A strange creature stood over a rocky cliff, The wind

swept his lavender skin ,his amethyst eyes pointed toward

the moonlight. He felt somewhat alone ever since his clones

left. The moon seemed to reflect his troubles. He kept searching

and wandering for something he couldn't quite tell.....

~~~~~~~~~Shinjiko City ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A yellow furred creature walked calmly

through the park, it was an ordinary day.

After the D-reaper had been defeated she had

returned to the digital world, and had been reborn

as a Viximon. She and the other tamer's digimon

where called back by some strange force said to

be returning to real world, she couldn't quite

figure out what it was, Though the D-reaper had been

gone for awhile, it could have re-programmed itself,

she didn't know .....

"Hey Terriermon!, come on" Henry said to his floppy

eared rabbit-dog digimon, Terriermon hopped along the

sidewalk, "Hey Henry look at me, I'm not touching any cracks!"

Henry looked at his little digimon oddly "Terriermon stop playing

around !We've been called back to the real world because

of a disturbance in the digital world! "Terriermon looked

at his partner and made one of his sarcastic comments again

"Oh, come on Henry don't you ever stop thinking about the

fate-of the-world stuff?!" Henry smiled a little at Terriermon

"Yeah, I guess I do worry a lot huh?" Terriermon rolled his

eyes "You can say that again!"

"Guilmon?....Guilmon?!" Takato called out for his crimson white bellied dinosaur digimon

to come out.Guilmon had matured a lot since their last encounter with the D-reaper,much

like Takato had, of course Guilmon still insisted on playing hide and seek at the un-wanted


"Guilmon come out its time for dinner!", "Dinner....Takato-mon !?" the dinosaur chirped.

"I knew that would get you up !"Takato chuckled "Yes, theres plenty of beard left over!" the

red dinosaur ran happily to his tamers side, "Lets go get that beard !", "Ok, boy" Takato laughed

Renamon continued walking for awhile, she could sense a disturbance. But she let it go, "I'd

better go see Rika" she sighed to herself ,Renamon teleported into Rika's room, "Hello,Rika"

she greeted calmly," "Ah, Renamon you scared me! ...don't sneak up me!, "I'm sorry Rika..." Renamon

said with amusement in her voice.

"I was trying to practice battle cards, I think I've found some good combos...","Oh have you? that's good

We'll need that when this enemy comes."

"yeah" Rika said a bit worried, "What do you think it is Renamon?" "I'm not sure but its been

bugging me", "I know ..if its not the D-Reaper what could it be?", "I'm not sure Rika we will have to wait

and see "her vixen digimon whispered.

~yes all three dimensions shall be ours!,~

~yes , D-Mon, we won't disappoint you~

~...I may have been defeated once, but not again,

finally I can delete all those oppose me, and all existing

dimensions will be deleted and absorbed !..."

~Yes D-Mon!, We won't disappoint you!~

~give me the data from the dimensions, I'll give

what you want"

~yes, master~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Honen region~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was still night, the elusive clone pokemon was still standing

on a cliff.

Two pikachus played in the spring below Mewtwo,

Mewtwo was thinking to himself again, He wondered

about his clones still, He never seemed to be a part

of this world.

Maybe their was place he could be useful, or just belong. The cloned creature

turned once again turned to the moon for answers, his tail twitched back and forth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That's just first part. I'll continue ...when I think of more ;;

I love Renamon x Mewtwo ^.^ so course I'll do more :P yes the D-reaper is an actual

Digimon! D-Mon=Demon XD lol