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Ginny waved back and left behind the wizarding world for the vampire world.


Chapter 11 – Epilogue ~ The New World


Ginny looked at Voldemort's Place as the black limousine drove away. She had finally gotten away from Lucius. Her child had gotten away from Lucius. Amelia had saved her and her child's life and she was more than grateful towards the elder vampiress. She put her hand on her stomach and rubbed it. Her child, her own child. And it would be safe from the clutches of that bastard, Lucius. Lucius had been told that Ginny was no longer pregnant due to Amelia. Although she was grateful towards Amelia, she was more grateful towards Draco.

If it hadn't been for him, she would have never become a vampire and be saved by Amelia. Although, he's beliefs were wrong, he was her hero in a way. And she vowed that she will repay him for the deed that he had done towards her. She even wished that the child she was carrying was Draco's and not Lucius'. Even though, she didn't want to admit it, she had started to fall for her evil hero.

She looked to her right and noticed Amelia looked at where Ginny had put her hand on: her stomach.

"Do you really want to keep the child, Virginia?" Amelia asked.

"Yes. Yes, I do," Ginny responded smiling.

"This child may cause you many problems, especially if its father finds out that it's alive, more important if Voldemort learns that he has been lied too. Although, I truly despise that thing, we need its support against our war," she said looking as though, she was disgusted.

"It is not the child's fault that its father is an evil bastard," she said sighing. "And I am really sorry if I cause you problems. Maybe you should just drop me off somewhere safe. I could go on from there."

"Virginia, we do not leave one of own to deal with mere mortals," said Amelia looking angry. "Do not even think about that."

"Sorry," Ginny muttered.

"It is alright," the older woman said.

"So how is the vampire world?" Ginny asked trying to make conversation.

"It would depend on your opinions but to me, it is normal," she said looking out the window.

"Do you really… drink blood?" she asked the question that had been bothering her in a way.

"Yes but not human blood. We drink synthesized blood. It is like an exact copy of human blood. In the beginning vampires hunted humans but it was only for survival. It is like how mortals kill animals to survive. But as technology progressed, we created this type of blood. Although, we do not drink from mortals, we do not approve of them. Each vampire is allowed to bring another into our world, and that could be done during any time in their lifetime. And that is the main source of our problem with you. When a vampire brings another to our world, they have a deep connection. This connection is in a form a sexual connection. The original vampire can control this connection but the new one can't. The new vampire will lose its mind and want nothing more than to have vampiric sex. This connection also informs the other of important things as injuries, deaths, but also births. The birth of your child may alert him but you could give birth to your child in the Pure Room. The pure room stops the connection between the two," finished Amelia.

"Oh. Where is this pure room?" Ginny asked.

"The pure room is underneath the graves of the three elders. But the problem is that the three graves is not where I reside. That is why you and I are leaving for London with a few other vampires after my belongings are packed."

"We aren't in London right now?" Ginny asked surprised.

"No, Voldemort Palace is Paris, France," Amelia said looking at Ginny.

Ginny couldn't believe that she was in Paris right now but how would they get to London. They definitely couldn't travel by limousine all the way.

"How are we getting there?" she asked.

"First we are taking the vampires' private plane to arrive in England but afterwards, we are using the train to arrive at London," she explained patiently.

"Wow! A plane?" Ginny asked.

"Yes. A plane but I know that the Wizarding World have faster ways to travel but we, vampires, cannot travel by apparating, and hate, no despise, using Floo Powder. That is the most disgusting way to travel. Therefore, we use muggle means, as you call them," she explained one again.

"Oh," Ginny responded remembering the Wizarding World before it was taken over by Voldemort.

"That reminds me," Amelia said taken something out of her black purse: a wand. "Take this."

Ginny slowly took the wand in her hand and felt the magic spread through her like wild fire. It rushed to every cell in her body. She felt the magic settle down in her body once again and felt like she could do a million flips.

"Although, we do not approve of mortal ways, I am allowing you to hold on to this wand until you fully reach your powers as a vampire. You may or probably will need this wand if you want to get out of the house," Amelia said smirking.

Even if Amelia was smirking, Ginny didn't feel like she needed to punch the smirk off of her face. In a way, Amelia was becoming her mother. Showing her the ways of the vampire's world like a mother teaches her child the ways of the world.

"Thank you," Ginny whispered and with that she felt that she had left the wizarding world forever…

The End

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