Due to popular request (okay, a few of you) I am making a second chapter. Then, it's done. This poem is not mine. It belongs to a sixteen year old male named Weaver. Praise Weaver for the great poem that goes great with Nightwing's feelings for Starfire!

Never gone

Here with me

Though I cannot feel

And cannot see

I know you're there

You always are

Wherever I go

You're never far

I feel your thoughts

I hear you walking

I remember your face

I hear you talking

If not in life

If not in stone

Then in my heart

Where you have grown

Starfire flew up to Nightwing with a smile. He grinned back and leaned against his Bo-staff. The Titans Tower was rebuilt, looking like it had never been in disrepair. Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy were standing next to the two with smiles on their faces.

"It doesn't seem like you were ever gone, Star....." The smile on Starfire's matured face faded somewhat. Her long auburn-pink hair had grown longer, now about to her knees. Her jade green-on-green eyes were just as bright and bubbly as ever, but held a twinkle of wisdom that only came with age and experience. Beast Boy, Raven, and Nightwing had also changed. Cyborg was the only one who remained unchanged, for who with half a robot body could age? Beast Boy stood proudly tall next to Raven and Cyborg, and ran his hands through his abundant green locks as if to make sure they were still there. He had remained as thin as ever, and still told his boyish jokes and pulled his ridiculous pranks, but the wisdom that age brought weighed heavy on his super-high spirits. Raven was still wearing her white cloak, but the hood was down, revealing her pale face framed with to-her- chin purple locks. A smile graced her usually emotionless face and she slipped her hand into Beast Boy's. He squeezed it and Raven laid her head on Beast Boy's shoulder, the smile on her lips opening into a wide yawn.

"I do not think I ever left, Nightwing." Nightwing's changes had been minimal. He still had the same costume, the same mask, but his hair was still the hastily spiked mess it had been when he was a teenager. Nightwing smiled at Starfire and ran a hand through his shortened hair. It was odd not to have to tie it back when he was working anymore, but he would get used to it. He had gotten used to missing Starfire when she had disappeared for twenty years, but now she was back, and the future was changed because of her. It was still changing because of her, and there was no way to adequately thank her. Turning to face Starfire, Nightwing took her two hands in his and kissed her lightly, covering her lips with his. Starfire returned the kiss, gently at first, then deepening it. Nightwing pulled away first, tucking a stray strand of auburn-pink hair into it's place behind her ear.

"Star-Thanks for changing my-OUR-future. It would never be the same without you."