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Summary: Some one dark comes back to haunt Rogue's almost perfect life. Yeah, that was a fantastic summary, just makes you want to read it. ;)

* This story will remain a Romy, through and through. *

Heaven's a lie

Chapter 1: Turn back the time

" How does one live when there is

Nothing for them to live for?"


It was rather late the night Rogue decided to go out for a walk. She had always enjoyed walking down to the pier, just to watch the water clashing upon the rustic shore. She could always be alone there, not that she didn't enjoy being around the others but sometimes she just wanted to be alone.

Breathing in deeply, Rogue basked in the cool salt water air. Despite the chilly temperature, it was a generally a nice night. The full moon splayed beautifully across the ocean, sending off small reflections to illuminate the pier. Placing her hand in the water, Rogue felt the cold water splash against her bare skin. It was at least a month since she had learned how to control her powers. She had been ecstatic when she was able to finally touch Remy. They had celebrated by going out on a date at a great Italian Restaurant. It had been the most romantic day of her life, since then she and Remy had grown even closer. It wasn't until Remy had proposed to her did Rogue truly become happy. They were to be married on Mardi Gras and the Professor Xavier was to fly them down to New Orleans to celebrate.

A small rustling noise came from behind her, causing for her to snap out of her reverie. Whipping around, Rogue met face to face to an old man. His clothes were tattered, as if he had been living on the streets for a while. His brown eyes glittering in the moonlight.

" Ya want somethin' sugah?"

The man smiled at her, his yellow encrusted teeth nearly glowing in the dark. A slight stench wafted from his body, making Rogue recoil away slightly.

" Could you spare some change?"

Rogue smiled lightly and fumbled around in her jean pockets for some loose change. Finding a small amount, she tossed it over to the beggar. But her conscious began to eat away at her so she decided to pull out a twenty dollar bill. Passing it to him, she smiled.

" Here ya go sugah, spend it well."

The man bowed to her. His long black hair was relatively long and ran a bit past his shoulders. His voice had a slight asian accent to it.

" Thank you very much, I'm sure it will Rogue."

Rogue cocked an eyebrow at the man and stared closely at him.

" Ah'm sorry but do ah know ya?"

The man shook his head at her.

" Hope I see you soon…Rogue."

The man continued to smile at her as Rogue stared at him with confusion.

" Who are ya?"

" We met several years ago… surely you haven't forgotten me?"

Rogue's narrowed here eyes at him.

" What?…how do ya know me?"

Without answering, the old beggar turned from her and walked away from the pier, slowly disappearing into the dark of the night. Rogue frowned and watched as the strange old man walk away.

Shuddering from the talk she had with the strange old man, Rogue began to walk back to the mansion. She couldn't figure out what the man was talking about. Several years back, she was with the brotherhood. What could the man have been talking about?

Shaking the thoughts from her head, Rogue headed into the mansion. It was another usual night at the mansion. Scott and Jean were out on a date and probably wouldn't get back till late. Logan had already taken off, saying that he was in desperate need for a drink. Remy was most likely playing cards with Bobby and John. It was Friday so it was time for the regular Poker-a-thon. It would last from eight o'clock at night to midnight. The person with the most winning games would get the entire pot. And every time it was Remy, so the games have been more about beating Remy than winning the pot.

Rogue yawned, it was late. She had stayed out for quite a while and she would have to get up early for a danger room session the next day, so Rogue decided to go to bed.

As she walked into her room, she couldn't help but try to recall what the strange man had said to her. He did look somewhat familiar, but she just couldn't remember. Rogue pulled on her a tank top and some cotton pajama bottoms. She could reveal more skin since she was able to control her powers.

Yet her thoughts were disrupted by two strong arms wrapping around her waist. The scent of spices wafted into her nostrils causing for her to breath in deeply.

" Miss me Chere?" whispered a soft Cajun voice.

Rogue smiled and let herself relax in his arms.

" Always, Remy…"

Remy swooped his head down and planted a soft but tender kiss on the base of her neck, creating waves of pleasure to course through her body.

" Remy glad t' hear dat.."

Rogue turned in his arms and leaned up to kiss him on his lips. Remy moaned from the passion that she exerted into such a small embrace. Rogue pulled away slightly causing for Remy to groan.

" Aww…just when Remy was getting into it…"

Rogue grinned at him and patted the side of his cheek.

" Well, Roguey is tired and Roguey wants to go to bed."

Remy's eyes lit up at the thought of bed.

" Remy won't disagree wit y'!"

Rogue slapped Remy's arm playfully.

" Get ya mind out of the gutter, Swamp Rat."

Remy feigned a mock hurt look.

" Remy's mind not be in de gutter."

" Raght…"

Turning, Rogue flopped down on the bed, Remy beside her. He could tell that something was bothering her.

" Is everything okay, Chere?"

Rogue looked up at Remy.

" Naw sugah, ah'm fine.."

Remy glanced at Rogue, eyes narrowed skeptically.

" Y' sure, Chere?"

Rogue leaned over to him, and planted a light kiss onto his cheek.

" Absolutely."

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