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Chapter 1 - A Predestined Fate

"It is only a matter of time before Cao Cao attacks! We must not let that happen!" A bold man slammed his fist onto a map lying upon a table. His officers looked uneasy at his sudden outburst. "The Kingdom of Wu will not fall into the hands of this chaotic man! He must be stopped at once!"

"Lord Sun Quan, we mustn't be hasty," A dashing young man in red advised. He, among the dozen general in the room braved to speak. "Perhaps Shu may be able to help us?"

"I say we take an offensive front Lu Xun!" Another man spoke up while patting the young man in red on the back. This man looked to be slightly older than Lu Xun, and was very attractive. "Let me lead the attack on Shu! They shall all tremble to the might of Zhou Yu and bow before Lord Sun Quan and the kingdom of We!" He spoke out proudly to everyone in the room.

Everybody began talking. Some agreeing with Zhou Yu's approach of offensive attacks, while others sided with Lu Xun's more peaceful approach. The room did not quieted down until Sun Quan slammed his fist on the table once again. There was a moment of hushed silence before he spoke out again. This time he was much more quieter which caused some of the generals to lean forward to hear him.

"No... I have a better idea," He paused momentarily causing much anticipation in the room. "We'll create a 'peace treaty' with Liu Bei of Shu. I'll set an arranged marriage for him with my dear sister. Then, he would have to come to meet my mother, Lady Wu."

"The Lady Dowager? She hasn't been too friendly with anyone since Lord Sun Jian passed away and the great Lord Sun Ce died valiantly in battle." One of the older officers answered. He was a big man who looked like he feared nothing.


* * *

"Lady Sun! Oh Lady Sun! Where are you?" A young maiden ran about a vast palace in search of her Lady. It was obvious that she was a maid, but her clothes were much different than that anyone could have imagined. Instead of wearing those nice light pink and light purple robes that traditional Chinese maids wore, she was dressed in a shade of red. But most differently, she wore some armour. "Please tell me you're in the courtyard again!" She hurriedly rushed around the corner and stopped dead in her tracks, catching her breath and sighing with relief. "Oh Lady Sun! There you are!"

There in the beautiful courtyard, full of new buds ready to bloom, was a young girl in red. Her outfit was quite different from all the other high classed ladies. It looked almost as if it could pass as a ladies' battle suit or training suit, but of course, women of this would never be able to wear such a dreadful thing. And there upon her forehead wrapped a red bandana with her family crest, a flaming dragonhead.

She too stopped whatever she was doing. Holding something hidden from the young maiden in front of her and kept her back towards the maiden. She didn't move, but she did speak.

"Is Lu Xun with you?"

The maiden shook her head, but realizing her Lady would not have seen that, she too spoke out. "No, my Lady, why would General Lu Xun be with me?" She seemed confused of her Lady's question.

"Good!" The girl in red spun around to face her maid. In her hands were twin blades. She held them up into the air triumphantly and smiled. "I bet Lu Xun didn't even know I stole his weapons!" She laughed.

"Wrong again Lady Sun." A voice came from the opposite side of the maiden. "How many times do I have to ask you, milady, to NOT take my twin blades. Such a weapon is not suited for a princess such as yourself." The same dashing young man approached the girl in the courtyard. "Please, Lady Sun." He held out his hand expecting her to hand over the blades.

"You should know me by now Lu Xun... you have to steal them back from me!" Lady Sun immediately sprinted out of the courtyard, past her maiden, and knocking her down. Lu Xun immediately dashed after her.

"Oh, what have I done wrong in my past life to receive such a mistress!" The maiden wailed to herself. She too ran after Lady Sun.

* * *

"You'll never catch me Lu Xun!" She shouted out to him as she continued to run around corners, in and out of courtyards until finally returning back to the large courtyard she had been practicing in.

Stopping to catch a breath she turned around. To her surprise, Lu Xun was no longer there. "Ha! I beat him again!" She laughed.

Just then, from behind her, someone easily pried the twin blades from her hands. "Wrong again Lady Sun."

Spinning around, she was surprised to see Lu Xun there with a polite smile. Unlike her, he didn't look one bit tired or exhausted. She gaped in awe. "How... but how did you...?"

"Lady Sun, this is very unlady-like. If the Lady Dowager ever found out about this..." He was cut short when the maiden came towards the two, heaving and gasping for air.

"Lady Sun..." She gasped.

The young girl in red turned to face her maid, but when she turned back to face Lu Xun, he was already gone. "That jerk! Oh well... I'll just have to steal it again later!" She turned back to her maid and helped her sit on one of the stone seats in the courtyard. "Why were you looking for me Mei Li?"

"There's... there..." Mei Li could not even begin because of the lack of air going through her system.

Lady Sun grabbed the teacup on the stone table and poured some tea for Mei Li, but even before Mei Li would reach for the cup, she shot downwards on her hands and knees and bowed down to the girl in red.

"I dare not!" She said quickly, her heart beating faster as the seconds passed by. "Who has ever heard of the mistress serving her own servant?"

"Mei Li! Get up! There is no need for this! How many times do I have to tell you? You can just call me Shang Xiang. You have grown up with me, there is no need for these formalities!" Sun Shang Xiang pulled her maid up back onto her feet.

"You are a princess my Lady, and I am a mere servant. We cannot be compared as one." She bowed her head to the princess. "Besides, I could be killed if I called the Lady Sun by her name... unless, that is what my Lady desires." She looked up with sad eyes.

"Of course not! How could you think of me as that Mei Li!"

"Forgive me!" Once again Mei Li went onto the ground, and once again Sun Shang Xiang pulled her back up.

"Okay, so what is that that you have to tell me?" Sun Shang Xiang pulled out two daggers from her boots and began practicing attack moves in the yard.

"Have you not heard my Lady?" Mei Li turned to face her mistress.

"Heard what?" She threw one of the daggers into the tree and rushed up towards it to pull it back out.

"Of your arranged marriage, Lady Sun."

Shang Xiang dropped her daggers. Shock had rushed towards her and she had become speechless. It wasn't until after a minute or two did she speak. "WHAT?!" She shouted in anger while glaring at her maid.

"It has been circulating around the Kingdom of Wu for several days now! I heard Lord Sun Quan was the one who arranged the marriage!" Mei Li's words seem to tumble out from her mouth. She didn't seem to know what she was saying, because she feared of Sun Shang Xiang's wrath.

"My... brother?!" Disbelief was written all over her face. "But... how could he?! He knew I didn't like arranged marriages! My own brother would not seal my Fate like this!" She fell to the ground, burying her face in her hands.

Originally, she had decided to go talk to the Lady Wu about this arranged marriage and getting her brother, Sun Quan, to help reason with their mother, but after hearing that it was her own brother who set this marriage, she was devastated. After the sudden death of her father, Sun Jian, and the death of her oldest brother Sun Ce, Sun Quan was placed as the Lord of Wu. And whatever he said, no one would dare go against. Though Shang Xiang had a close relationship with Quan, she knew from all 18 years of her life that no matter how hard she tried to go against him, he would always prevail. And with something as big as her future husband-to- be, there was no doubt in her mind, that he would not change his mind.

"Lady Sun, maybe it isn't as bad as you think it is!" Mei Li rushed over to her mistress' side and helped her to the stone table. "Maybe he's General Lu Xun! General Lu Xun is a very nice person, very intelligent, and very good looking might I add."

"Lu Xun? No way! He may be all that, but he frowns upon my eagerness to learn swordsmanship and battle! He believes I should behave like a lady! How can I live with a man like that for the rest of my life?!" Shang Xiang moaned.

"General Zhou Yu! What about him? He's a strong fighter in battle, pretty intelligent and a VERY attractive man! Oh! What a catch he would be! My Lady! What if it's General Zhou Yu! All the girls in the world would envy you, Lady Sun!" Mei Li quickly said, in hopes that her mistress would feel more at ease with her situation.

"I would think not! Zhou Yu is too conceited and arrogant for his own good. One day, that may be the death of him if he does not change his views! I don't think I would be able to live with him either!"

"Uh... umm..." Mei Li began shaking her head, thinking hard of someone else. "General Gan Ning! He is a fierce warrior! Very strong, and quite built. Fairly good looking as well!"

"Mei Li, he used to be a pirate! He used to be an enemy of Wu before he became a General of Wu! He betrayed his ex-Commander and joined Wu, what if he does the same in marriage if I were to be betrothed to him? What if he betrayed and left me? I would then have to live my life in shame and humiliation!"

"Lord Sun Quan! What about a man like Lord Sun Quan? Or like Lord Sun Yi? They are both excellent men of status, intelligent, strong warriors..." She was cut off by Sun Shang Xiang.

"No! That would be worst of all!! It would be like being married to my brothers! Although they are very good men, I would rather not want a husband like them!" Lady Sun frowned.

"Then what kind of man does the Lady Sun wish for her husband to be?"

"I want a man who's intelligent, a man of valour, a man of honour! He must be a strong warrior, but still kind and caring at heart. He must be charming, his people would have to look up to him because of his great leadership! Most importantly, he would have to love me for who I am! For my carefree spirit, for my endless joy of weaponry and battle, and he must value and respect me." Sun Shang Xiang laughed. "Of course, this is much to ask for in one man, which is why I believe I am going to stay chaste." She smiled.

"But my Lady! You and I both know that is impossible!" She gasped suddenly. "Oh! I just hope the Lady Dowager does not betroth you to him then!"

"Him? Mei Li, what do you mean?" Shang Xiang feared the worse, and her handmaiden confirmed them.

"Why, Lady Wu is speaking to your Lady's possible husband-to-be this very moment! My Lady ran off so quickly with General Lu Xun's weapon, I had no time to tell you! Perhaps this man is the right one for you?"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" Sun Shang Xiang raced off towards the garden, knowing that that was where her mother would most likely be.

* * *

A bold man walked up to the entrance of this beautiful flower garden. Pink, blue, red, yellow, every colour of the rainbow bloomed here. This would have been a peaceful heaven for anyone, and this man was no exception. It was truly magnificent, and what more beauty of it when the garden reminded him of the peach one he and his two brothers swore on oath. However, at the thought of his two oath brothers, this man frowned, slight worry could be seen in his face if examined closely. Would he ever see them again?

His clothes indicated that he was a respectable man with a great status. Could he be a Lord perhaps? He gripped on his sword tightly before bending over and placing it on the ground. Taking a deep breath, he took a step into the garden. Ahead of him, was a woman sitting on a throne- like chair with many maids around her. Two with huge fans, cooling her off, another held a plate of various fruits, and a couple more standing, awaiting orders.

He bravely walked to the woman and bowed down.

"Lady Wu, thank for inviting me, a simple Lord, into such a wonderful kingdom. A most importantly, to meet the Lady Dowager herself." He looked up at the woman without standing back up.

"Tell me, why is it that you leave your sword at the entrance? Do you not fear an ambush?" The woman looked at him carefully.

He was a grown man, dressed in green, a nicely trimmed mustache and short beard. He looked fairly decent and the twinkle in his eye made the Lady Wu slightly more reassured.

"Why, to bring my weapon here would be disrespect to the great Lady Wu. I fear neither battle nor death, as death is a part of life. If I, a simple Lord, am to be killed today in this beautiful garden, it is Fate, and I accept my Fate." He smiled politely at the woman.

"Interesting." She motioned for him to stand up. "Tell me, good Lord Liu Bei of Shu, what makes you think you are worthy of my daughter, Sun Shang Xiang's hand in marriage?"

"I do not believe I am worthy of such a beautiful flower, I only humbly ask you to send an angel to me so that I may be able to better myself." His eyes were glued to the ground, his head lowered slightly. This was a gesture to show that the Dowager had a higher status then himself.

"If I were to send you my only daughter, how do I know that she will live well and be happy? I cannot let her live in a foreign place. She is bound to be unhappy."

"As a simple Lord, I can only offer all I have to such beauty, all the love that I can possibly give. If there is anything else she would like, I will try to fulfill her wants and needs. Although the kingdom of Shu is still small compared to that of Wu, it is a very friendly place with many things to do and many places to visit. I promise that Lady Sun will be overjoyed in Shu."

"My daughter is a very energetic young woman, her needs, her desires are ever changing. She is not a typical princess, weapons hang in her bedroom..." She paused momentarily, but Liu Bei spoke out once again.

"A unique girl is hard to find. What more can a man ask for? A young, beautiful intelligent woman who supports her husband when he's off at war, and shows interest in the art of weaponry? Besides, over time, she will settle down and be a great woman such as the Lady Wu. Intelligent, understanding, and beauty still within her through age. A woman like this is hard to find. She must be kept sacred as she is the most rarest treasure of all." Liu Bei looked up slightly and gave another polite smile to the Dowager.

The Dowager did the most surprising thing. She smiled. The first smile she had cracked since the death of her husband Sun Jian and her eldest son Sun Ce. This man, she thought, is not a bad choice for Shang Xiang. Perhaps it is time for her to grow into a woman.

* * *

Sun Shang Xiang ran breathlessly around the flower garden, but her mother was nowhere in sight. "Oh mother... where are you?" She muttered to herself before she spotted a young maiden. She recognized her at once and called out to her. "Lei Lei!" Shang Xiang ran up to the girl dressed in a maid's outfit, her clothes were slightly higher quality than those of normal maid's. Lei Lei was the head maid of the palace. "Where's my mother?"

"Lady Wu has returned to her bedchamber to rest..." She was cut off rudely.

"Was she speaking to a man earlier?"

"Oh yes, Lord Liu Bei. A charming man, polite, well-mannered, tall, seemingly strong, fair faced, fairly good looking..." Again, she was cut off.

"What?! Where did he go?"

"Why, Lord Liu Bei had just left a short while ago, perhaps Lady Sun will be able to see him riding out in the..." Cut off a third time.

"Is he the man I have heard about that is my future husband to be?" Her tone of voice was a mixture of eagerness, fear, anger, and confusion.

"Yes, he is a very appropriate man for a princess such as Lady Sun herself..." Lei Lei could not finish as Sun Shang Xiang ran off again.

Shang Xiang was angered. How could my mother do this to me? She thought bitterly. "How could my mother and brother betray me like this?!" She ran through a maze of buildings until finally she came upon a hidden passage. Moving wooden crates and bamboo poles out of the way, she finally reached a dead end. A bundled straw hay leaned against the red walls. Shang Xiang roughly picked it up and threw it behind her, then she pushed against the wall with her entire body. A creaking sound was heard, and below, the wall slid open. The hole was only big enough for a person to crawl through, and crawl through was what Sun Shang Xiang did.

Upon crawling past the wall, she was greeted by the open field. She ran out quickly, up the hill to the left and looked across the plains, in search of something or someone. And there, far across the horizon, she managed to make out a man, dressed in green, riding a horse towards Wu boundaries.

Shang Xiang fell to the ground in frustration. Tears began welling up in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. A strong woman would never cry. And she was a strong woman... but... how strong can she last? She would soon be married to a man she has never seen before or heard of before. Her carefree days would soon be over... she would no longer have the strength to fight.

"Lady Sun..." A familiar voice called out to her gently.

She did not have to turn around to know who it was. This person had been following her since she was a little child. How could she not tell it was her beloved maid Mei Li?

"Lady Sun... perhaps, this man is the right one for you. Being married is a joyous occasion my Lady. Every woman's deepest desire is to be married off to a rich and powerful man. What more can you ask for my Lady? Lord Liu Bei is the ruler of the kingdom of Shu. I have heard he is a strong warriors with strong morals and..." Mei Li stopped. She knew that no matter what she said, Lady Sun would not listen.

"It may be every woman's desire to be married off, but for me... that is not the case. Mei Li, don't you understand? I will no longer be able to live my life the way I like it. I will have to behave a certain way, I will have to listen, obey orders and not speak out of turn. I will have to fulfill my duties as a woman. I am no longer a girl." She slammed her fist onto the ground.

"It is yet another step in life my Lady. There are many things people do not desire in life, but we all must play our part. It is not us who determine our future, it is the heavens." Mei Li looked up into the sky. "The heavens seal our Fate."

"No! That is wrong! It is US who choose our path in life, it is US who choose our destiny! My Fate, that is for me to decide! I'm going to talk to mother about this!" Sun Shang Xiang angrily pushed herself up and stormed back into the palace.

* * *

"Lord Sun Quan!" Lei Lei called out, in hopes of stopping the bold man from entering the room. "The Lady Dowager is resting! She asks that nobody is to disturb her!"

"I don't care. This is far more important!" Sun Quan aggressively pushed open the door to his mother's bedchamber. "Mother, I'm sorry for disturbing you, but why was Liu Bei set free? Why was he able to leave?!" Sun Quan walked through a few rooms before seeing his mother sitting on her bed, sipping a cup of tea handed by one of her many servants.

"I know what you were trying to do my Son. I know this was merely a ploy to send Lord Liu Bei to his grave." She didn't even care to look up at him.

"Then why did you let him return back to Shu?!"

"Sun Quan," Lady Wu handed her cup back to the servant and looked up at her son. "you have grown up to be a strong Lord. You're strength and intelligence equal that of your father and brother. I in my mind, have no doubt in your leadership. I know you will bring great fortune to the people of Wu. I know you don't have to take over Shu to do prove to the world that you are strong and a great Lord."

"Even so mother, if you did not like my idea of invading Shu, you could have told me! My sister now, must go through pain and suffering for all this! How could you give her hand in marriage to him? He is two decades older than my dear sister! How do you think she feels to be married off to a man so many years older?!" There was no doubt that Sun Quan felt betrayed by his mother and angered.

"Tell me why is it that you are the one who proposed the idea to use your sister in this ploy?" Her voice still quiet and calm.

"Liu Bei was to be killed! Shang Xiang was never supposed to even marry the man! Nor would she ever hear of such thing! But now mother, I have to send her off to someone she was not meant to meet in her life. Tell me, what am I to say to my dear sister?"

"Lord Liu Bei is a charming man. He will be a good husband for Shang Xiang. I will not deliver this news to her. My son, you proposed this idea, so now you must finish it. Do not bring shame upon the Sun family."

"Mother..." Lady Wu cut him off.

"This dear old woman is tired. She needs her rest." Ignoring his presence in the room, she lay down on her bed as her maids tucked her in.

Sun Quan turned around angrily and headed out of the room, but just as he stepped out, there with tightened fist, and anger written all over her face, was Shang Xiang.

"You have betrayed me, my brother." Without letting him say another word, she ran off.

"Shang Xiang!" He called to his sister, but he knew she would not listen to him. Unhappily, he headed back to his own room.

He closed the doors behind him and took a seat at the table in the first room. He took off his hat -which resembled that of an Emperor's - and began rubbing his temples. His plan had not worked and his only sister was bound to a loveless Fate. He no longer felt that he was a strong leader for the people of Wu. How could he lead so many people, when he could not even help his own sister? He closed his eyes in hopes of waking up to a horrible nightmare.

It wasn't long after his short nap was he suddenly woken up. There was a knock at the doors, and the person from behind the doors kept calling out his name.

"Lord Sun Quan! Lady Sun wishes to speak to you." His guard continued to knock.

Sun Quan took a deep breath before answered. "Tell her that her brother is too ashamed to face her."

* * *

"Where is he?! Where is my brother?" A man with a wild beard stormed into the main hall. Upon one of his shoulders, a green-gold armoured plate reflected the light. He grasped onto a long spear-like weapon with an awkward blade. The blade was not straight like that of normal ones, but rather, it was curvy in an odd way. His face was red from anger and his tone of voice confirmed it.

"I take it that you have also heard of the news." One of the many men in the hall answered. His voice was calm and he did not even bother to look up to the man who rudely entered the room. This young man just continued to shine his blade of his spear. The blue feather-like stuff near the blade continuously got in his way, but that did not seem to bother him. He was a very good looking, and despite his age, he seemed to hold much more maturity than the wild man who looked to be a decade or two older than himself.

"So you ALL have heard and I was the last to find out on my own?!" His voice boomed throughout the hall. "And to say that I am his oath brother! I should be one of the first to know!"

"Perhaps you would have been the first to know..." the young man paused momentarily. "If you had not been out drinking again." He looked up and smirked at the older man.

"WHAT?!" The wild man angrily thrust his weapon towards him. "Dare say that again Zhao Yun?"

"Calm down, brother Fei." Another older man intervened. This man towered over everyone in the room. He, unlike the wild man, was nicely dressed in green and red. He stroked his long trimmed beard. "I'm sure brother Liu Bei has his reasons."

"I don't even know why Lord Liu Bei would swear an oath of brotherhood with you." Zhao Yun muttered loud enough for everyone to hear. "General Zhang Fei, you might want to be careful where you point that thing, it's not a toy you know." Zhao Yun said it in a tone as if he was talking to a little child.

This angered Zhang Fei greatly, as he attempted to thrust his weapon into the young man, but the man in green and red stopped him. "Brother, let me at him!"

"He's right you know... how many times do I and Brother Liu Bei have to tell you? One day your drinking habits will be the death of you."

"At last! Someone who has some sense. Thank you General Guan Yu." Zhao Yun stood up and bowed slightly to the immense man.

Zhang Fei growled angrily, before turning back to his oath brother. "Why though? Why would brother Liu Bei take that Sun girl to be his wife?"

At this moment, another man joined into the conversation. He, too was nicely dressed in a white and gold robe over a green tunic. Perched upon his head was a white oval hat, and clutched in his right hand was a white feather fan. "Lord Liu Bei had to."

Everyone in the room turned to face him. They all had the same question in their minds. Why? But before any of them could speak again, the man with the feather fan answered them.

"If he hadn't, he would have been killed."

"I knew it! That Sun family is never up to any good! We should just destroy them! Make them watch as we take over the land!" Zhang Fei bellowed out. "The kingdom of Wu will ours!" Of course, nobody really bothered to listen to him. Zhang Fei was too rash and would not think of any consequences.

"Some peace treaty huh?" Zhao Yun scoffed. "Was that why he wouldn't let me go with him, Zhuge Liang?"

"Yes... He said that if he were to be killed there, he did not want anyone else with him." The man with the feather fan replied.

"I say we kill the Sun family!" Again, nobody listened to Zhang Fei.

"If brother Liu Bei does not like Lady Sun, he could always marry another girl suited better for him." Guan Yu commented.

"I would not. Even if I do not love the Lady Sun, I would not marry another girl as long as she is my wife." A voice came from the right.

All heads turned to the speaker and was surprised to see Liu Bei standing there, his sword hanging from his waist and a scroll in hand. "We have some things to discuss, we'll all go into my study." Without another word, Liu Bei headed back out from where he had come in.

"You cannot blame Lord Liu Bei for such actions. It was beyond his control." Zhao Yun scorned at Zhang Fei and followed his Lord.

"Perhaps that inexperienced rookie is correct... for once. Poor brother Liu Bei, having to suffer with that Sun girl." Zhang Fei shook his head.

"I have heard of this Lady Sun. She is no ordinary girl. Weapons hang in her room. And shield maidens guard her door. She is no proper wife." Another man spoke out. He was oddly dressed, covering his face with cloth and a kasa straw hat cover most of his head. He held a staff and shuffled awkwardly because of the layers of clothes he wore.

"A woman like that cannot bear children easily. Nor will she be easy to tame. What if she brings death upon my brother?!" Zhang Fei's eyes showed much horror. His face turning a light red again.

"Perhaps... or perhaps not." Zhuge Liang answered. Zhuge Liang was the one who had advised Liu Bei of his behaviour to the Lady Dowager, and he was also the strategist of Shu, hardly anyone ever disagreed with his thoughts or plans. He was hardly ever wrong.

"Lord Liu Bei commands all of you to meet in the study." Zhao Yun had returned to rush them.

* * *

Sun Shang Xiang smiled weakly at the people gathered around her. Her carriage had arrived and she was ready to head off to a new life. And all her maids were standing around it, awaiting their Lady to finish saying farewell. Each of the maidens were dressed in a light red dress, indicating a wedding, but each girl had a weapon hanging from their waist, or clutched in their hands. Beside them, were a few men dressed in red a black each hold a musical instrument. They were the hired band that would travel with Lady Sun until she had arrived to her future husband's doorsteps. As for Shang Xiang, her red wedding dress trailed along with her, just as her spirit was trailing along with her body. She continued to smile at her family and the generals trying her hardest to refrain from shedding a tear.

"Lady Sun... perhaps we will see again in the near future." Lu Xun bid her farewell.

She smiled. "Of course we will." She leaned in a little closer to him and whispered. "Don't let anyone take my place. Only I am allowed to steal your weapons."

Lu Xun backed up slightly in surprise before nodding at her request.

"Farewell Lady Sun! Remember, if anyone picks on you over there, call for me! Zhou Yu and I'll beat their asses to a bloody pulp! No one picks on the princess of Wu!" A muscular man with spiked up hair loudly said. Not only was he big that looked intimidating, but the huge sword on his shoulder and the tattoos all over arms made many men fear him.

"Thank you Gan Ning. Thank you Zhou Yu" She weakly smiled at them.

"Lady Sun. Take care of yourself." The rest of the generals added.

Sun Shang Xiang turned to one of her brothers, Sun Yi. He was a fairly young and attractive man, but he could never compare to Sun Quan in her eyes.

"Brother, I will miss you dearly." She hugged her brother tightly, who returned her embrace.

"Shang Xiang!" Her mother scolded. "A lady is not to behave in such a way!"

"I cannot even hug my dear brother one last time?!" She glared angrily at her mother. First she ruins my life, and now she forbids me to say goodbye to my old ways? Shang Xiang thought angrily.

"A woman is bound to only her husband." Lady Wu stated. "Shang Xiang," Her tone dropped into a more calm and nourishing one. "your dear mother is getting old. She will not last long under the heavens. Shang Xiang will you do your dear old mother one last favour?"

She did not answer.

"Shang Xiang, my beautiful blossoming flower, please... this may be the last time you see your dear old mother..." She tilted her daughter's head towards her.

Again, she did not answer.

"Please Shang Xiang, at least... behave like a lady in front of Lord Liu Bei. He is such a gentleman, I fear he may not be able to handle all that... energy of yours." She looked into her daughter's eyes. A few tears sliding down her face.

After a few seconds of silence, Sun Shang Xiang nodded her head. She smiled weakly, and moved on to say one final goodbye, to her brother Sun Quan.

"Sister, I have forsaken you." Sun Quan could not find the courage to look at his baby sister.

"Do me one last favour, my dear brother."

He looked up at her bravely, but avoiding eye contact.

"Ride with me one last time." She whispered.

* * *

"Ya!" Shang Xiang shouted as she whipped the horse to go faster. "Brother, this will be the last time I could ride with you."

"Then let's make it memorable!" He whipped the horse to go faster.

The wind whipped past Shang Xiang and her short hair flowed back. She no longer wore her red wedding dress, but her usual attire. She smiled as she shouted out with joy. This was her last time riding with her brother. At a young age, her brother had taught her how to ride a horse and he was the one who taught her how to use weapons. Of course, all of this was done behind their mother's back as she had no idea that Sun Shang Xiang could do such things. If she had ever found out, she would be so infuriated that the ancestors would roll over in their graves.

"Sister, how where you able to sneak out? What about the carriage?"

Shang Xiang smiled. "Mei Li is riding in it at the moment."

Sun Quan laughed. "Mother would be furious if she ever found out." He rode his horse at a steady pace with his sister. He looked at her. She was happy. This was what she truly wanted to be. To be free. But no... I have sent her to an enclosed cage. She will no longer ride with the horses, fly with the birds, or dance with the wind. How could a brother send his only sister to her doom? He thought sadly.

"My future awaits me..." Shang Xiang turned to look at her brother. "The carriage is already there." She looked forward ahead of us.

Sure enough, the carriage was already there. Mei Li stood outside of the carriage dressed in the maiden's outfit, holding Sun Shang Xiang's wedding dress in her arms. The brother and sister soon came to a stop and both of them jumped off their horses. Shang Xiang smiled at her brother one last time before handing the reins to him.

"Farewell brother, may heaven smile down upon the Sun family."

"May you forever be happy." He climbed back up on his face and turned around, still holding the other horse's reins as well. "Forgive me sister." He said without looking back, then hitting the horses to go faster.

"You are forgiven brother." She watched as her brother rode off.

"Lady Sun... we mustn't be late." Mei Li's tone seemed distant and sad.

Lady Sun nodded her head and climbed into the carriage. With her shield maidens guarding the carriage, she slipped into the wedding dress, pulled down the veil to cover her face, and then was off to the kingdom of Shu. The hired musicians played the song of marriage loudly. Silent tears began falling from her eyes.

* * *

"Brother Liu Bei," Guan Yu pushed open the door to his oath brother's bedchamber. In his hand was a scroll. He closed the door behind him. "I have the status reports compiled about the Battle of Chi Bi. Would you..." He stopped in surprise when he saw his brother all dressed up in a black suit with a large red bow wrapped in front of his chest. "...Brother... it is today?"

He nodded.

"Should we not prepare?"

"I know how everyone feels about this. I am no different. I feel the same way. I did not want to alarm anyone. But..."

The door suddenly burst open again. Breathing heavily was Zhang Fei. "Brother! The carriage is here already!" But he too, much like his oath brother, froze in shock when he noticed how Liu Bei was dressed. "You knew it was coming today?"

Before anyone could say another word, loud wedding music was heard. Nearly everyone in the palace stopped whatever they were doing, and raced towards the entrance. They were all shocked to see, in the far distance, a wedding carriage with the band, and bodyguards riding towards the palace.

"But apparently, it cannot be kept secret." Liu Bei finished.

"Lord Liu Bei! The wedding carriage! We must prepare!" Zhao Yun appeared at the front of the door.

Liu Bei sighed before nodding his head.

For the next half hour, everyone in the palace was rushing about preparing the wedding decorations, the food, the wine, and the clothes. Everyone was panting for air when the carriage arrived at the front steps. Liu Bei, his oath brothers, and his generals gathered around the door.

The carriage was placed down, and the music stopped. Everyone at the door stared at the group that had just arrived awkwardly. What the expected was not what they saw. Instead of hired male workers to carry the carriage, they were all female maids with a weapon hanging by their waist. And instead of men guarding the carriage, they were all also female maids. The only thing they expected that was there, was the hired male musicians.

"I guess you were right Pang Tong. Doesn't seem like the rumours are false." Guan Yu whispered to the oddly dressed man, who had mentioned a few days earlier of a tomboyish Lady Sun.

"At least she's still woman." He whispered back.

One of the maids took a step forward and greeted everyone. She smiled at them and announced the arrival.

"Lord Liu Bei," She began. "The Kingdom of Wu has brought you the most rarest treasure that Wu and the world has ever seen. As a symbol of our friendship and peace, we bring you Lady Sun. Please kick the carriage door." She stepped back, out of the way for Liu Bei.

He took one step towards the carriage, but seemed very reluctant. Gathering his strength and courage, he walked up to and kicked the carriage door. This was a tradition in China.

"The Lady Sun has entered Lord Liu Bei's household as his wife. May peace, prosperity, and fortune come to the Lord and Lady of Shu." Mei Li bowed her head down as the music began playing at full blast once again.

The music has been playing for a few seconds before Lady Sun stepped out of the carriage. No one could see her face as it was still veiled. Mei Li led her Lady to the waiting Liu Bei. He was not that happy, but he still put on a charming smile. He took Lady Sun's hand and carefully led her up the stairs and into the main hall where Lady Sun and Liu Bei paid their respects to the gods and ancestors.

Afterwards everyone, even some civilians came to the feast. They all sat down, but nobody said a word. It was normal for the bride to still be veiled and not speak, but it was not normal for everyone else to have such long faces.

"Please, this is my wedding, enjoy yourselves." Liu Bei announced after a few minutes of unbearable silence. He bravely put on an act and smiled happily.

"Brother Liu Bei, may happiness find its way to you and your future!" Guan Yu held up his cup for a toast.

This caused everyone to began speaking and wish Liu Bei great fortune. Soon, everyone began chatting, drinking, and eating, and put aside the thought that Liu Bei would be unhappily. How could he be so unhappy when he smiled so brightly to the world?

Shortly after, Liu Bei excused himself and brought his new wife to the bedchamber. He led her to the bed and told her to sit down. Then, he returned back to the feast where everyone seemed to be having a good time drinking, laughing, and talking. Liu Bei, did not enjoy himself, but still pretended to. To one corner, was Zhang Fei greedily drinking from large wine bottles.

* * *

Sun Shang Xiang had been sitting on the bed for what seemed like eternity for her. This was very typical for brides at the wedding. Their grooms would bring them to the bedchamber, where the bride would wait for the groom to finish drinking with his buddies and then return. But Shang Xiang had not ceased crying. Although it was only a few tears, they held a great deal of her sadness.

"Lady Sun?" Someone tapped on the door lightly.

"Mei Li?" She sprung up, lifted her veil, and jogged across a few rooms before open the door. Mei Li held a large trunk with her.

"My Lady! You cannot unveil yourself! That may bring great misfortune!" Mei Li quickly pulled down the red cloth over her face once again. "And you should not cry my Lady. It is time to accept Fate."

Shang Xiang nodded her head and wiped away the tears.

"I have brought you your most valuable possessions." Mei Li slipped into the bedchamber and placed the large trunk in the room with the bed. "Maybe this would make you a little happier. A woman is only married once my Lady, you should make the best out of it."

Again Shang Xiang nodded her head. She wanted to talk to Mei Li, but she knew that she shouldn't and should speak only to her husband on the night of the marriage. This was what her mother would have wished her to do.

"Lady Sun, I should be here, but I wish you much happiness. And Lady Sun, Lord Liu Bei does not look like a bad man. He may just be the one you could live with." She smiled, despite the fact that Shang Xiang would not be able to see it.

Mei Li quietly exited the room and Shang Xiang silently sat back down on the bed, awaiting her husband. After a while, she heard the door creak open and someone stepped in. She knew it was the man she had never seen before, except for a little glimpse of him riding out. She forced a weak smile on her face, as she knew her mother would not like it if her husband had seen her crying on the first night.

Liu Bei gently held her hand and led her to the table wear two cups and a small wine bottle awaited them. He sat her down without a word, and poured wine into the cups. He pushed one towards her and took one himself. As tradition, they both looped their arms around the other and downed the cup. This symbolized that they were bound to one another.

"I have some things to do." Were Liu Bei's first words to Shang Xiang. He quickly got up and left the room.

Shang Xiang just sat there, wishing that this was all a horrible dream.

* * *

Very late a night, Guan Yu entered the study, looking for the book of war strategies. Surprisingly, he saw Liu Bei's sleeping figure slouched on the desk. He walked up to his brother and shook him slightly. Liu Bei immediately bolted upwards.

"Brother, it is late, should you not be in your bedchamber?" Guan Yu knew exactly why he was not, but he also know that his brother could not avoid this fact forever.

Liu Bei rubbed his eyes. "I was just... just... studying...?" Obviously he was still tired and was not thinking properly.

"You should head back to your bedchamber. It is very late."

Liu Bei nodded his head and shuffled back to his room tiredly. He opened the door and stepped into his room. Something seemed different, but he could not quite pinpoint it out. He walked through 3 different rooms before coming upon his bed. He stopped in surprise when he saw a woman sitting on his bed. Realization struck him. He had gotten married.

"Why... why have you not rested?" He managed to say after a few seconds of stunned silence.

"How can a wife sleep without her husband" She responded. Her voice gentle and calm.

He frowned. "Do you really wish to married to a man twice your age?"

"It is not my wish. It is my Fate. I cannot run from it. I only accept it."

Liu Bei took a deep breath before walking up to his bed. He sat down beside her. And looked at the veiled person. He had not seen his wife before, and he was unsure if he wanted to see her. He lifted her veil and leaned in, kissing her softly on the neck, not once looking at her face. Slowly, he pushed her down onto the bed, kissing her slowly, and softly.

A tear rolled down from her eyes.

* * * * * * * * * *

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