Saying goodbye

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Dottie wasn't sure why she felt the need to see Tiny again. They had managed to capture Ramsey Trask even though Ricky was sure their capture of Tiny had been a fluke.
She wanted to report to Tiny about how the case had gone. There was something
about him that pulled at her. She knew he was in jail for murder, and she had seen
his temper when they had captured him. But she just didn't believe he would kill
in cold blood.

He was brought into the visitors room after she arrived. He looked good, even in
the horrid orange jumpsuit. But the thing about him that pulled at her more than
anything was his eyes. They were kind eyes, very expressive.

'Hi, Dottie it's nice to see you again." he sat down.
"Hi, Tiny I'm not even sure why I'm here." she started then stopped.
"I'm glad you are what ever the reason. How did it go? Did you catch
Trask?" he was watching her with those eyes and it was making her
"Yes, Brandi and I did catch him, then we lost him when that up start
Frenchmen took him away from us. But we tailed them and got Trask
back. It was self defense." she added.
" Is Brandi still in college?" he changed the subject.
" She is but she isn't happy about it, we made a deal. If she keeps
her grades up then she can work some cases with me." Dottie explained.
"Good hold her to it." he half smiled.
" Would you answer a question for me?"
" If I can."
"Did we catch you fair and square? Or did you kind of let us?" she asked
not sure herself if she should be pursuing bounty hunting as a profession.
Tiny smiled slightly, "You caught me fair and square, some people just
have a natural talent for things, yours is in locating people."
" I guess it must me a natural talent." she looked slightly happier.
"It's better than my natural talent for hurting people." he tried to joke.
"Well I guess I won't be seeing you again."
"I can't think of a reason that you would." he said softly.

Dottie stood, paused and said " Thanks Tiny I"
He stood also and before she had a chance to realize what was
happening he had grabbed her face in both large hands and kissed
her. It was a powerful kiss, of longing, tenderness and controlled
passion. Dottie responded as best she could but Tiny was the one
who had risked everything for the experience.
He was not disappointed, she tasted like sweetness, freedom and
softness all at the same time.

The guard told him to step back, but he wasn't in any hurry to end
the kiss. Tiny was going to be punished for breaking the rules and
he didn't give that a seconds thought.
The kiss only lasted for ten seconds but Dottie was stunned by the
time he ended it. He was gentle for a big man, his hands had held
her captive but carefully.
"You'll be punished for that Bellows, three days in solitary for you."
the guard stepped forward and took hold of Tiny's arm.
" It was worth it, it was more that worth it." he said.
Dottie watched his eyes, as she tried to regain her composure.
His eyes were so full of emotion, and it was all directed at her.