I looked up Blaise Zabini's name and found out that it is not clear if Blaise is male or female. I always fancied Blaise was a boy, so I'll keep HIM like that. *grins* Here are a few ultrashort vignettes featuring Blaise and the greatest of all Loonies: Luna Lovegood!


First Encounter

Luna hummed a little tune, walking leisurely along one of the narrower corridors of Hogwarts. It was an out of the way corridor, which was seldom used, and Luna liked it. Absentmindedly, she swung her arms in time with her little tune, oblivious of the strange look the only other student in the corridor sent her.

The student tried to get out of Luna's the way, who was looking straight at him, but did not seem to see him nonetheless, but the corridor was not wide enough. Seeing this, the student frowned and resolutely stepped forward, so he came to stand in front of Luna.

'HEY!' He shouted, just early enough that the arms stopped swinging inches away from his body. 'Stop flailing around with your arms, Loony, no need to make self-defence moves, nobody'd want to assault YOU.'

Luna was unfazed by the cutting remark and just stared at him blankly. 'You're Blaise, aren't you?'

The boy frowned. 'No, I'm the bloody Dark Lord himself! Now bugger off!' He snapped irritably.

'No, you're not.' Luna replied. 'The Dark Lord can't get into Hogwarts.'

Blaise sighed. 'You don't even know what sarcasm is, do you? And you're in Ravenclaw!'

'Oh yes, I know what sarcasm is,' Luna informed him brightly. 'It's to say something but meaning something else altogether.'

'Brilliant!' Blaise mocked. 'Five points for you, Loony!'

'So, if you aren't Blaise, who are you?' Luna persisted, ignoring the unpleasant nickname he gave her.

He rolled his eyes. 'I AM Blaise.'

'Well, that's what I thought. Why didn't you just say yes?' She said, thoroughly perplexed.

Exasperated, Blaise refrained from trying to explain that he had actually been sarcastic, and only said in a deceptively quiet voice: 'It slipped my mind, now.'

'Oh yes, I can understand that!' Luna interrupted him, 'I forget things like that all the time.'

Now it was Blaise's turn to interrupt. 'Never mind, Loony. Just get on with you, will you?' He said impatiently.

'I would,' Luna answered obligingly, 'If you'd let me. You're standing in my way, you know?'

Seeing that she was right, Blaise hurriedly stepped to the side. Luna gave him an absent smile, and then walked off, humming. She smiled to herself. It had been an interesting little conversation, although she didn't like that the boy had called her Loony all the time. She didn't blame him, however, maybe he hadn't known what her real name was, after all, he hadn't known what sarcasm was, either. She'd tell him to call her Luna the next time she saw him.

Blaise, on the other hand, stomped off in the opposite direction with the unpleasant feeling of failure. His quips had been sleek, his sarcasm witty, but whatever sting his words might have had just hadn't reached Loony Lovegood. He frowned, remembering that he hadn't even had the last word. Blast the girl! Why'd she have to be so oblivious!?