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"Now," Anamaria heard Jack Sparrow mutter in one of those rare serious moments that she had ever heard him use, "Bring me that horizon." Ana grinned, swinging out on the lines to feel the ocean breeze whip through her hair. The crew and herself had gone only halfway to Tortuga before realizing The Pearl was nothing without Captain Jack Sparrow.

As much as that man infuriated her and made her tear her own hair out, Ana's heart was immensely relieved when he came aboard safe to stay. That was a feeling she couldn't shrug and frankly, it scared her, as ferocious a pirate that she was.

Jack Sparrow ran his hands lovingly over his, ship. Humming his newly designated, "Pirate Song," he surveyed the crew scattered about the deck. There was Gibbs, celebrating with his rum, and Mr. Cotton and his parrot and-He frowned, something stirring in his chest.

Where as Anamaria? He stood on his toes and craned his neck, swaying dangerously back and forth. His dark eyes smudged with kohl swept the deck. Finally he spotted her. His brow furrowed when he realized his mind was now at ease.

Still struggling to keep his balance, he watched her dark raven hair danse in the wind and her pirate's shift whip around her body. "There ye are, love." he muttered. It was a nice body, too. Jack realized what he was doing, freezing suddenlyl and squeezing his eyes shut, banging his head on the wheel several times for dramatic emphasis.

Ana shook herself out of her thoughts, stepping down onto the ship's deck. She spotted the captain's head bowed over the steering wheel. About ten feet away form him, she scowled and opened her mouth to snap at him something to the effect of "Are ye a captain or not?"

--And stopped. Her heart warmed and she shook her head fiercely, trying to stop acting like a bloody woman. "Jack, ye must be tired." She said finally, "I can do that."

She watched him jump a foot in the air and a foot away from her as his dark eyes widened and looked confused. She watched further as he shook it off. "Captain Jack, love, Captain."

She ignored that. "I can do that."

"Aye," he squinted at her. "Ye can. But me an' me ship need a little reacquainting, savvy love?"

"Aye, she agreed, but hesitated and did not leave just yet. "Where we be sailing to now?"

He looked at her warily for a moment, then smiled, showing his several gold teeth. "Isle de Moyetta."

"Are ye mad?" she asked harshly. She grasped his arm and met his gaze fiercely. "Ye not be worried about who.or what.we'll meet there?"

He closed his fingers over hers in a mischievous smile. "Love, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Aye," she glared at him, freeing her arm with a squirm. "And it's a bloody name!"

Jack acted wounded. "That was a stab in the heart, love." Ana glared at him, her hand raising dangerously and Jack cowered a little. "We'll be cared.I promise love!" he said deploringly.

"And what do yer promises mean? I don't see my boat anywhere!" she scoffed.

Jack shined the nails of one hand on his shirt, the other still gripping the wheel. He chose to ignore that last part and leaned in close to her. "I can promise I'll make ye very satisfied, love." He wrapped his free arm around her waist.

Ana played with the beads in his hair with one hand while tracing his mustache with the other with a sweet smile. Too sweet. "Really," she breathed against his lips then.


Jack reeled away as Ana yelled at him furiously. "Jack Sparrow you domineering sexist pig! If the likes of you ever touches me again.I'll.I'll." She resorted to Spanish curses. "I don't think I deserve that." she heard him mutter as she stalked away.

Anamaria was at the helm steering, looking nervously over her left shoulder. She hadn't seen the captain since the prior night, but now it was midday and she was worried. "Gibbs!" she barked. "Get Jack up here now!"

Jack poked his head up on deck. "Ye called, love?"

Gibbs gestured behind them. "They be gainin' on us, Captain. They ain't got any colors." Gibbs looked uneasy.

Jack's brow puckered. "We'll see what they want." He took the wheel from Ana.

"Be careful, Sparrow, remember?" Ana told him in a low voice.

Jack rolled his eyes. As the ship came alongside the Pearl, the crew finally saw a small British Flag. Some sighed in relief and others crew more wary. Jack, out of the corner of his eye, watched Anamaria step out of sight of the other ship behind his cabin. "Interesting," he muttered.

The shipped stopped and a tall man on the other ship with a rifle stepped forward. "Aye, you there! Who be the captain?"

Gibbs and Jack exchange a look. "I am," Jack stepped forward, leaving Gibbs to hold the wheel.

"Name's Evans. We're lookin' for a slave," Evans growled. The two men were separated by only a few feet of water.

"Ah," Jack said calmly. "This slave of yours got a name?"

Behind the cabin, Anamaria held her breathe, heart beating furiously.

"Anamaria Santagio."