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Chapter 1: Tortuga Meetings:

Elena Marks scrubbed a table in the Ragged Dog Inn, occasionally wiping her forehead and silently bemoaning her fate. It just wasn't fair! Her father had been a prominent and wealthy merchant, but after those blasted pirates had attacked and destroyed her father's small fleet of merchant vessels, Elena had been left with nothing. All of her father's ships now lay at the bottom of the Caribbean, its riches spread throughout many pirate hangouts. In a way, it was Elena's fault. If she hadn't insisted on going to the Caribbean to see her aunt, and if her father hadn't insisted on coming to take her back to England, the pirate attack would never have happened. Now her father was dead and in Heaven with her mother, and Elena was alone, stranded in Tortuga. Those blasted pirates had killed or captured all of the men in the fleet, including her father, but had spared Elena, saying that they didn't kill or imprison women. Instead, they had abandoned her here in Tortuga, leaving her to etch out her own living. Now, six months later, she was still scrubbing tables and not able to get out of this hellhole; her job didn't pay enough for that to happen, and it might take years to save up that much money.

Growling under her breath, she returned to scrubbing the table in front of her, her light-brown eyes angry as she pushed another auburn lock of hair out of her eyes. As she finished scrubbing, she heard a voice roar from the kitchen.

"Hey, Red, get in here! Ye need to cook for the customers!" That was her cue, Red being people's nickname for her because of her reddish- brown/auburn hair.

Elena sighed as she wiped her hands on her cleaning rag. The tavern's owner, a fat rat of a man called Tommy Nash, hated cooking for his customers, but the sale of food brought in more people. Since none of the other girls could cook, the task fell to Elena. Personally, she was glad; cooking came more naturally to her than scrubbing tables, and her aunt had taught her how to cook everything under the sun, and to make it taste good. Unfortunately, Tommy pretended not to notice that more people had started coming in after Elena had started cooking; if he had, he would have to pay her more for bringing in more custom.

As she made her way to the kitchen, a hand clasped over her arm, forcing her to turn around in surprise and panic. The only people who had grabbed her arms in this place always wanted her to bed with them. Elena was lucky that her boss didn't want his barmaids becoming pregnant, forbidding them the business of bedding the customers; he had whores for that task. Elena readied herself, preparing to fight if necessary. Fortunately, the owner of the hand let go as soon as he had her attention.

"Hello, luv," commented the man. Elena blinked.

He was an odd looking character. Beads and bones were woven into his hair, which was styled in some sort of braided locks. He sported a red bandana, a blue captain's coat and worn three-cornered hat, as well as a belt with a sword, pistol, and other effects. What made her uncomfortable was the fact that he was smiling at her, showing off gold-capped teeth. He was handsome, but he was a bit too scruffy for Elena's taste.

"May I help you, sir?" she asked politely. "I'm afraid the place won't be serving food or drinks for another hour, so you'll have to wait."

"Actually, I'm here to see ye," he said, smiling even wider.

Elena's heart sank. "I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not one of your pleasure- girls," she said, lifting her head up high. "I'm a simple barmaid, nothing more. You'll have to speak to my employer for such things."

The man raised an eyebrow. "That was a nice little speech, but that's not what I'm here to talk to ye about," he said, now grinning in a more friendly, and not so animalistic, way. "I hear that ye're the one cookin' in the back there."

Elena kept her face expressionless. "I'm afraid that you are mistaken, sir," she said, crossing her arms. "My employer has each of us share in the workload."

The man chuckled. "Now don't ye start lying to a pirate; they can always tell when ye do," he said, smirking at her. "Besides, I've had the food here many times before, and it's always been bad. Ever since ye started workin' here, though, the food tastes better than the horse-droppings it used to resemble."

Elena shifted uncomfortably under his gaze before she sighed. "Alright, you're right," she said, her arms still crossed. "So what's it to you?"

He smiled. "I'd like to hire ye to cook on me ship," he said, his chest inflating with pride at saying that he had a ship. He suddenly saw a look of doubt settle on her face.

"I don't even know you," she said.

"Fair enough," he said, extending his hand towards her. "Captain Jack Sparrow, at yer service."

Her jaw dropped. She was talking to a living legend? 'Oh, my goodness,' she thought. 'He is real! I thought Papa had made him up, but he's real!' She noticed that he was beginning to look a bit upset at her not responding.

"Oh, Elena Marks," she said, taking his hand. "It's nice to meet you, Captain Sparrow."

He smiled. "With ye being a lovely lady, ye can call me Jack," he said, bowing to her. "Now, will ye be joining me on my ship, lass? This is a one time offer, and I desperately need a cook on me ship."

"What will you be paying me in return, Captain?" Elena asked, hiding her excitement.

"Free passage to everywhere we go, and ye get some pick of whatever treasure we raid," Jack replied, his hands resting on his belt. "Ye can also share a cabin with the other female on the ship, Annamaria. What do ye say?"

"How long will I be staying on your ship?" she asked. "Will I be able to get off anytime I want?"

Jack frowned for a brief moment. "I'd like ye to stay onboard for at least a year, me crew deserves to have good food for that long," he said. "After that, I'll drop ye off anywhere ye want. Do we have an accord?" he asked, extending his hand towards her.

Elena frowned in thought. All she had to do was stay onboard for a year and then she'd be free to go as she pleased! Perhaps she could be taken back to her aunt's house in Jamaica! She looked over at the pirate who stood before her, then looked at his hand. Finally, she made up her mind.

She reached out and shook his hand. "We do," she said. "When do we leave?"

He released her hand. "In five days," he replied. "The crew needs a few days off after so much excitement, and they need to spend their money somehow. I'll meet ye here in five days."

She nodded. "I'll be here," she replied. He nodded before vanishing into the chaos outside.

After he had disappeared, Elena leapt into the air in excitement, letting out a small squeal of joy before going into the kitchen. As she donned an apron and headed for the stove, she felt someone grab her shoulder. Turning around, she saw Sally, a blond-haired, hazel-eyed prostitute who worked at the Ragged Dog, glaring at her. Inwardly, Elena winced. She and Sally hadn't gotten along since Elena had been employed at the Ragged Dog, primarily because Sally thought she was trying to become a favorite of Tommy's by doing all kinds of "work" (meaning 'cozying up' to the customers while serving food and drinks) at the inn. In truth, Elena was trying to be a good employee by working hard at filling orders for food and drinks, not by falling into bed with the patrons.

"I heard what went on out there," she ground out at Elena. "You've been here for six months and already you've got a ship out of here, on the Black Pearl no less, all just because ye can cook!" She stepped closer to Elena, who stepped back. "I've been here for eight years and no one's ever offered to take me away!" Before Sally could say anything further, Tommy entered the kitchen.

"What are the two of ye doing?" he said, placing his fists on his hips. "Red, get the food cooking, we've got custom coming here in less than an hour!" he said to Elena. He turned towards Sally. "Sal, I want ye polishing cups, go on now!" Sally gave Elena one last glare before going out towards the bar. Tommy caught the glare and turned to Elena. "Alright, Red, what's got Sally hating you? I don't need trouble between my girls."

Elena sighed. "I accepted another job on a pirate ship as their cook," she said, not making eye-contact with her employer. She grabbed several hunks of meat on the counter and cut them into slices before rubbing them with herbs. As she set the slices to cook on the stove, she realized that Tommy had gone quiet. She turned around slowly, expecting an angry face, but was shocked when she saw nothing except concern.

"A pirate ship?" asked Tommy. "What ship hired ye?"

"The Black Pearl," Elena replied, wondering if she had made the wrong choice.

Tommy's eyes widened. "Captain Jack Sparrow hired ye?" he asked, surprised. "Well, that is good news, I'd expected another ship, but ye can't go wrong with Captain Jack Sparrow looking out for ye!"

Elena relaxed. "So it's alright if I go and work for him in five days?" she asked, hoping for his approval. She was extremely relieved when he nodded.

"Jack Sparrow's a good man, lass, ye have nothing to fear from him," Tommy said, smiling as he clapped her on the shoulder. "Jack and I go way back, we do! I couldn't be happier for ye, lass!" He patted her shoulder again before going out front to ready the alcohol ready for the night.

As Elena finished cooking meat slices for the customers, she began to wonder what sort of man Jack Sparrow was, and where in the world working for him would take her.

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