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Virginia Annabel Weasley was the only survivor in her family. She lay on the cold stone floor of a dungeon cell Merlin knows where.

She couldn't feel her body.

She couldn't hear her breath.

She couldn't taste her saliva.

She couldn't smell her blood.

And she couldn't touch, touch anything.

She lay there and waited. Waited and waited for her trial as she called it.


Ginny was sitting in front of the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room still in her uniform.

She looked at the fire in the fireplace and her thoughts went to the on-going war outside of Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had become Aurors and joined the order. Ginny sometimes wished that she wasn't trapped at Hogwarts but everyone knew that the only strong-hold against Voldemort was Hogwarts, which was protected by Dumbledore. Ginny knew that her headmaster and professors were the greatest wizards and witches in the field. She admired them. They were great, all great, except for that greasy git, Snape, who had turned against Dumbledore during the last battle that had been won by Voldemort. While fighting against the order, he had told Dumbledore that he was a fool for believing that a Death Eater could be changed. Ginny had also noticed that most of the battles had been won been by Voldemort lately. The order was now expecting a full attack on Hogwarts in about a month. Every person in the school was preparing for the battle because they knew that if this battle was lost, then, there would be no hope for the Wizarding World, not only England, for Voldemorts' followers already possessed Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Americas, and all of Europe except for England. England was the last hope. Hope for the downfall of Voldemort. For the Boy-Who-Lived was there. She couldn't understand how Voldemort could have some much importance, so much control, so much power.

She looked at the head of the person that was lying on her lap. She gently stroked his hair, his fine blond hair. He looked peaceful. He was all she had at Hogwarts now. He was her friend, her boyfriend, her love, her life. She wouldn't know what to do if he was taken from her. Her Colin. Her one and only Colin. She looked at him and smiled. He was the one man in her life that had made her feel so special. She would die if anything happened to him. She gently took his hand and held it. She fell asleep with her love on her lap, the night that would change everything.



Ginny suddenly woke up by the sound. She saw that Colin hadn't woken up yet. She wondered if the noise was only her imagination.


No! It was definitely not her imagination and being Head Girl, she had to wake the others. She woke Colin up. She still didn't know how he could sleep like that.

"Doll, what's going on?"

"Colin, I…"


Colin suddenly got up and ran towards the boys' dormitory and just as Ginny was about to leave towards the girls' dormitories, the girls suddenly rushed out of their room with their wands in their hands. The boys quickly came too, ready for anything they were about to face. She looked at them and remembered that she didn't have her own wand.


"Accio wand!" She exclaimed and her wand flew out of her bag.

"Everyone, stay here! I will be right back!" she said turning around and running for the portrait hole. McGonagall's room was right beside the portrait hole.

"You can't go by yourself! I'll come with you!" Colin said as he grabbed her wrist.

"Colin! All the Seventh years have to stay here to protect the first years!" she said but Colin wouldn't let go.


"Please…Colin…I promise I won't get hurt" she said as she held back tears.

Colin suddenly let go of her wrist.

"Go! Go before I change my mind" he said turning around.

Ginny didn't need anymore. She flew out of the portrait hole and entered McGonagall's room without knocking. As she entered, the professor was leaving her room, in jeans. Ginny had never seen her professor wear muggle clothing at all.

"Ginny! Thank Merlin! Get all the students out of the school NOW!" she exclaimed as she felt in Dumbledore's office's direction.


Ginny quickly ran back to Gryffindor Tower. She entered the portrait hole without even saying the password. The Fat Lady apparently, knew the graveness of the situation.

"EVERYONE OUT!!! NOW!!!" She screamed at the students. They all had confused looks on their faces except for the Seventh years. She turned towards Colin.

"Colin, you lead!"

Colin suddenly went out of the portrait hole and the other students followed. Ginny ran to the dormitories to check if anyone was left but luckily none was there. So she ran out to the grounds, where all the other staff were. She could still here the BANGs but couldn't see the source of it. She looked around the grounds and saw the Head Boy coming towards her. The Ravenclaw approached her trying to catch his breath.

"Ginny…Dumbledore…wants us to…keep the stu…dents calm" he said breathing heavily.

"Ok, Mike" she said as she ran towards the Gryffindors.

But as she was running something caught her attention. She saw all the members of the order, even from the international order, on the grounds. Everyone was there looking ready to fight.

That's when it hit her. The final battle was tonight. Tonight was the night, in which the fate of the world would be decided. The Battle of Blood was about to begin.


After about two hours. Every person who believed in the Light had somehow arrived at Hogwarts. Ginny saw her family standing side by side. She saw Harry and Hermione. She saw all her parent's friends and co-workers. They were all ready to fight.

Then, it happened. It happened like a shadow came across the field. Ginny saw motion towards the Forbidden Forest. Hundreds of men dressed in black robes came across the field with white masks on their faces. Then, giants arrived accompanied by Dementors, and goblins. Ginny had never seen an army so huge. She looked at the Light side and saw that there was only about half the number the army was. She looked back at the other side. Everything had stopped. One person was moving, moving to the front of the dark army. When all eyes were on him, he stood. He took his hood off to reveal his snake-like face. Even though Harry had already described his looks to the order, she felt sicker than ever.

"Ah…Hogwarts" he said with amusement in his voice and looked at Dumbledore, and Harry, where they were standing side-by-side.

"Only you and your school stand against my goal" Ginny didn't know if he was talking to Dumbledore or Harry.

"and you shall not destroy the reign of the purebloods, therefore, my loyal followers join me"

As he said this, Ginny saw all of the Slytherins leaving to join Voldemort. She always had had a feeling that told her that if there came a day to choose between win and lose, the Slytherins would choose the winning side.

"And now, history will be made and the reign of the purebloods shall commence!" as he said this, his army started the battle.

After a few minutes, the good and evil were all together trying to kill each other. Ginny was with other Gryffindor seventh years defending the innocent first years. She had already knocked a Death Eater out. She knew that if it ever came to Avada Kedrava, she would never be able to do it. She just couldn't kill someone. She couldn't, she had a heart.

"Stupefy" she screamed at a Death Eater who was pointing their wand at eleven year-old. The Death Eater fell to the ground because he had not expected the attack.

She saw sparks flying towards her, and she jumped out of the way but as she did, her wand arm hit the wall and she couldn't feel anything but pain. As she was lying on the ground, she saw something that stopped her in shock. In front of her lay Colin trying to breathe. A Death Eater was standing about two feet away from him smiling. She tried a spell with her left hand, but it didn't work. So she got up and ran towards Colin. She could hear something along the lines of 'stupid mudblood'. How dare he call her Colin a mudblood? He stood between Colin and the Death Eater. The Death Eater seemed amused by this act. He looked at her Head Girl Badge, and then, smiled.

"Ginny! No! GO! RUN!" Colin screamed but she ignored him. She could not live the day to see her Colin die at the hands of a dirty Death Eater.

"Kill me first!" she exclaimed.

The Death Eater smiled even boarder and he seemed to enjoy her courage.

"You stupid Gryffindors and your bravery, which is more foolishness than actual bravery!" he said to Ginny. He slowly took off his mask and Ginny quickly recognized him. Draco Malfoy was standing there. Everybody at Hogwarts knew who Draco Malfoy, he was the Dark Lord's second in command's son.

"Just get it over and kill me!"

"What make you think that I will kill you?" he smirked.

"You are a Death Eater!"

"Yes, but our Lord also told us that we need to gather rewards and you will do just fine!" he said looking up and down at her.

She felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. Just when she was about to answer, Draco slapped her across the face so hard that she fell to the ground.

"Look at your lover boy because that will be the last time you see him!"

She tried to cover him from the deadly spell, but Draco kicked her in the stomach. She was hurt badly and tried to cover him but her body wouldn't move. As she looked at her love, she saw his love in his eyes.

"I love you, Doll" he whispered closing his eyes accepting his fate.

Just as she was about to tell him she loved him too, Draco said the deadly spell, and Colin had moved to the world of the Death. Ginny found tears coming down her cheek. He was gone…he was killed. Her Colin was killed. Her love was killed. Her life was killed. She felt her heart shrink. She felt her body give up. She wanted to die. Die in Colin's arms. Die in her life's arms. She felt like the world had no meaning. Her Colin was…was…was…dead. Her tears became faster but she didn't sob. Colin deserved silence. He didn't deserve to die. She should have died. And a part of her had died. Her life had died. She took his life-less body in her arms despite the fact that one of her arm was completely useless. She put her face in his hair, his fine blond hair. As she held her lifeless love in her arms, she said…

"I love you too, Colin…I love you too"

After that, she passed out and saw nothing but darkness.

~*~End of Flashback~*~

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