Disclaimer: I own nothing but the sadistic idea this story revolves around *sniggers evilly* Based on the fact that there are entirely too many scenes in the RotK movie where people are standing on the edge. Sadism pushed the idea on me, I wrote it down.. *grins* This bit conceived the 9th of January, 2004 and written today, the 11th of January, 2004. Warning: Humour, Somewhat Sadistic. Although I find myself liking all the characters in the movie as of late, that doesn't mean I can (or will or want to ~_^ Well, I would a little, but it's too tempting) stop being mean to them.. Teehee..
On the Edge Théoden King approached the man standing there, looking out at the vale, so far down the mountain where their warriors had gathered. "Six-thousand spears," Théoden King spoke, making to say more when the man next to him muttered something in reply. "What was that?" Théoden King frowned a little, as he had not quite caught the man's words. "I said," Aragorn turned his head, speaking clearer now, "Five-thousand nine-hundred ninety-eight spears." One of Théoden King's eyebrow lifted itself. Just when he thought he'd started to take a liking to the man, and then he'd go and show off again, was it? Really, what did his niece see in this man.. "And how, pray tell, do you know this, exactly?" Aragorn shrugged, his expression disinterested. "Éowyn came to talk to me earlier, she was annoying so I pushed her off the edge.." Théoden King's eyes went wide as he gaped at the man in front of him. "Wh.. whaAAT? You did.. WHAT did you do?!" For a moment the Ranger looked puzzled as he took in the shocked features of the man in front of him. "Funny," he muttered, "that is exactly what Éomer said.." He turned to look the army below again, shrugging, indifferent once again. "Of course, he was shouting so loud that he annoyed me too and I pushed him off too.." "WHY YOU!" Théoden King roared, the thought of his only niece and nephew falling to their doom at the hands of this, this.. This Man Who Would Be King, this was just.. He unsheathed his sword and charged the Ranger. Unfortunately, said Ranger sidestepped, and Théoden King found himself tripped by a long shank and fell over the edge. As a wordless cry led him to his doom, he could almost swear he heard the man's voice drift down to him as he said.. "Five-thousand nine-hundred ninety-seven spears.." fin