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Kaiba could here the alarm clock blasting away.

'Ohhh' he groaned inwardly, 'time to get up, better shut up my stupid alarm- clock. Wait a minute! I don't have an alarm clock! Doesn't Mokuba, though? Maybe he put it in my room...'

He reached out to shut the alarm off, when he turned side ways he yelped, something black was to the side of his head, but that wasn't the scary part; it turned out the black thing was hair, his hair! That was scary.

'Since when do I have black hair?' He asked himself. 'And since when is my hair about 3 feet long? The only person I know with such long hair is Mokuba...Oh whatever, I'm probably not fully awake yet...'

Kaiba got up, and looked around. 'What am I doing in Mokuba's room? And did the servants raise the furniture in here or something? Everything is looking a lot bigger then it usually is, these things haven't seemed so big since I was Mokuba's age...'

Kaiba ran to the nearest mirror and when he saw what he did, he screamed so loud you could hear it halfway across the world. There was barely anything that took Seto Kaiba by surprise, but this- this was an exception. ************************************************************************

Mokuba woke up, upon hearing Kaiba's scream.

'Wow! I hope my brother's okay. He doesn't scream often, it must be really bad.'

Mokuba turned around in his bed, only to find that he'd been sleeping in a chair, and there wasn't exactly room to turn around in that, so he fell down.

'Oof! What was I doing in a chair? I thought only Seto did that, so that he could wake up easily... Whatever, I'm probably still sleepy. Why does my head feel so light? It usually feels heavier since my hair's so long.'

Mokuba put his hand on his head, only to find that either his hair shrunk, or some one cut it off when he was sleeping. He began to run to the nearest mirror.

'Why is everything so much lower to the ground now? He asked himself. Or maybe I've just gotten taller.'

Upon reaching the mirror, Mokuba gasped. He was the spitting image of his older brother.

No, scratch that, he WAS his older brother!

This time it was Mokuba's turn to scream. Only since Mokuba was used to his own, relatively high-pitched voice, when his scream came out, it was DANGEROUSLY low, causing the furniture to rumble.

'Uh oh,' Mokuba thought, beginning to panic. "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!" He screamed as he dived under the nearest table.

'Duck and cover, duck and cover, duck and cover...'he told himself over and over again. 'Wait a minute, the earthquake stopped, he said to himself suddenly. What the heck am I still doing under here?'

With that thought, Mokuba Kaiba ran up the stairs to find his older brother...