Till we meet again

"Milord?" The sweet (yet strong) Elven voice of his Father's servant entered his ears. He turned his head. "Yes?" Legolas asked. After Aragorn was forced to leave without him, Legolas returned home. "You have a visitor...and milord, if I may say something?" He asked, kind of fearfully for someone who knew that Legolas wasn't like his father. "Of course you may say something." Legolas said warmly. "Happy birthday, milord." The servant said and walked from the room. Legolas smiled.

He got up from laying on his already-made bed and walked out of his room. He walked into the main hall and saw his father standing there. There was a person behind him, but Legolas couldn't see him/her. "Trhandin said I had a visitor?" Legolas asked, but it was more of a statement. Thranduil nodded and stepped aside, revealing the visitor. Legolas' blue eyes widened. He smiled. "You came." Legolas and his visitor walked closer to the Elf. "I wouldn't miss your birthday for the world, mellon nin." Aragorn said. Aragorn drew the Elf into a tight embrace. "I know..." Legolas said, accepting the embrace from his friend.

"Well, a year and a half without my best friend is too long for me. I wouldn't survive if I missed your birthday." Aragorn said. Legolas' eyes filled with happy tears. Aragorn broke the embrace, but kept his hands on his friend's shoulders to have a good look at him. "You have not changed in appearance." Aragorn finally said. "I wonder if it has something to do with my being an Elf?" Legolas teased, trying to keep a straight face. Aragorn laughed a bit. "That's a possibility." The Man said. The Elf smiled. "We said 'Till we meet again' over a year and a half ago, yet it still happened." The Prince said. "True. Very true." Came the reply. "I came, yet I forgot to get you anything when I was in a rush." Aragorn said after a minute.

Legolas smiled. "You came and that is more than enough for me."

The Prince leaned forward and whispered into his friend's ear, "My birthday wish came true.".

Aragorn smiled and was led down the hall, never leaving his friend's side. He made his friend's wish come true.

Four simple words over a year and a half ago...

"Till we meet again..."