Wizarding Ranma

By Mnemorath

Disclaimer: I don't own anything I am about to screw with. For now…

Nabiki looked at the book on her desk and smiled. Perhaps there was another message today? Her smile turned inward as she remembered the older ones…

Hey Nabs,

Sorry I left so abruptly after we returned, but Pops has got it into his head that we needed to move on. I think it was that private investigator snooping around. Once we settle down again I will let you know where. Send a message if you need help with anything.



Well, the final battle with Ryoga was anticlimactic. I waited three days in that lot before Pops came to drag me off. Thanks for talking to me (or is it writing?) while I waited. I would have been bored out of my skull otherwise. I hope those discussions we had helped on your assignment. Pops wants to head to China now of all things. As we are apparently swimming I will not be able to talk till we get there. I will send a message when we arrive. Later.



This will teach me not to look something up in the manual. Pops decided to visit a place called Jusenkyo, training ground of accursed springs. That's right cursed. As in magic, and I DID NOT CHECK THE MANUAL! Damn I am an idiot. To make a long story short, Pops turns into a panda and I turn into a petite red-headed girl. You can imagine what this has done to my name. Then when we visited this village of amazons, yes amazons, Pops decides to eat the first prize in a tournament so of course I have to challenge the winner for the prize. If I had checked the manual I would have know a way out. It is a little late now as said winner is after the head of my girl side. We are on our way back to Japan now; Pops wants to visit an old friend of his. With any luck we will be there in a few weeks. If I can arrange it I will try to see you. That way we can catch up on old times. By the way, thanks for the help on that last assignment. It came in handy. Go ahead and look both places I mentioned up in the manual as I am sure you will get a laugh out of all of this.


Nabiki opened her book, flipping through it to find what she was looking for. She had gotten about half way through the material and was silently laughing to herself when she heard her father calling her and her sisters for a family meeting.


"Yes, the son of a very good friend of mine." The patriarch of the Tendo clan intoned. "His name is Ranma Saotome."

Ranma Saotome! Old friend! Oh no! Came Nabiki's panicked thoughts

"Ranma and his father have been on a training trip. They crossed into China recently."

Ohh that settles it. The Powers That Be must be laughing their asses off. Either that or The Lone Power is trying for a little payback. Not It's style though. It likes the more permanent methods of dealing with nuisances like us.

"What's so great about China?"

"How old is he? Younger men bore me"

16 if memory serves.

"What kind of guy is he?"

Kind, sweet, intelligent, macho to a point, honorable, clueless in some areas, all around a great person.

"No idea."

"No idea!"

"I have never met him."

That's because there was never time, when we got back from our Ordeal he had to leave to continue that training trip.

Suddenly from the entrance way came a commotion. It seemed that someone had arrived.

"Leggo, you old fool!"

"Oh, we have visitors."

"Saotome my friend, we've been waiting!"

I had better go, If it is Ranma, who knows how they will react.

When Soun and Nabiki got to the entrance they were greeted by a large panda with a bundle over one shoulder. Just as they came in to sight the bundle revealed itself to be a person by kicking off the shoulder, knocking the panda into a wall. Once the person had landed, they got a better look at it. It turned out to be a petite red head. Turning the red head looked at the Tendo's. The person's eyes widened when it saw Nabiki. They widened even further when Nabiki suddenly sported a smirk. That particular smirk was known to them, it meant trouble.

"Ohh, you make a cute girl Ranma!"