I didn't know that the security at my school had the power to hack into my system and read whatever went down from personal experience.

My plan is to finish these off one by one. However, if I don't accomplish this before September...well, the cycle starts again. The end.