"Jake!" Brock Yelled as he ran after his son

Brock thought he could outrun Jake but it seemed like Jake could run faster then he could.

Jake was headed towards the woods in the park. As the chase continued, Van happened to be having a run in the park at the time.

Brock saw van and yelled 'Stop Him Van!"

Van saw Jake come towards him, stopped, and picked him up.

"Whoa, Jake. What are you doing" van asked

"Let go of me van!" Jake yelled as he kicked and fought him

"Oh thanks van" Brock said has he walked up to him trying to catch his breath.

"What's going on, why he is running from you" van asked walking alongside Brock with Jake in tow.

"don't let him go van, he's been running from me, when I asked him about what happened at school today, he doesn't want to tell me" Brock explained

"Yeah. He wouldn't even tell me or Cheyenne," he told brick as they walked towards the house.

They all entered van put Jake down on the step and took off his jacket

"Oh good you caught him" Reba said as she came from the kitchen

"Hey Mrs." van greeted

"Reba I chased him all the way to the park. Lucky van was running by I couldn't catch him" Brock explained as he sat down on the chair.

"Well we can go upstairs to my room…whats going on" kyra said as her and Natasha came from the kitchen.

"We caught your brother" van said as he pointed out Jake

"When you mean we, was it dad or van?" Kyra said with a smirk as they made their way up the stairs.

"For your information kyra… van caught him," Brock said embarrassed.

"Oh I see, Jake finally out-ran you dad," she said with a smile as she patted her dad on the shoulder.

"Oh this is your friend kyra" van said excitedly

"Yeah… Van this is Natasha" kyra introduced.

"Hi" Natasha said shyly looking around at Reba, Brock, Van and Jake who were all looking at her.

"Well, we'll be upstairs. In my room." kyra told them

"Kyra" Reba called out.

"Yeah mom?" kyra asked

"Bring Jake with you, I need to talk to your dad about something" Reba explained

"sure, come' on Jake. Natasha knows some magic tricks," she told as the three of them walked up the stairs.

fade to black

More to come.