Renamon sat on the edge of Rika's roof, looking into the sky, her tail

swished in the breeze. It was quite an ordinary day for tamers,Takato

and Guilmon had gone to the park, Henry and Terriermon were at home.

Everything seemed quite peaceful, her head pointed towards the sky,

her tuft of white fur blowing slightly.

"Hey Calumon! bet you'll never know where I'm hiding!"Guilmon said

trying to keep himself hidden in the bushes, "....silly Guilmon!.."

Calumon shouted trying to find the red dinosaur again. But Guilmon had outsmarted

Calumon again, "uhhh...Guilmon where are ya?", "culu?" "It looks like

Guilmon got you again Calumon!" Takato laughed.

"Hi, Takato..." said a shy voice from behind him.

Takato turned around to see Jeri standing there smiling a little

"oh, hi Jeri...Guilmon just wanted to go the park today .."

"oh..." Jeri said quietly

" he's playing hide and seek with Calumon"

". ..can I stay...?"

Takato looked at Jeri again a small blush beginning to appear oh his face "sure...I guess"

"Terriermon....have you seen Suzie?" Henry asked , "Seen her, I just escaped

from her!" Terriermon said gasping for breath. "Oh, well in that case, I guess

that's a yes then?" "No what do you think Henry!, she went in your room and tried

to play with me again, so I hid for awhile and then she chased me again!" I see..."

"Isn't Suzie supposed to have Lopmon with her?" "I'm not sure, ever since we

where re-united in the digital world, it seemed like you were the only ones there.."

Terriermon looked oddly at his tamer "....You mean there where no other digimon?"

Henry looked at Terriermon confused himself "No...not many, it looked different then when

I remembered it.. "hmmm, I wonder why that is?" Terriermon asked to himself, It was

true things seemed a bit different , after the D-reaper had been defeated they had all

gone back to the digital and been reborn promising to return to their tames when

any threats came. Yes, things did seem different, there weren't as many digimon

as their once was, and the few they encountered acted quite strangely. " Oh well.."

Henry said to himself "just try not get by Suzie again.." he teased.


In a pokemon stadium somewhere ,Pokemon and their trainers where

preparing for a battle. It had been the first big tournament in weeks,

"Pikachu!" Ash called to his yellow mouse pokemon,"Are you ready

for this?" ,"Pika!" the tiny mouse chirped.

"Oh, Ash come on!, you always think your going to win!" May teased

"Yeah,at least my treeko actually trains once in awhile!" Ash yelled back

in sudden defense.

"wow, Ash reason to get all mad...I was just saying..."

"I know I know" Ash grumbled

Mewtwo was wandering the city, occasionally he would do his, becuase it cured

his boredom and the torment of his existence. He would stand their silently, on

the tall buildings, usaully at night to avoid being seen. He didn't feel like having

to receive all the odd stares humans and their pokemon give him. After all what

would they do if they saw a large odd cloned bipedal pokemon wandering

around them? Mewtwo was an outcast, a creature of the shadows , he must remain

in the shadows, like the reflected light of the moon. His amethyst eyes glistened slightly

turning his attention towards the moonlight.

~Master D-mon, we have almost gotten the digital world's data, the others will be

ours soon!~

~Yes, I've gotten the data of all the digimon there~

Zhuqiaomon turned his head to the large pink blob like clawed digimon ~yes,D-mon humans and those disgraceful

digimon who serve them will be destroyed!~

~Yes, I will get the data from the other dimension as well, once I've absorbed enough

I will digivole to my final form...." ~