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Chapter 1 ~A New Direction~

The wind filled the sails of the great Grey Ship. Legolas stood at the bow and let the salty sea breeze blow back his golden hair which glimmered when it caught the sunlight. That was it. He had given into his longing for the sea and built his Grey Ship and off he now sailed into the West leaving Middle earth behind forever.

"Confound you Elf! Come down here and give me a hand!" called the familiar gruff voice of Gimli the Dwarf, Legolas' travelling companion. He had agreed to go with the Elf to the Undying Lands, thought he had done so grudgingly, it had all been an act. He was very eager to reach the Western Shores. He couldn't bare to part with the Elf who he had grown so close to on their many adventures. They were best friends and also the only two living member of the Fellowship of the Ring let in Middle earth that had set out from Rivendell all those long years ago.

Gimli remembered fondly how he had hated the Elf at first because of the differences in race. But as they had gone on with their journey they had become the closest of all friends. Gimli had marvelled at the ways of the Elves Legolas had shown him. He remembered especially when the Fellowship had gone to Lothlorien and the fair Lady Galadriel who Gimli had been quite taken with. Legolas had taken him into the forest of Lorien away from the other members of the Fellowship on numerous occasions to show him the wonderful Elven realm. They had had many adventures together since then including a trip into Fangorn Forest which he had been particularly reluctant to go on, thought found that he actually had a rather good time but of course, he would not admit it and kept this fact to himself. The same could be said for Legolas when Gimli had taken him to the Sparkling Caves at Helms Deep. He remembered the Elf had returned speechless claiming that there were simply no words to describe the beauty of them.

"What do you need this time Gimli?" Legolas asked.

"For you to get your head out of the clouds and help me re-adjust these sails. You are forever day dreaming. Are you sure we're going the right way?" questioned the Dwarf.

"West. Of course I'm sure. And I was not day dreaming! I was thinking," Legolas said defensively.

"The thoughts of Elves. Now there is a mystery I'd rather not unravel!" said Gimli.

"Not that you would be able to even if you tried," Legolas retorted cryptically.

Gimli just grunted having no decent come back to this remark. Whenever he and Legolas got into an argument the Elf would always come out on top. "Just give me a hand Elven Pricling!" Gimli said changing the subject not giving Legolas time to gloat at his victory.

Legolas jumped lightly down from his perch and took hold of the rope Gimli handed him. "It looks as though a storm is coming." Legolas stated gazing at the sky, he noticed it had suddenly become very cloudy and the movement of the ship had become more rocky.

Gimli agreed. "We will have to secure the sails and strap everything above deck down. Say lad, have you ever had any experience in these situations?"

Legolas looked at him mysteriously and replied. "Have you?"

Gimli didn't quite know what he meant so he did not pursue it.


Legolas had been right. The storm came sooner than either of them expected. The rain lashed down and water spilled over the top of the ship. Legolas was at the helm trying as best he could to steer the ship straight and keep its path westwards but the current was too strong and the ship was battered been tossed back and forth on the swelling waves.

"Elf! How are we meant to survive this storm!" Gimli called though he was barely heard with the great roar of the waves crashing over his head.

"We have survived worse my friend!" Legolas replied.

"Like what? What could be worse then this?"

"Moria, Helms Deep, the Pelannor fields. Take your pick!"

Gimli just sighed and carried on his hopeless task of trying to empty the ship of water that just kept on coming.


it would be good to say that the two companions lasted out the storm and were now sailing on there way to their destinations. But that did not happen. Legolas found himself lying face down in the sand. He raised his head and blinked his eyes in the sun. He felt the waves lick at his feet as they retreated back. He spat out the sand in his mouth that he found he could not get rid of and it felt gritty when he ground his teeth together as he pulled himself up and staggered to his feet. Taking a moment to collect himself he surveyed his surroundings. There were trees lining the beach and beyond that in the far distance he spied the peaks of mountains.

"Gimli? Gimli where are you?" he called for his friend who he did not see washed up next to him. He turned towards the sea to see his great Grey Ship crashed on rocks and floating helplessly on it's side. He ran out into the surf and put his hands to his head. "Oh no! No! no! no! no! no!" he shouted.

Then he heard a grunt from behind him signifying the arrival of Gimli. Legolas had to laugh as he turned and walked back up the beach to where the Dwarf stood with an octopus on his head. The Dwarf was yanking at it, desperately trying to get it off. The Elf had to smile when he saw this, a thing that greatly annoyed Gimli.

"Well don't just stand there Elf! Help me get this... this. thing off!" he yelled.

Legolas recovered himself just enough to prize the octopus away from his friend and went to put it back in the ocean. When he returned hew found Gimli plopped down on the sand rubbing his head where the octopus had been and cursing to himself in Dwarfish.

"Well, if this is your beloved Valinor, then I don't think much of it!" he muttered crossly.

"I don't know. Where are we?"

"How am I supposed to know where we are! Why don't you find someone and ask!" Gimli said ringing out his sleeves.

Legolas frowned. He would ask if there was anyone around! "I suggest we go into the forest and seek shelter from the wind for the night. There we can dry off and search for someone at first light."

"And what pray tell, shall we do for food? That blasted ship had all of our provisions on it!" said Gimli standing up.

"We can hunt in the forest. There is bound to be food in there and we still have our weapons." He glanced at the Dwarf who was glaring daggers at him. "Well, at least it's a start! If we stay here we will have all of the elements against us. At least there we can find shelter!"

"Fine, but if some wild animal comes and ravages us in our sleep, you will be to blame." Said Gimli gravely.

"That's why we shall set a watch. We will take t in turns. And if any wild animal does come with the intent of killing us, then we shall kill it first!" Legolas snapped before making his way up into the forest.

Gimli just glared at his retreating back before getting up and following him. "And I thought I had had my fair share of forests in Fangorn!" he mumbled. Legolas, who of course had heard this remark just quickened his pace making Gimli have to jog to keep up.


Legolas stopped in clearing a looked around. It seemed like a safe place and he sat down and set about making a fire when Gimli finally came into the clearing and plopped down next to him huffing and puffing. They warmed there hands on the small fire that Legolas had managed to get going while two rabbits roasted on a spit over the open flame. This was thanks to Legolas' handiness with a bow or they may well have gone hungry. They had hung up there wet things near the fire earlier and as they were now dry they slipped back into them though they were somewhat sandy.

Gimli burped as he swallowed the last chunk of meat and lay back enjoying the heat of the fire. Legolas then turned to him, seeing how the Dwarf was more tired then the Elf and needed his rest Legolas offered to take the first watch for which the Dwarf was very grateful. "Good night Elf. Wake me when your watch is over," with that he drifted off to sleep.

Legolas sat on a log, eyes bright and ears alert. The soft sound of the Dwarf's snoring could be heard near him. Legolas' watch was fairly uneventful but when it came to Gimli's watch he had not the heart to wake him. And to be honest, the Elf did not feel like sleep.

The sat for a while longer. Then he began to feel strange. The next thing he remembered was a great bright green light emanating from all around, then he was aware of fire. Lots of fire and a great pain shot through him. Gimli was awake, axe at the ready. "What is it Elf?"

Legolas stood for a moment. "I do not know Gimli. There is fire, near by. And I feel a great pain and a weakness. Something is wrong."

"Well, I suggest we go and see what it is at first light. We may well find out what it is and also somebody to ask where we are." Said Gimli. Legolas nodded. "Now, get some rest and let me take my watch."

"There is no point. I did not wake you for your watch. And I can not sleep now anyway. Get some more sleep if you wish. I feel strange." Said Legolas holding his head.

"What do you mean?" said Gimli.

"I don't know. When there was the flash of light I felt a great pain and then weakness. I can not explain it." He said.

Gimli just looked at him concernedly. "In the morning, we will go and find what has happened. There is no use now. It is still night." Legolas simply nodded his head again and gazed out to where he could see smoke and the flicker of flames. "Tomorrow," he breathed.

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