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Passing Shadows

Rating: R

Warning: Not slash but some mentions of rape and slight Elf torture.

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Ch 11 Injuries


Legolas continued to run through the corridors, not wanting to see anyone, especially not Elrond. He ran through Imladris not really caring where he was going. He felt the anger returning to him, Elrond had first promised that he would be safe and then Taron attacked him, he had nearly allowed him in the room. He had told him that not matter what happened he wouldn't judge him but he had. Legolas had tried to protect him and still Elrond had judged him, had been angry with him, just like Legolas feared.

He ran into the dining hall and almost slammed into the table. He just managed to stop himself falling forward but still hurt himself when he slammed into it. He quickly sat down on a chair, knowing that his legs wouldn't support him much longer. He put his head in his hands and listened to the silence around him. Only it wasn't silence. There was a shuffling noise coming from the kitchen. Legolas sat up straight and quickly composed himself.

He got up out of his chair carefully and quietly. For some reason he just felt frightened about what or who was in there. He wanted to run away but something told him that he had to see what was inside that kitchen. He walked slowly towards the kitchens cautiously, not wanting to go in there but he knew he couldn't turn back now. He swung the door open and was surprised to see all the shutters closed and a single candle burning.

Legolas took a step inside, not knowing that it was one of the biggest mistakes he would ever make. The second the door closed behind him a figure jumped from the shadows and grabbed him from behind, instantly knocking him to the floor with such a force that Legolas had the breath knocked out of him.

Blinding panic suddenly took him over. He didn't need to see the face or hear the voice to know who was holding him to the ground. Taron.

"Now, now young Prince, no struggling this time. I promise I'll make it quick if you keep still. This time though you won't be able to go running to Elrond telling him what happened. I'll make sure of that."

"Please don't . . ." Legolas whimpered, hoping it might make Taron see sense but also knowing that it wouldn't.

"Don't what Legolas? Kill you? Why ever not? We had a deal. I said I wouldn't kill you as long as you kept quiet about our little secret but you didn't. The second I was out of sight you go and tell that stupid twin. If only you had done what I said none of this would be happening and I wouldn't have had to do what I did." Taron snarled.

"Did what?" Legolas asked, not wanting to know the answer.

"Oh, you'll see. Actually no you won't." He laughed, a sound that sent shivers down Legolas' spine.

"Why are you doing this?" Legolas cried as Taron began stripping him of his clothes.

"Because of who you are my young Prince. Your father is hard to get to, as you well know. So who better to take than you?"

Taron pulled Legolas' nightshirt off and ran his hand down the bare back with a smile.

"I miss this Legolas, and it's only been a few days since I last had you." He smiled again.

"Please . . ." Legolas cried as he felt Taron pulling his leggings down above him.

"Please what? Let you go? I don't think that's very likely do you?" He laughed again.

It seemed like hours before Taron finally got off him and moved away, leaving Legolas lying shivering, naked on the floor.

"Well, well. Here we are at last. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. I just can't believe that after all this time I am finally doing this. They all said I could never do it. That I'd never get this close to the Prince but they were wrong weren't they? I won, Legolas. It's only a matter of time until your father realises that and when he does I want to be there. I wish I could watch when he sees your body lying on that cold slab but I'll be a long way from here by then." Taron smiled again, this time he turned around to face Legolas. He held in his hand a gleaming knife.

"It's a shame really, I wish there was more light in here. I want to watch you die." Taron said, more to himself than anyone else. "Never mind. It doesn't matter too much really."

He walked towards Legolas who managed to get up and crawl towards the nearest corner, trying desperately to get away from Taron who just smiled coldly and walked towards him. He grabbed Legolas' hair and dragged him to the centre of the room.

"No, please . . ." Legolas cried.

Taron held the knife to Legolas' throat and smiled. "I have waited for so long for this, I really don't want it to be over that quickly." Taron said, he moved the knife down to Legolas' stomach and suddenly stabbed him. Legolas fell forward and was only held up by Taron's strong hands. He was smiling more than he had ever done before.

"Doesn't it feel good? That life just draining away. Nothing to keep you here. The blackness pulling you towards it. Go towards it Legolas, make it easier for you. I want you to be happy. No more pain, nothing. Go. Let go . . ." He was cut off by the sound of the dining hall doors opening.

Taron looked around nervously, hoping that no one was going to come into the kitchens, the reason he had chosen this place was because it was usually deserted at that time. He wouldn't allow someone to disturb his final chore (or as he thought of it his final pleasure), not now, not when he had come so close to finally getting his revenge on the King and his son.

"Just you stay quiet now young Prince or I'll cut out your tongue." Taron whispered coldly as he pushed Legolas silently to the floor. "We don't want anyone to find us now would we?" Taron got up and tucked his hands behind his back, still holding the knife in his hands. No one was going to interrupt him, least of all some curious servant.

He walked towards the kitchen doors and looked out the small window. He saw Elrohir sitting at the table looking mournfully at the dining room door. He looked like he was expecting someone. That was not good. If anyone came into the kitchen they would instantly know what happened. He pushed the door open, making sure he made enough noise for Elrohir to hear him, which he did.

The younger twin turned around and stood when he saw Taron standing there. Luckily the room was quite dark with all the shutters closed blocking out the light.

"Taron, what are you doing here at this time? It's the middle of the day." Elrohir asked as he walked towards Taron who was gripping the knife tightly behind his back.

"Oh, I couldn't just wait around all day. Call it restless curiosity." Taron smiled in his usual likeable way.

"Ada doesn't like people being in here when the halls aren't in use." Elrohir, looking behind Taron at the kitchens. "What were you doing in there? Don't tell me they didn't give you any breakfast again?" Elrohir smiled, not at all concerned about Taron being there.

"No, I have never been in there before. Like I said curiosity." Once again that annoyingly nice smile.

"Well, I can assure you there isn't much to see in there. It's just like any other kitchen, old and boring. Much like . . ."

"He would be very angry if he heard you saying that mellon nin." Taron laughed, knowing just what Elrohir was going to say.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I was going to say old and boring just like any other kitchen in Middle Earth." Elrohir smiled, letting Taron know that he was only joking. They both knew the true meaning behind what Elrohir had said and Taron laughed at his friend.

"I have seen that for myself. If only I had known before perhaps it would have saved me some time." Taron said as Elrohir walked away from him.

"I apologise then. As much as I would love you to waste some more of your time exploring boring parts of the palace I must ask you to leave. Father would kill you if he found you in here." Elrohir said, opening the dining hall door for Taron to leave.

"Of course. I'm sorry, I forgot that this part was off limits." Taron said, trying desperately to hide his frustration at not being able to finish his job on Legolas.

"Think nothing of it. It is easy to get confused here." Elrohir said.

Taron looked behind him in the kitchen to see Legolas struggling to get up from the floor but was reassured a moment later when he just slipped to the ground again to lie in his own darkening blood.

"I can assure you that there is nothing of interest in there." Elrohir said, slightly more sternly when Taron just looked into the kitchen instead of leaving when asked.

Taron nodded and gave one more quick glance towards the kitchen before walking towards the door, making sure the knife was well hidden behind his back. The last thing he wanted was Elrohir knowing what he had done as well as Elladan. He walked past Elrohir, keeping the knife hidden and smiling slightly when Elrohir closed the door behind him.

"I had better just check that nothing was disturbed in there. We don't want you getting caught do we?" Elrohir said, opening the door.

Before he could go in Taron grabbed his arm lightly. "Trust me, I disturbed nothing. Your father will never know. Why don't you show me some of the more interesting parts of Imladris while I'm here?" He said diverting Elrohir's attention away from the kitchen and dining hall.

"Of course." Elrohir was glad that his friend was beginning to get back to normal slightly. It unnerved him when Taron took on that nervous state. "That's a good idea." He walked away down the corridor. Taron smiled, he hadn't managed to kill the Prince the way he wanted to but blood loss and shock would do that for him and he was sure that Legolas would be dead by the time the servants went in to prepare the dinner. Before walking off to follow Elrohir he settled the knife down next to the door. No one would ever know it was him, he left no signs of ever being there. The only thing that could condemn him was going to be dead very soon.


Back in the kitchens Legolas heard quiet, happy voices in the dining hall. He recognised one as Taron's and the other as one of the twins. Which one he couldn't tell. He couldn't understand why they were so happy, why wasn't Elladan or Elrohir, whichever one it was, helping him? They were talking like they were best friends. Legolas reminded himself that only Elrond knew that it was Taron who attacked him. There was no way Elladan or Elrohir could know. Right? But hadn't Elrond said that Elladan was the one who spoke to Taron and found that it was him? Why were they talking as though nothing happened? He didn't understand.

He could feel the life slipping away from his body but not quick enough to stop the pain. The dizziness in his head and the queasiness in his stomach didn't allow him to move at first. It was only after a minute of pulling himself together that he tried to stand. He saw and felt the pool of warm blood that was around him and knew it was his own, although for a few moments his brain refused to register it. When he did, the shock of it sent him back to the floor. He tried to cry out but he found that he couldn't. If only he could get that person's attention . . .

He tried so desperately to find the strength to call out again but he just couldn't. He lay on the floor and listened when the doors closed to the dining hall. He was so close to being discovered. If only he had . . .he knew that wouldn't do any good so didn't even bother. He curled onto his side, trying to block out the pain and memories of this most recent attack. If only it was that simple.


Elrond walked slowly through the corridors, he hated himself for what he had said to Legolas. He knew he had been too hard on the young Prince. He knew now why he kept silent and in a way respected him for trying to protect both himself and Elrond. The only problem was that Legolas was young and he didn't deserve to go through something like that alone. Still Elrond knew he hadn't exactly made things easier for him. No wonder Legolas was scared, he had nearly left Taron with him that time. To think what could have happened.

Even so Elrond knew that Legolas would still be cagey about it. Taron was still just a bodyguard and Legolas was certainly just as strong if not stronger than Taron. It did make more sense now though. The reason Legolas hadn't suspected anything was that it was someone he trusted, he had no cause to be alarmed when Taron came up to him.

It also explained why he was so untrusting when he first came to Imladris. He came to seek refuge and Elrond's guards had thrown him in handcuffs and treated him fairly roughly, something Elrond had spoken to them quite severely about.

As he approached Elladan's room he got the intense feeling that something was very wrong in Imladris, something he had been feeling a lot lately. He stopped and listened, hoping to find some sign of what was wrong. Nothing, Imladris was unusually quiet for the middle of the day. He sighed, thinking back to the last time it was that quiet.

His thoughts were interrupted, however, by a piercing scream that echoed through the corridors. He jumped at the sound. He knew instantly where it came from. Elladan. His son had been ill earlier, he should have seen it, he was a healer, how could he not see it? Strangely, everything suddenly went very quiet and Elrond slowed his pace. He reached Elladan's room quickly and heard nothing from inside. He was sure it was Elladan's voice just then but it might have only been another of his disturbing dreams, something that had haunted him ever since his mother had died many years before. Even now they frightened the young Elf, sometimes more than he cared to admit. Whenever he had them he would always go to either his brother or his father and would usually take all night to calm down.

Elrond stood in front of the door and considered whether he should go in or not. Earlier Elladan had said that he was just tired, if he had been mistaken about the scream then he would wake his son for nothing and that was not something he wanted to do. He was just pondering this when he heard a faint voice come from inside the room.


Elrond didn't hesitate in knocking lightly on the door then.

"Elladan. Are you awake? Can I come in?" He asked loudly but gently, knocking once more just to let Elladan know that he was coming in he opened the door carefully. "Elladan?"

He looked over to the bed and found Elladan lying there, covered in sweat and shaking all over. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Ada." Elladan's weak and shaking voice pulled Elrond out of his trance and he ran towards the bed.

"Elladan, can you hear me?" Elrond asked feeling his son's forehead and feeling the intense heat that was coming off him.

"Ada . . ." Elladan choked, gripping his father's hand. He was in pain, that much was clear to Elrond. "Ada." Elladan said again, this time his voice was more like a relief-filled sob.

"It's alright ion nin. I'm here. Everything's going to be alright now. Just lie still." Elrond said, trying his best to keep his voice even but he knew it wasn't working well.

"Ada . . .Legolas . . .he . . ." Elladan began but was stopped when a wave of pain hit him and he gripped Elrond's hand even tighter than before, almost crushing it but Elrond didn't care, all he wanted was for his son to know he was there.

"It's alright. Legolas is fine." He said, not really caring if he wasn't telling the truth.

"No." Elladan shouted, ripping his hand away from his father's and struggling to sit up despite what Elrond did to stop him. "You must . . .must find him . . .Ada . . ." Elladan fell back against the pillows and again sought his father's hand to squeeze. Elrond allowed his son to do so and began thinking of ways to help him, the healer training was beginning to kick in although the panic of a father was still all too close.

"Don't worry about Legolas, I'm sure the guards will find him soon." Elrond said, his mind racing with ideas about what this could be.

Elladan's confused and shocked face stopped him though. "Ada . . .go find him please. He's in trouble . . .he . . . Taron found him . . .I can't see him." Elladan's voice was frantic.

"Alright I'll find him." Elrond said.

"No, now . . .go now." Elladan said through a shaky breath. "Ada please." He begged.

"I'm not going to leave you. Just stay still." Elrond reached for Elladan's bedside table and was relieved to find that his son kept some healing herbs there just in case. He began to crush some athelas and dropped it into the water to help with the pain. His son had no wounds on him and Elrond knew this had to be either an illness or poison. Seeing as Elves didn't get sick that only left poison. Who would poison Elladan? Why?

"Ada, you don't understand. He's hurt. I can feel it. He's frightened . . .Ada . . .Taron, what he did . . .saes, help him Ada please." Elladan rambled. The mention of Taron's name with Legolas' sent a chill through Elrond's heart and yet he just couldn't bring himself to leave his son in such a state.

"Elladan . . ." Elrond felt his son slipping into unconsciousness, something he definitely didn't want to happen. "Elladan listen to me, try to stay awake. Where was Legolas? Where did you see him?" He asked mixing together another medicine in the hope to calm Elladan.

"I . . .the kitchen . . .Ada there's blood . . .so much . . .he's hurt, he can't move. Help him." Elladan whimpered. Elrond quickly made Elladan drink this new medicine, thinking maybe it would help dull the effects of the poison.

"Alright. Don't worry. I'll go to him. First I need to get you to the healing rooms." He looked around the room, trying desperately to take his mind off of Legolas and concentrate on his son. True Legolas was in danger but Elladan's mind was far from clear at that moment and all that mattered to Elrond right then was his son.

Elrond slipped his arm around his son and lifted him into his own strong arms, causing Elladan to cry out in pain and grip hold of his father's tunic. He whimpered out for his father before settling his head against Elrond's shoulder.

"Shh. It's alright. I'm going to take you to the healing rooms, then I'll go and find Legolas." Elrond said as he walked out the door, in actual fact he had no intention of leaving his son to go and find anyone but right then he would have said anything to calm Elladan down. Elrond ignored the concerned and shocked looks he got from people in the corridor, which had suddenly come back to life after being deserted moments before. Elrond shot warning glances at those who started to talk about the sight and even snapped at a few people for asking questions.

He quickly made his way to the healing rooms and burst through the doors, disturbing Gandalf who was sitting on a bed talking to the Hobbit Frodo who was still asking questions about what had happened. Elrond ignored the looks he got from them and placed his shaking son onto the nearest bed. In a second there were ten healers all gathered around Elladan, suggesting various things it could be.

Elladan himself was still mumbling something to himself, although no one took the time to listen. It was only when he cried out for his father that Elrond held up a hand to stop the others talking.

"Quiet." He shouted, immediately the room went silent and he was joined by Gandalf.

"Elladan, do you know what happened? Do you know what the poison was?" Elrond asked, making sure his son could hear him clearly but trying desperately to keep the terror out of his voice.

"Legolas . . ." Elladan breathed.

"I know. I'll find him just as soon as you're better but right now I need to know who did this and what it is." Elrond said, gripping his son's cold hand.

"Taron . . ." Elladan said weakly.

"I know, I know what he did to Legolas but . . ." Elrond began.

"No." Elladan shouted, causing Elrond and Gandalf to stop and listen properly. "Taron . . .I spoke to him . . .he poisoned . . ." Elladan tried to catch his breath but Elrond didn't need to hear any more.

"Taron did this to you?" Elrond asked, barely containing the anger in his voice. Elladan nodded weakly, no longer having the strength to speak.

"Taron as in the Mirkwood bodyguard?" Gandalf asked, not understanding anything he was hearing. "Why would he poison Elladan?"

"That is a long story and one for another time." Elrond said, helping the healers undress his son. "Hold on Elladan. Everything will be alright." Elladan barely heard his father's voice as it drifted through his confused mind. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was a clear image of a tomb, with LEGOLAS GREENLEAF engraved into the stone.

"No." He whispered before losing consciousness.


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