The Midnight Club

by myka

Chapter 1

Pairings: Sirius x Remus

A/N: A new story, how wonderful. Sadly my class schedule doesn't think this is so wonderful at all. In fact it thinks it's bad, bad, bad for my studies. Ummm…good thing I'm pretty optimistic XD Much thanks to the beta ^-^

Story premise: Slight AU. Set in the beginning of OoTP. Sirius and Remus are lovers. It's a Saturday evening and Harry is staying over for the weekend. 


Sirius stood frozen. Every single muscle in his body refused to move.

His eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

It was gone, completely gone; there was nothing left…

Somebody had eaten his fruitcake. 

"Harry! Remus!"

One floor above, Harry and Lupin exchanged a look of bewilderment.

"Did you hear something?" Harry asked, raising his head from the assignment that Lupin was helping him finish.

"It sounded like a scream," the older man replied, then shrugged it off. "It's probably just this old house," he added as he continued the tutoring lesson. 


There it was again, and this time Remus heard it loud and clear. His last name. Sirius yelling his last name, to be precise. That was not good. Whenever Sirius used his last name, it usually meant that he was angry.

"Where are you, Lupin?!"

Very, very angry.

Remus looked at Harry, who had 'guilt' plastered all over his face. "What did you do, Harry?" he asked with a bit of urgency. He could hear Sirius' footsteps rushing up the stairs.

"N-- Nothing," the young teen stammered, trying very hard to make himself invisible.

"You didn't by any chance eat a certain desert in the fridge that Sirius specifically told you not to eat?"

Harry kept silent, and Remus sighed. It wasn't really Harry's fault; Sirius shouldn't have asked for such a silly request. The teen was only staying with them for the weekend, after all, as a special favor for Dumbledore. "Don't worry, Harry, I'll deal with this. Besides, it's time I tell Sirius exactly what I think about this sugar binge of his."

Harry smiled. He hadn't meant to eat the fruitcake, but at the time it had been the only dessert in the house. 

The door burst open, and Remus smiled warmly at Sirius, who seemed as if he wanted to kill something.

"Who ate it?" he snapped. 

"I gave it to our guests yesterday," Remus lied in his most pleasant voice. Harry remained frozen on his spot. Sirius's eyes widened, and, for a moment, Harry waited for his godfather to unleash his wrath upon Remus. 

"But Moony, that was my fruitcake!" Sirius suddenly bellowed with disappointment, his reaction taking Harry completely unaware. "Do you know what I had to go through to get it?"

"Actually, you begged me to go buy it," Remus interrupted, crossing his arms.

"Exactly!" Sirius pointed out enthusiastically.

Remus laughed a bit to himself. "We'll get you another one, won't we, Harry?" he asked the teen.

"Y-- Yes!" Harry replied immediately. 

"Thank you, Moony!"  Sirius smiled broadly, throwing his arms around Lupin's neck and holding him tightly. "You're always reminding me why I love you so much."

"I love you too, Sirius, but I still need to breathe," Remus choked. Sirius let go of his lover and kissed his brow softly. 

"The store closes in less than an hour, and it's already nightfall. Maybe it would be best if we went tomorrow," said Lupin, but one look at Sirius's eyes made him change his mind. "But I guess we could make an exception and go now.  Shall we, Harry?"

Harry stood up quickly as he nodded. "We'll be back in a bit, Sirius.  Don't get into trouble."  Remus smirked. 

"How can I possibly get into trouble?  I can't go out, remember?"  Sirius scowled.

"I know, love.  We'll hurry. C'mon, Harry."

Harry followed Lupin out of the room, down the stairs and out of Twelve Grimmauld Place. The sun had already set, letting the half-moon show plainly on the starry night sky.  "Thanks for the aid."  Harry grinned as they started their way down the sidewalk. The store was just a few blocks down, an easy walk from the house, and it was too risky to fly there. It was very quiet outside; the occupants of all the other houses seemed to have called it a night, even though it wasn't that late. Then, three houses down the path they heard a noise. 

"What was that?" Harry asked, confused by the sound.

"I think it sounded like a growl," Lupin tried to answer. 

"It's not any growl I've ever heard before."

Lupin nodded as he took a cautious stance; he hadn't been a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for nothing. He searched inside his robes for his wand, and when he was about to grab it, a big black blur slammed into him, knocking him off his feet and driving him to the ground. 

"Lupin!" Harry yelled, bringing out his own wand and pointing it at the attacker. It wasn't a big animal as Harry had expected, but a woman, a very fierce-looking woman.  "Stupefy!" 

The woman dodged the spell with ease so that it landed just a few inches from Lupin. The woman growled, and Harry got ready to cast the spell again when a string of icy fingers wrapped around his wrist, keeping the wand back.

"Get away, Harry! They're vampires!" Lupin yelled as he rose from the ground. The woman who had lunged at him took the opportunity to disappear.

"Vamp..."  Harry's eyes went wide as he turned around, the icy grasp still around his wrist. The male creature looming above him sneered, showing his fangs. Harry had a second to gasp when another growl was heard and the vampire released him as he was taken down by a huge black dog.

The vampire snapped at Sirius, keeping the canine jaws away from him with his hands. The vampire rolled to the side, using the force to push Sirius away. Lupin got his wand ready to defend his lover. The male vampire just snickered, jumped high up into the sky and disappeared. 

"Is everyone all right?" Lupin asked in a tired voice. Harry nodded and Sirius walked up to him and licked his palm. Remus crouched down to the ground. "I guess you'll have to wait for that fruitcake, eh?"

The dog just wagged his tail. 


A slender woman sat at a rooftop, tapping her slightly tanned fingers repeatedly against the wooden roof in quiet anxiety. She watched as the group she had just attacked started their way back to their living quarters. She felt the presence of the one she awaited behind her. 

"That was annoying," her companion huffed as he sat down by her side. "Where the hell did that dog come from?"

She blinked at him, her green eyes narrowing a bit. "It's not like it hurt you, and you didn't hurt it."

"Because it wasn't in the plan." 

She grinned. "Sure, Mikael, whatever you say."

Mikael scowled at her. Then he sighed; he just couldn't stay angry at her for too long. "Is it him, Mara?"

She nodded. "That's him, brother."

"So what do we do?"

"The kid will be gone tomorrow. It's better to wait."

"We'll wait, then," Mikael replied calmly. "We'll take the werewolf during the week."

Mara grinned. "During the week it is."


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