Tears filled the red head's eyes.

"I do not wish to hurt you, Mr. Slade, nor do I wish to tarnish your newly found goodness, but I can not let myself be disloyal to Robin."

"And how would you be doing so? I didn't say anything about harming your friend."

"It would be wrong for me to do the kissing with you... Robin and I are what he calls 'dating.' It would not be right to you /or/ to Robin."

"So you and Robin are together. /Perfect./" He purred, stroking the girl's jawline, a smirk on his face. " I stay firm. I simply can't be 'good' unless I have you... of course, if Robin was gone... you wouldn't have to choose." Slade's eyes lit up with malice.

The girl remained silent.

"I don't suppose you've had.../education/... on Tamaran." Realizing the myriad of answers that could come from the girl because of his broad statement, Slade defined his implication. "I'm talking about sexual education, dear."

Starfire reddened. "Tamareans recieve such an education, but I have not. I was not of age to know such things when I fled my home planet."

"And has our Robin taken the liberty of /showing/ you?" The girl stared blankly. "Nevermind, Starfire. I'll know soon enough. Now. I will ask you one more time: will you be mine, or... must I have yet another reason to hurt the Titans?"

"I do not wish to be the reason my friends are harmed..."

"No, of course not..." Said Slade in an ominous near whisper.

"...but I can not harm Robin."

"Starfire, you're trying my patience. What Robin doesn't know won't hurt him, but, I assure you, he will be hurt if you say no. Chose a loyalty, darling. Nobody said you could have it all." Once again, the girl looked away, contemplating heavily. She nodded.

"Yes, sir. I will do the dating with you as well." She mumbled morosely. "But you must /PROMISE/ not to tell Robin! I would never forgive myself if his heart is broken..."

"Scouts honor." He smirked.

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