Hey guys! ShortStuff10 here! I wanted to try this new story and I really hope you like it (thanks to ILUVRONWEASLEY). It's a cliché D/Hr fic, but I hope you like it anyway. Here we go!

Different Side of Me

By: ShortStuff10

Chapter 1- Expectations

Hermione's POV

You may know me as little miss know-it-all, frizzhead, or mudblood, (though I don't like the last one). My name is Hermione Granger. I've always had brown, frizzy hair, and been a know-it-all. It's my last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I want it to be different. Of course, some things will never change about me, like how smart I am, or the fact that I've never had a boyfriend - though I have had a crush on my friend Ron Weasley for a while. But what I did change was my frizzy hair, which is now smooth, straight, and shiny. But enough about my new look. Today I'm packing for my last year at Hogwarts, which starts tomorrow. I'll be Head Girl there this year. Ron and Harry have already told me that since Ron is Quidditch Captain, Harry will be a prefect. We don't know who is Head Boy yet, but I have a sinking feeling it is someone I don't like.

"Hermione!" my mom yelled, "Hurry up! If you want to make the train on time tomorrow you WILL want to finish packing and go to sleep!"

"Alright!" I yelled back downstairs to her.


"Harry! Ron!" I half-shrieked as I saw my two best friends. "Over here!"

Hermione!" they yelled enthusiastically, but they sounded surprised at the same time.

"Is that really you?" Ron asked. I saw Harry elbow him in the ribs. "You look so different! But in a good way," he added quickly.

"Thanks," I said, giving him a little hug.

"Yeah Hermione, you look really great, " said Harry. I noticed that he already had his prefect badge pinned to the collar of his shirt. I smiled. Then all of a sudden we heard a loud voice just come through the barrier. I knew at once who it was.

"Of course Father knew I would get it. I wonder who the other is. Just as long as it's not-"

And there he stopped right in front of Harry, Ron, and me.

"Well now, if it isn't Potty and Weasel." He looked at me and said, "And who would this lovely lady be? I'm Draco Malfoy by the way." He then took my hand and kissed it. I grimaced and snapped it back. Harry and Ron were standing there fighting back their giggles. I glared at them.

"Wow," I replied causally, "I never knew high pure-bloods like yourself would stoop down to my level, Malfoy."

His eyes suddenly went really wide. "Granger?!?"

"The one and only." I did a little curtsy.

He then put his infamous grin on, and said, "Did you change the way you look so you could become Weasley's skank?"

Ron piped up, "NO she's not! Besides, I already have a girlfriend!"

I just stared at him. My mouth hung open with shock. I had never expected this. "What are you guys so surprised about? Didn't I tell any of you?" He then looked at Harry and me, and by the surprised looks on our faces he said, "Obviously not."

I was so shocked and hurt that I ran into the Hogwarts Express, found an empty compartment, sat down and cried. I thought to myself, 'How can he do this to me?'

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