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"Riiiiiing-Riiiiing" Kagome woke up to her alarm clock everyday at six 'o' clock. Of course she never really liked getting up that early it was just habit. Her room was decorated with pictures of her and her best friend. Inuyasha. The pictures started about when she was four. That's when they met and ended up to her life now. Junior year. He was a year older than her had white hair, golden eyes and dog-ears. He was a hanyou, but she loved him even more because of it. Then around when grade school started the pictures had three people in them. They were of her, Inuyasha and Sango. She had chocolate brown eyes and long black hair. She had always been pretty and always wore pink but was never girly in fact she was second best girl in sports. Kagome, being the first. Then when Jr. High started Miroku, who according to him was always a lady's man since he was born joined their group. He had a thing for Sango though he would never admit it to anyone. Then when High School started Sesshomaru started to hang out with them. He was Inuyasha's older brother and he was quiet. He made Kagome a little bit on edge for some reason.

They all hung out all the time and were almost like family. They were all fairly popular but they could care less. They just enjoyed hanging out Kagome had a sister that was the same age as Inuyasha though she was a senior.(A/N inu is a junior here cuz his birthday threw him off)Her name was Kikyo. She would hang out with them when she felt like it otherwise she would just mope around school or hang out in the halls or library with Sesshomaru and Naraku. Sesshomaru A.K.A Fluffy to Inuyasha and his friends. Naraku wasn't the person you wanted to hang out with but Kikyo didn't care because she was in love with him.

'Ding-dong' the doorbell had rang. It was Inuyasha. Kagome walked to school with him since they met. They always did and as far as they knew always would. In fact they walked to every class together because they had all of them together.

"Coming Inu!" she yelled as she ran to the door. When she answered the door he was standing there with a bouquet of dandelions. "Humph! Inu your know that Kikyo is not worthy of you... but if you really want her then. KIKYO INUYASHA HAS SOMETHING FOR YOU!"

Kikyo huffed and puffed as she came down the stairs. She never knew why Inuyasha would bring her all this stuff. She knew that he deep down inside loved her sister....he just didn't know it yet and neither did she. But who would turn down flowers? It was kind of mean to accept flowers from people you didn't even have interest in let alone being in love with someone else.

"These are for you Kikyo. I umm picked them myself. Here you go." He handed her the flowers and she said thank you as he and Kagome left to go to school.

"Inu when are you gonna give up on her? You don't deserve her. She's my sister and I know that she will only hurt you. She's incapable of falling in love because she falls in love when any other guy introduces himself. Funny the only one she hasn't done that to was you." Kagome had never realized it before but she was right. Kikyo never showed the slightest interest in Inuyasha. They stayed quiet the rest of the walk to school. They were both thinking that what Kagome had said was true. Inuyasha didn't even know why he liked Kikyo. Just one day when he had come over to Kagome's house when they were younger he had saw her and instantly loved her. It was love at first sight for him. However Kikyo never even noticed him but he was okay with that for some odd reason just the fact that he knew he loved her as well as she knowing he loved her was perfect to him, and it kept him content.

When they had gotten to school the first thing they could see was a huge crowd around the announcement board. Kagome and Inuyasha had to struggle to get to the front of the crowd to read the paper. It was a flyer advertising the prom. It mentioned that it was actually a two-night trip on a boat and that due to a "rock star" attending the school he would perform. Kagome and Inuyasha easily left the crowd.

"Well must be someone big to announce it. This prissy school wouldn't care if it were some wannabe. It would be really cool if it was that Wolf Den group huh Inu. I love all of their songs. It would be the coolest. Right?" Inuyasha could only reply with a "feh" he was surprised. He had never really heard Kagome talk like a girl about boys. He was almost hurt and kind of disappointed. He was about to further question Kagome about this "cool group" when the first period bell rang.

"Come on Inu you don't want to be late for first period do you? Last one there has to clean the other persons room for a month!" she yelled as she gave herself a fair head start. He himself didn't fully comprehend what it was that she had said until she was down the corridor and three classes away from their first period class. As Kagome ran into the class she was taunting Inuyasha. something about making her room extra dirty and it not smell like wet dog after he was done cleaning. She was just about to tell him that he didn't have to if he went with her after school to practice when the teacher walked in.

"Class-Class settle down now. Before we begin today I would like to introduce to you our new student at Tokyo High." Then a guy with black hair cascading down his back, blue eyes and youkai ears. He had a toothy grin too almost like he knew something you didn't. "His name is Kouga". At that all the girls squeeled, except for Kagome.

Inuyasha already didn't like this guy. Walking in the class, grinning and making all the girls go crazy he knew Kagome would keep her ground though. He turned around to tell her what a loser this guy was when he saw she too was a goo-goo eyes for 'Kouga'. Just not to the extent of every other girl. Her eyes were sparkling , she couldn't stop smiling and she had a little tiny blush across her cheeks.

"Inuyasha can you believe it! It's thee Kouga! From the Wolf Den! He's the lead singer / guitarist! I love his voice!" Inuyasha could only reply with a 'feh' which didn't get any reaction from Kagome Because she was to busy staring at Kouga to notice.

"Lets see there is an empty seat next to ...Kagome so why don't you take a seat beside her?" Kagome please raise your hand." She raised her hand and instantly Kouga grin turned into a smile.

"Hello there. You must be Kagome. I'm Kouga. Has anyone ever told you that your very bueatiful?" Kagome only blushed and shook her head no. Inuyasha was watching the whole thing and he even started a faint growl. "Well I'm new here and I was wondering if you would possibly be able to show me around school. You know and then maybe after school you would like to go see a movie or get a cup of coffee so that we could get better aquinted."

"Oh um yea of course I'll show you around campus. The movies and coffee sound great too. What classes do you have?" he took out his schedule and then Kagome yelled 'Oh my gosh' due to the fact that their schedule was exactly the same. "Wow. This makes showing you around campus really easy. Might as well hang out with me at snack and lunch." Kagome liked Kouga he had this vibe that he was super confident and he was. "have you got a locker yet? There's an empty one beside mine. You can have it...if you like I mean. You know." Kagome just stopped talking and blushed.

"Of course. I would love to have my locker beside yours. I'm sure that I would have noticed it was empty anyway and would have taken it even if you hadn't told me it was there." Inuyasha was losing all his patientce with the stupid wolf. He was hitting on Kagome. Not that he cared but he looked at Kagome like a little sister and he didn't want her to get hurt.

"Excussse me Kagome but we are in class. You remember? Schoool." Inuyasha deffinettly was a little mad and Kagome could tell.

"sorry Inuyasha." kagome had called him Inuyasha again. He didn't like being called Inuyasha from Kagome. She was supposed to call him Inu or Inu- chan. He knew it had only been ten minutes but he missed that nickname already.

The rest of the class was filled with Kouga and Kagome playing footsie and when Kagome would Giggle Inuyasha would growl. That was fine with Kouga, he had always enjoyed a little competition.

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