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Mokuba walked out of class, ignoring the few snickers from other students. He hung around aimlessly by the door, not knowing what to do next, when suddenly, Yugi showed up.

"Uh hey Yu-" He cut himself off. Maybe I shouldn't ask for help, besides, Seto wouldn't just talk to Yugi unless he wanted to duel him or something, and I should start acting like Seto now. I'll just follow him and hope he doesn't notice.

Mokuba stood at a corner as Yugi walked passed. Then, he began to follow him. This is just like playing secret agent! I must follow Yugi without him noticing. And so, Mokuba began to follow Yugi.

Unfortunately, Mokuba was never good at stealth and soon Yugi realized who was behind him. He turned around, but continued walking, causing him to bump in to Joey.

"Hey Yug, what's up?"

"Oh hey Joey, sorry. Umm…I think Kaiba is following me…"

"Who, Kaiba? No way!" He turned around, only to find Seto Kaiba, looking like he was hopelessly trying to imitate James Bond.

"Erm…Yugi? What's Kaiba doing?"

"I don't know, Joey, that's why I'm kinda worried…"

"Eh, forget it, Yug. That jerk's probably trying ta provoke us or somethin'"

"I don't know Joey…maybe we should ask him."

"Yeah, well asking him is going to have to wait, we've reached our classroom."

Joey walked in the classroom and Yugi sighed and followed. Mokuba peered around, his hands clasped together to look like a gun, and then followed suit.

Mokuba sat down at a random desk and looked around.

Then, he saw it- saw her. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Her auburn hair fell past her shoulder and her sapphire eyes twinkled in the light. Mokuba gaped, she was drop-dead gorgeous.

Suddenly, the girl turned around, and began walking towards him.

He could feel his ears burn and his cheeks turn red. 'Oh, stop it!' He told himself helplessly. 'Seto doesn't blush, Seto's ears don't burn, Seto doesn't stare at girls!' But Mokuba found he couldn't help himself.

She came right up to him, and sat down, twirling her redish-brown tresses. "Hey, Kaiba." She said, her voice like poisoned honey- sweet, yet with a dangerous feeling.

"It's me," she continued innocently, her lips began to form in a pout. "Sue Marie? You remember me, right? You know, you're real-" she giggled for a moment, "-Cute. Especially with your hair spiked up like that…" Mokuba quickly mussed his hair back down. "And anyway," Sue continued, "I was wondering, would you like to go out with me?"

Mokuba's jaw dropped, 'Oh, I wish I could say yes, but I have to act like Seto…well, what Seto doesn't know can't hurt him, right?' Mokuba gulped, 'But he can hurt me…oh well, I can't help it, she's too…wonderful.'

"Sue?" Mokuba started shyly.

"I'd like that."

Meanwhile, Yugi, Joey, Tea and Tristan all stared in amazement.

Yugi turned to Joey. "Do you see that Joey? Don't you think theirs something…wrong?"

"Yeah Yug, you're right, there's no teacher in the classroom!"

Tea resisted the urge to roll her eyes- she was in too much shock. She pointed a shaky finger towards Kaiba.

All most at a loss for words, Joey managed to spit out… "Yug…something's wrong…Kaiba gasp"

Tristan and Duke were to busy ogling at Sue to really care what Kaiba was doing.

"What a major babe…" Tristan sighed dreamily.

"I agree with you there, man" Duke added.

Tea sighed in disgust and rapped them both on the head.

Back where Mokuba was, Sue replied, "Oh, how wonderful. Let's have a date after school k? And now, you can sit next to me." She smiled, with alarming, seemingly sincere warmth. Few, perhaps no one, could tell that it was most definitely false.

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