A Snow of Tears

An Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindou fanfiction
Done to the poem Snow, by Dark Rei

I watched the snowflakes fall to the ground coating everything white. My hand touched the window as I pressed my forehead on it trying to suppress my heartache.

"Shuichi.Why.Why did you have to die.I need you here"


"Oh Eiri its so beautiful" Shuichi cried as he ran through the falling snow. He danced in the snow as he tried to catch a snowflake on his tongue. I laughed as he tripped and smiled foolishly.

"Eiri lets go to the café down the street, I love the chocolate cake!" Shuichi said and smiled. As I nodded he jumped around happily and then grabbed my arm.

The swirling snow covered everything and we began to cross the streets. I heard a screech of tires. I felt Shuichis arms push me out of the way as the car surged at him. Crack. I heard the car hit Shuichi and it slid to the side. I ran forward screaming trying to get to him. A crowd had formed and I knelt beside him. His eyes were half-open and blood was soaking his jacket. He smiled and me.

"Eiri, I love." He whispered, his voice faltering and then his eyes closed and his body became limp. He was dead. I started to cry. I cried for my childhood. I cried for the day that I pulled the trigger. I cried for the years I spent with a heart of ice. Most of all I cried for Shuichi the person I wanted to be with forever.

End Flashback

I started to cry again and walked to the couch as my strength dissolved. I felt consciousness escape me and soon I slipped in to a dreamless sleep. When I woke I looked around for Shuichi and the memories of his death returned. I walked to the door and slipped on my shoes and walked out the door. I walked slowly to the intersection near the park. I started to walk to the middle and the sound that had been burned in my memory returned. The screech of tires and I started to cry dropping to my knees I waited for the impact. I felt the car hit me and then I collapsed. I heard doors slam.

Destiny is undeniable Like gravity indescribable

I saw Tohma and Mika running towards be.

It snowed the day you died

The tears of heaven slowly froze

As they fell to unrequited love

I want you there

Please wait for me

I'll give up my body

I'll give up my soul

Just please let me be with you


I closed my eyes as I let my final tears fall.

I could be Shuichi.

"Shuichi, Destiny is pulling my towards you. Please wait for me" I whispered and the let go of my connection to the real world.

The End

Inspiration: Well I have to say this is a pretty depressing fanfiction. At first it was going to end that Eiri closed up his heart again, but I decided that was to cliché. I wrote the poem that is featured at the end I like how it turned out. I don't think this fanfiction is very good, but I wanted to try my hand at it. Please review.