Chapter 13 – Birds on the Fence of Suburbia

The sun beat down creating an atmosphere of oppressive heat that would force even a particularly hardened lizard to install air-conditioning. In the middle of the hospital's sculptured garden sat a twenty-foot stone foundation that showered a small circular pathway around it with a fine cloud of much-needed moisture. Rainbows could be seen in the mist of cool water. Beside the foundation was a group of people devising a plan to save the world of unimaginable disaster.

"So, you're saying that if we lower the work surface Luigi will still be able to make pizzas?"

On the other side of the foundation another group of people was engaged in the minor pursuit of gossip, specifically gossip about a certain doctor and nurse.

"She is so right." Commented Dawn. "He should have told her about the fiancé."

"Ex-fiancé." Corrected Xander.

"Whatever." Continued Dawn. "He should have told her."

"Dawnie." Said Xander patronisingly. "Grown-up relationships are much more complex than that."

"How would you know?" Asked Buffy. "And he should have told her."

Willow nodded in agreement.

Xander looked desperately at Giles in the hope of some male solidarity. "I don't think I have ever cared less about anything in my entire life." Came the response from Giles.

Faith injected herself into the conversation, "So, was he a grade A piece of ass?"

"Well, he certainly had something about…" Xander stopped himself. "You were probably asking one of them." He said pointing to Willow and Buffy. Faith nodded as if she was at a camp for "special" children.

Willow gave Xander a strange look then focused on Faith. "I'm no expert on the subject but I thought he was really cute. Noah Wyle cute."

Faith nodded then turned to Buffy, "B?"

Buffy had been staring though her rather fashionable sunglasses at Xander. A procession of romantically inclined thoughts raced through her mind. She was so lost within this sugarcoated world that she barely heard Faith's question. It had to be repeated until she eventually uttered, "Huh?"

Giles finally broke. "Do you think it might be possible for us to discuss the slight problem of the impending Armageddon?" He asked dryly.

The group looked at each other and they all made sounds of agreement. This ranged from the traditional 'okay' to the more modern 'uh-huh' to positively bizarre 'I didn't get any shades'.