Summary: Something happened long ago that changed Severus' attitude as well as his outward appearance. What happens when he gets his looks changed back? Why, he tries to break out of his greasy git personality of course! Warning HPDM slash mentioned.

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It was the last day of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's 6th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the previous week, Harry had managed to defeat the greatest wizard in a century, Lord Voldemort. The whole wizarding world was celebrating. Now seven days later it was finally Hogwarts' turn to celebrate properly. Dumbledore was holding a ball in Harry, Ron, and Hermione's honor, for Harry's two friends had helped greatly in the battle.

It was now the time of the ball, and all the girls and boys were lovely and handsome in their dress robes. As they were all doing some funny muggle dance called the chicken dance, Hermione noticed Snape, her Potions professor, sitting in his wheelchair, all alone in the far, dark corner of the Great Hall. It was a shame that he had to be temporarily paralyzed from the waist down after Voldemort hit him with a nasty spell during the final battle. He would eventually be able to walk again, but for now he was stuck in a wheelchair. He was not happy about not being able to walk and tried to get out and walk so much they eventually decided to strap him in the wheelchair so he couldn't hurt himself. Hermione couldn't help but feel sorry for him; after all he did play a big role in this war, being a spy for the Order and all. Also Harry never would have got that clear shot at Voldemort, had Snape not distracted him. All and all Hermione felt Snape should be honored just as much as Harry, Ron, and herself, and of course be able to join in on the activities.

'It's really sad,' she thought, 'that he can't dance, I'm sure he would be very good at it.' She blushed realizing what she was thinking. She had a crush on him. She had realized it in the middle of fifth year after the little incident they had in potions class.


"The instructions for your potion are on the board. If you don't know which potion it is that we are working on then I suggest that you pay better attention next time." Snape sneered at Neville who was franticly searching through his notes; he had no idea what potion they were working on. "You have exactly one hour, now GET TO WORK!" He barked, as he turned on his heel striding elegantly back towards his desk, his robes billowing dramatically behind him.

'Wow,' Hermione thought to herself, 'He looks so graceful when he walks like that . . . Whoa, this is Snape I'm talking about here, I must stop thinking about him like that! Must concentrate on potion. Wait a minutes, that's odd; the instructions on the board are incorrect. Snape has never been wrong. Doesn't he know that last year they improved this Healing Potion by adding Butterfly Wings to make it last longer? I'm sure he knows; he just wants us all to fail. Well I'm not going to fail, I'll show him or my name isn't Hermione Granger.'

Focused on that thought she began to work silently and steadily, brewing a perfect potion, up until the part where she was supposed to add the Butterfly Wings. She was just about to drop them in to her boiling cauldron when she heard Snape yell to her from across the room.

"Miss Granger, what exactly do you think you are doing? Are you trying to kill us all, or have your know-it-all tendencies just simply faded completely away, which I wouldn't find surprising considering you hang out with Potter and Weasley." Snape drawled, accompanied by roaring laughter from the Slytherins and menacing glares from Harry and Ron, directed at the offending teacher.

'Is it possible that he really doesn't know, or is he just trying to humiliate me?' she silently wondered. Upon seeing the strange look on his face she decided that he must not know. She resolved to tell him.

"Well Miss Granger, I'm waiting to hear an explanation and it had better be good."

"Actually Professor, I was hoping to discuss this alone with you in your office." Hermione stated as she grabbed the magazine with the article in it out of her bag.

"I will do no such thing. Tell me this instant, right here," he said, gesturing around the room in general, "or you will have detention for a week."

"Fine, I guess I will have to do this the hard way then. Petrificus Totalus." she stated matter-of-factly and pointed her wand at him. His entire body froze up, but she caught him before he fell and pushed him into his office and locked the door behind them.

"Finite Incantatum."

Snape immediately started blowing up on her.

"Miss Granger that kind of behavior is completely against the rules! 100 points from Gryffindor for immobilizing a teacher and detention for a month." he yelled, his eyes flashing danger, and headed for the door but found it locked. He turned on Hermione. "What's the meaning of this?" he hissed at her.

She responded quickly and slightly sadly after he had disciplined her, but she tried not to let him see that she was affected by his cruel words. "I wanted to get you alone to tell you that you were wrong about the potion and I figured you would be embarrassed if I pointed it out in front of the whole class."

"Ha! I have never been wrong about a potion." He smirked as if challenging her to prove him wrong. That's just what she did. She took out the article and showed it to him and after he finished reading it all he could do was stare dumbfounded at the article and mutter "Oh." Then he sat down in his chair to think for a minute.

'She was right! The brainy Gryffindor know-it-all has finally beaten me and proven herself once more. She must really hate me after I made fun of her when all she was trying to do was help me. I bet she is just waiting for me to look at her so she can rub it in my face. Wait a minute; didn't she say something about not embarrassing me in front of the class? Could she possibly care about me? No, she just thinks of me as the greasy git of a Potions Master and probably hates me right now. I suppose I should apologize.'

At that last thought he winced; Severus Snape never apologized to anyone, but for Granger he supposed he would have to make an exception, especially after the way he had treated her. So he stood up and said, " I am deeply sorry for doubting you Miss Granger and I hope you can forgive me for my actions."

"Of course I can." she replied with a smile.

At seeing her smile he gave her a slight one in return. "110 points to Gryffindor and you are excused from your detentions. Now I suggest we get back to class. I daresay Potter and Weasley will think I have murdered you." He finished, his lips just barely turned up. Hermione found Snape's slight smile highly contagious and smiled for the rest of the lesson.


Hermione realized that she had been openly staring at Snape as she recalled the fateful day in Potions class and also realized that he had caught her. She quickly looked away, blushing. Just then Dumbledore stood to make an announcement, making Hermione forget about her embarrassment.

"As you all know, we are here to celebrate the downfall of Voldemort." He paused at the many cheers and winces at the name (people still weren't fully used to saying Voldemort). Dumbledore continued, "But we also have something else to celebrate tonight. Years ago a small child of only 11 joined the Death Eaters in order to spy on me and this school. However, this boy soon realized that what he was doing was wrong he came to me and I proposed he be a double agent for our cause. He agreed and has since brought us useful information that we could not have won this war without.

"So this boy moved up higher in Voldemort's ranks and Voldemort himself took notice of him. Voldemort noticed something about the boy that disturbed him greatly, for Tom Riddle had always been the best at everything. Voldemort noticed that the boy was better looking then himself, and shallow as this may sound Voldemort couldn't take it and so he decided to fix the problem. He cast a very powerful appearance -altering charm on the boy to not only make him uglier but also to look much older than he really was." Many of the girls gasped at the cruelty.

"The charm is so powerful that it can only be removed when Voldemort died. Seeing as how he is now completely dead, I think we should take that charm off now and see what this man truly looks like and find out his real age, don't you?"

The crowd screamed yes and so a smiling, twinkly-eyed Dumbledore called, "Come on up here, Professor Snape."

At hearing his name Severus snapped out of his daydream; he had almost forgot about that horrid curse that caused him to be tormented with names such as Greasy Git and Overgrown Bat. Severus, now anxious to see what he really looked like, for he had long since forgotten, wheeled over to Dumbledore as fast as he could. Minerva brought over a full length mirror for him to look in after he changed. Albus said the counter-curse and as Snape looked at himself he gasped. He turned around just in time to see Hermione faint.

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