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~~~~~~~~~~ Preschool for Inu and Kagome ~~~~~~~~ Flashback ~~~~~~~~~

"Okay class for the next thirty minutes you have free-time. So get to know everyone and have fun!" Miss Minato had said in her cheerful voice. The students did as they were told and talked to the person they were sitting next to and left to go play together.

Kagome had asked the rest of the class if they were interested in a game of tag. The whole class agreed and instantly liked Kagome. She was easy to like because she was nice to everyone and all the little boys in her class thought she was very cute.

They had been playing for ten minutes when two boys started laughing and pointing to one boy who sat alone on the ground. He had white hair so they said he looked like their grandpa even said his ears were stupid. Kagome had been running from Erika who was currently 'it' when she heard the boys making fun of him.

"I'm not plying any more. Sowy." Kagome just stopped running and walked up to the little boy. She sat down next to him. They stayed quiet for a few seconds before the little boy broke the silence.

"Your worse out of all of them. Be my friend and then laugh afterwards." Kagome of course was confused. She didn't even know what he was talking about until his next statement. "Just laugh now. You don't have to get close. I can hear you from a mile away." Then she did. Kagome had started to laugh. Not at the boy of course but at what he had said.

"Your funny you know that? My names Kagome! What's yours?" The boy of course had thought she was laughing at him. He was a bit taken aback when she had called him funny and asked for his name. It had been the first gesture of friendship ever for him. He had started to blush. When she had asked his name he looked up at her for the first time, for real. She was pretty. He had never seen a prettier girl. She had raven black hair and blue laughing eyes. He didn't know one person could be so happy. He envied her because of it. Her skin was fair and he thought looked like milk just prettier.

"My names Inuyasha." he had never really spoken to a kid his own age before. His older brother talked to him but he seemed to be at least five years older than he is when in reality he was only a year. His only real friend had been his mom. He thought that his first friend would be at least a boy, not the prettiest, popular girl in the preschool. He knew she was popular because he had been watching all the rest of the kids play tag.

When he had told her his name she had shed an instant smile. She liked his name. She thought it had a little bit of a ring to it. The smile didn't go unnoticed to Inuyasha and his blush deepened another shade of red. "Well Inuyasha why didn't you play tag with the rest of the kids?"

"Because if I decides to join in then nobody else would want to play at all" he had a look of sadness, Kagome had noted. "I don't even know why you're talking to me. Your mommy is probably gonna make you stop because even SHES gonna be scared of me. I mean you're the nicest person I've ever met."

Kagome however cut him of there "Good! Well than what do you want to play? And why would my mommy not want me to play with you? You're really nice, funny and cute!" That's when he saw her look up to his ears. He was about to move his hands up to his ears to make the scream quieter but to his surprise there were already hands there. The surprise of skin to skin contact made him open his shuteye's to reveal that Kagome had her hands on his ears and was petting them.

He liked the feel of her petting his ears and even started to purr. That's wen Kagome started to giggle and stopped petting his ears. He was a bit disappointed, but it was okay because he was used to being disappointed. He even thought that she would never talk to him again after today. She would probably regret ever talking to a loser like him. But she didn't forget the next day. Instead she went to Inuyasha again. She did it everyday for the rest of the year.

The more Inuyasha spent time with Kagome the more he became outgoing. During the year all the boys had got mad at Inuyasha for Kagome playing with him all the time. They all forgot about it though when Inuyasha played sports because he was so good. He was always team captain or picked first. However there were still some days when people would make fun of him not play with him. Kagome never was though she idolized Inuyasha for how strong he was. Inuyasha in return idolized her for being to nice and carefree all the time to everyone.

One day of school a boy had been chasing Kagome around trying to kiss her. Kagome had screamed all the way to Inuyasha where he yelled at the boy that she clearly didn't want to be kissed by him. The boy just walked away. In return Kagome had given Inuyasha a kiss on the cheek and called him her knight for the whole day. Inuyasha of course had been blushing the whole day since the kiss.

Then on the last day of school Kagome had taken Inuyasha's hand and ran with him to their favorite tree. The biggest one on campus.

" You pinky-promise to stay best friends forever Inu?" Kagome looked so desperate he didn't know what to say. He had never seen her look like that before. So he did the only thing that he was thinking of at the time. He kissed her...on the lips. Just an innocent one, for five seconds. But for a five-year-old that's a big deal.

"Yes Kagome. I pinky promise that we will always be best friends." Kagome who was still blushing from her first kiss was so happy that she gave Inuyasha a big huge bear hug.

~~~~~~~~~ End Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~

Of course Inuyasha thought it funny that they could go from best friends forever to Kagome not even remembering that he existed. After first period Kagome did as she said she would and took Kouga on a tour of the school. While doing so Inuyasha was following pathetically the whole time, but the only people who noticed was Inuyasha himself and Kouga who would turn give Inuyasha a smirk every few seconds or so. It wasn't until Kouga had asked Kagome 'who the loser following them was' until Kagome realized she wasn't with Inuyasha.

"Ohhh sorry Inuyasha I totally forgot you were there. Umm Kouga this is Inuyasha, Inuyasha this is Kouga. Guess what Inuyasha...me and Kouga have the exact same schedule!" Inuyasha noted the little blush on her cheeks as well as the excitement in her tone. So he decided not say anything about not liking the wimpy wolf...yet.

"Hi. I'm Inuyasha. Kagome's real good friend... best friend in fact."

"And I'm Kouga, and Kagome's my women" that had went too far. Kagome had thought he was cool at first but talking about her like she was some sort of property that was just so unattractive. She decided then that she would have to stay away from Kouga...even if he was some hot, attractive lead singer for some band that she adored. She hadn't planned on him being so traditional.... sorta.

Inuyasha looking at Kagome right after he had said that saw her expression. She looked at Kouga like he was insane. Kouga made himself appear dumber than Inuyasha already thought him to be because Inuyasha had heard their whole conversation and never once had the topic of Kagome being his women come up.

"Is that so? Well shouldn't that feeling be mutual? And shouldn't you have Kagome's permission before you go around calling her property?" Inuyasha mentally gave himself a high-five. He had definitely got Kouga with that one.

"Hah! Any girl would be glad to go out with me! That's why needn't bother ask permission 'cause I don't need to you mangy mutt!" Inuyasha almost laughed. He knew Kagome to well to know that she was 'any girl' and Kouga was about to find that out.

"Feh! Shows how much you know about-" his sentence had been cut short because she wanted to speak for herself.

"ME! I'm not your property! I'm not like every girl! And now more than ever I will never be your 'women' so beat it! Oh and Another thing your too cocky for your own good. Now LEAVE!"

Both Inuyasha and Kouga were stunned. Kouga more so because he's a star and no girl had ever talked to him like that before.

"Uhh O.K. Oh and dog-turd don't think of trying anything with her. Kagome, I'm sure you'll come around...they always do. Your yelling doesn't change my feelings one bit. You know what they say. 'You always want what you can't have' see 'ya both later!"

By the time he had left they both had huge sweat drops on the back of their head.

"Guess he can't take a hint" Inuyasha had said

"I...guess ...not"

The whole thing about Kagome finally getting attention from a guy was new to Inuyasha and had been throwing him off all day. The fact that Kouga had every class with Kagome didn't help too well either. Inuyasha knew Kagome could fend for herself but what if she turned all starry eyed again? These thoughts had made him miss the presence of his best guy friend take his seat next to him.... Miroku,

"Hey Yash why the long face?" Miroku knew since he had entered the class that there was something bugging him.

"Does Kagome like guys easily? Is she ugly or something is that why she's never had a boyfriend? I mean I think she's nice and stuff but why doesn't other guys? 'Cause today that Kouga guy showed up and that's the first time I have seen Kagome look interested in a guy...and it kinda ticked me off you know?"

"Whoa, slow down there tiger. I can answer all of your question but just be patient and don't get mad at me for saying so either deal?" Inuyasha only nodded his head. " Okay Kagome doesn't fall for guys as easily as other girls...I think maybe because she's already in love. No Kagome's not ugly but as soon as guys get to know Kagome well enough they either figure that A) she already in love or B) they are scared of you Inuyasha cause that think that YOUR in love with Kagome. Yes Kagome is nice, and finally you got ticked off because maybe you really are in love with Kagome and you were jealous." Inuyasha couldn't speak. Why hadn't he been able to see it before? Kagome was in love already. Why didn't he know but Miroku did? It all made him feel as if well he couldn't explain it. The only time he had felt remotely close to this was when Kagome had almost moved away to America. "Well now that that's all cleared out of the way...look more happier you know?"

"Wait Miroku who is Kagome in love with and how come you know but I don't?"

"Well I think that Kagome herself doesn't know she is in love with the unsaid person, but everyone else does...it's kind of weird, and hard...to explain. I can't tell you either because it's not my place to say."

"Oh now you have morals. Where are your morals when your groping other women toughing Sango's but Monk?"

"I resent that comment, Yash." Miroku glared at the Hanyou. " At least I don't have cat ears sticking out of MY head," he added under his breath.

"I HEARD THAT YOU LECHER! AND THEY'RE NOT CAT EARS THEIR DOG-EARS! FOR LAST TIME DOG!" Inuyasha had been the only one to hear Miroku's added comment so the rest of the class just stared and returned to what he or she was doing. They were all used to Inuyasha yelling in class.\

~~~~~~~~~~~~ At lunch ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"INUYASHHHHAAA! HELP!" Kagome yelled at Inuyasha from the lunch line. Kouga was holding up the lunch line because he wanted to pay for Kagome's food but she wanted none of it. "I have my own money!" By the time Inuyasha had come to the scene Kouga had his hands around Kagome's 'romantically' and was telling her "My women doesn't need to spend her money on lunch only on things at the mall" He had started to laugh at that comment but not for to long because he still didn't like the position of Kouga's hands.

"Hey Wolf can't you tell she Doesn't like you?"

"Go away puppy! This is a grown-up conversation just leave us alone!"

"NO KOUGA! YOU LEAVE! I DON'T LIKE YOU!" so with that Kouga left but not before he kissed Kagome's hand and yelled "Later dog-Boy! And don't forget Kagome I love you!"

Inuyasha growled before Kagome sighed and asked him if he wanted to get out of here. They had been walking through the hall when they met Kikyo.

"Hello little sister and Inuyasha. Hope you two don't get into trouble. Oh and Inuyasha my car needs a little help would you mind coming over after school and helping me out?"

"Of course not Kikyo I was coming over after school anyway me and Kagome were gonna study a little bit."

Kikyo said her thanks and went on her way to do who knows what. One thing different about this meeting with Kikyo was a little bit different though, and Inuyasha knew what it was. He was starting to see Kagome in a different light. It scared him to no end either, because if they were to have a relationship it would either be this amazing thing or be terrible if the broke up and decided to never talk again...but he still liked Kikyo too right?

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