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Cold Blood
Chapter One

Kitiara Uth Matar sat in the shadows of the corner and glared sullenly at her ale mug; her helmet lay at her feet. The other patrons, soldiers and mercenaries alike, leered in her direction. However, the glint of her highlord's armor and the look on her face kept them away. Their attention was soon drawn away from the brooding woman in the corner by the barmaids.

He was late.

True, Kitiara had arrived early, but he most definitely should have been here by now. Kitiara decided if he didn't show his face within the next quarter-hour, she would leave. She had better things to attend to and the tavern certainly wasn't worth staying in.

One of the many taverns in Sanction, it was safe to say it was far from the best. Dirt and grime caked the floorboards, tables were stained, and Kitiara would rather eat dragon dung than the food. The few patrons it had attracted sat around, gossiping and swilling down the watery ale. Sitting alone in the corner reminded Kitiara of past memories when she sat in the corner of another inn with Caramon, Raistlin, Sturm, that little kender, his grumpy dwarf friend, Tanis...

She shook her head firmly and gritted her teeth. Tanis was gone. He had left her for that elven wench. Kitiara had several other men to amuse her, so why did that half-elven bastard keep appearing in her mind's eye...?

"Troubling thoughts, my dear?" a soft, rasping voice said from behind her.

Kitiara spun around in her chair, her hand closing over the hilt of her sword. She hadn't seen anybody come near her. Yet there was a man (or rather, she assumed it was a man for the figure was cloaked and hooded) standing behind her chair, hands lightly resting on the back of it. She quickly scanned the bar room out of the corner of her eye; none of the patrons seemed to have noticed the man. Her attention returned to the newcomer as he pulled up a chair and sat down across from her.

"Nothing that concerns you, mage," Kitiara replied coldly, spitting out the last word in disgust. She had been near her brother enough to recognize the aura of magical energy that now crackled around this man. Not as powerful as Raistlin's, to be sure, but there was power there nonetheless.

The mage laughed and Kitiara could just imagine the sardonic smile that must be twitching his lips just now. "Very well. If the lady wishes to keep her thoughts secret, then I won't pry. Shall we discuss business, then?" Her curt nod gave him leave to continue. "I have a proposition for you, Dark Lady. A mission that, I believe, only you can fulfill. I need someone to be removed."

Kitiara narrowed her eyes. "In other words, you wish me to assassinate your enemy. Hire some sell-sword if you wish for that kind of work to be done. I am not your lap dog, to be called upon when you need a disposal of someone." She bent down to pick up her dragon helm. "There is your answer. Now, I have better-"

The hooded man was chuckling.

It was a hoarse, dry chuckle that provided no warmth. It was the sort that sent chills down one's spine. Kitiara stopped and looked warily at the man, wondering what had caused his amusement. She did notice several patrons looking edgily in their direction. Inside, she hoped the mage would stop before onlookers became too curious and rumors spread.

The hoarse chuckle died off and the man paused a few moments before speaking again. "Do not be so quick to dismiss my offer. This death could benefit us both. And, as I said before, it is my belief that only you can accomplish it."

Despite what her mind told her, Kitiara was intrigued now. Well, it couldn't hurt to at least hear what he has to say, she thought. She lowered her dragon helm back to the floor and straightened up. "Fine. I'll hear what you have to say, but I'm not agreeing to anything. And tell me why I'm the only one who can kill this enemy of yours and how I would benefit from it."

"Wise, very wise, mighty highlord. This 'enemy of mine' is also an enemy of yours. With him out of the way, your path to world dominance is clear."

"Oh, and this will clear away the Knights that wait for the moment I step out of Sanction with my armies to finish me off?"

"Help me and I will help you."

Kitiara leaned back in her chair and ran her eyes over the mage. From what she could tell, he wasn't very muscular and was of average height. He wasn't frail like Raistlin, but then again, he was not Caramon's size. The man didn't look overly strong, but who could tell with mages?

"So? What say you about my offer?" His voice grated into her thoughts. Kitiara detected a hint of impatience in his words. Her eyes narrowed; who was he to demand anything of her? "Tell me first who I am to 'dispose of'," she replied.

"I believe you know him. A man by the name of Raistlin Majere."

Kitiara gasped. "Y-you would have me kill my own brother?!"

"Half-brother though, isn't he? With him out of the way, you will be the strongest being on Krynn. If he wanted the world, he would have it in an instant."

"You think me cold-blooded enough to kill him?"

"You had no qualms against leaving him to die before."

Voices floated through Kitiara's mind. "C'mon! We need to get him out of there before the mob reaches him first!" That was Caramon's voice, she recognized. Then her own voice answered. "No! Leave him, Caramon! Didn't you see what he did? Don't you understand? He shouldn't have been able to cast that spell! But he did, and he's not even a full mage. Just leave him to die. He's too strong. Raistlin needs to die."

Kitiara blinked back her look of confusion. That memory was from long ago, from a Harvest Home festival that seemed a life time ago. But only Caramon and herself were there at that time, so how...

"How do you know that?" she demanded.

"I know many things." From his tone of voice, Kitiara knew he was smiling at her ignorance. She ground her teeth, but let nothing show on her face. Kitiara didn't want to cause the mage any more amusement tonight.

"He wouldn't hesitate to kill you. After all, he's killed his own twin twice in dreams and illusions. You, his half-sister, wouldn't cause him any grief."

If the mage said any more, Kitiara wasn't listening. He had a point...Raistlin would have to be removed if she wanted Krynn. He had grown too strong for his own good. She had saved him as a baby, but there was always time to correct that mistake.

"...He wouldn't be completely expecting an assassination attempt from you, so you're the best choice for this. Remember, help me and I'll help you."

"I'll consider it," Kitiara said shortly. "How will I contact you again?"

The mage nodded as if satisfied. "If you accept, just bring me a vial of his life-blood after you've killed him. I'll know when you wish to talk again." With that, he rose and tipped his head in Kitiara's direction. "Good day, Dark Lady." He turned to leave.

"Wait!" Kitiara realized something. "Give me your name. I won't do any business for a name-less person."

"...You may call me 'Beleg' if you wish," the mage said over his shoulder. Then he swept out of the tavern. All of the patrons stared; a few had the courage to look in Kitiara's direction, only to be turned away by her glare.

"Beleg..." The name felt elvish to Kitiara.


Kitiara scowled darkly, picked up her ale mug, and flung it against the wall. It shattered into tiny pieces that scattered across the floor; the ale that had been in it left a dark stain upon the brick wall. Her boots crunched on the broken pottery as Kitiara left the tavern in a dark fury.

End of Chapter One

My first ever DragonLance fic. Kitiara's memory is from The Soulforge. Also, when Beleg talks about Raistlin killing Caramon twice, he's referring to the Test and to the dream of Silvanesti (technically, Raistlin left Caramon to die then.). Please review and tell me what you think!