Chapter the Fifth

Blaise' threat to the Quibbler bothered Luna more than anything, for although she was sure that he wasn't really mean, and that it was his Mr. Hyde personality that was dangerous, not his usual self, that didn't mean that her father was safe. It was quite impossible to say how long an evil fit could last, it might take hold of Blaise long enough to put her dad into trouble. So Luna decided to watch Blaise night and day, and if he showed signs of evil, she would alert Dumbledore and her father at once.

No point in disclosing poor Blaise' secret yet, she didn't want to make life harder for him than it undoubtedly was already. Just imagine! Two personalities in one body! Double the emotion for the same amount of hormones..!

Meanwhile, Blaise was starting to regret what he'd said. He had the unpleasant feeling that he'd just made life much more difficult for himself. What troubled him most, was that he noticed how he seemed to be able to predict what Loony would do next by now, as if he actually was beginning to understand how her mind worked. It was as good an indication that she was driving him crazy as any!

As he had feared, his prediction came true. Had Loony followed him around surreptitiously before, she now turned into his second shadow. Other Slytherins began to notice, and gave him hell for it. They jeered at her as well. Which was a good thing. Really. But the problem was, that Blaise wasn't actually a jerk, and some of the things Loony had to put up with from his housemates simply because she thought her dad was in danger made him feel sorry for her.

With that in mind, he found a way of extracting himself from everyone and found an empty corridor, where he turned to face his shadow number two, a.k.a. Luna Lovegood.

'I don't really want to do anything to your dad, you know', he told her, letting his exasperation over the whole situation seep into his tone, 'so back off and get a life, Loony!'

'Are you starting on your sinister plan now?' Luna asked, 'because if you are, I will have to be even more careful.'

'NO!', Blaise took a deep breath, 'no, why do you think I'd start my sinister plan by telling you I wouldn't hurt your dad?'

'Well, you could be trying to convince me to lower my guard before you actually moved in on my father', Luna explained earnestly, 'can you give me a reason why you wouldn't be planning anything like that right now?'

Blaise had to think fast, and, suddenly, he had an idea, 'you know, I though about it. I will need all the publicity I can get, once I start my career as Evil Lord, and an interview with the Quibbler would be one step in the right direction. Don't you think?'

Luna did think. She brightened considerably. 'You are absolutely right!' Secretly, she thought how good it would be, if she might have an early warning before Evil Blaise put his plan into action and notify Dumbledore if the need arose. 'I will send an owl to my dad at once to tell him that he must be ready to interview you as soon as you think it's time!'

'Are you still going to follow me?', Blaise couldn't help himself asking.

Luna smiled, 'of course not! I know you will keep your word. You always do.'

'Do I?'

'Trust me. I've watched you a while now. If it weren't for the Evil you, you'd be a wonderful person!', Luna reassured him, smiling all over her face.

'Oh thanks', Blaise said, totally forgetting how little sarcasm worked when dealing with Luna.

'My pleasure! I knew you'd like to know', Luna replied cheerfully, and then she left.

Blaise didn't bother to reply and walked in the other direction. Followed by just one shadow.