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Hermione sat on her bed sighing. She was at her grandfather's house in Rivendell her mother's native land. Her mother, Arwen, had given up her immortality to be with her father, Aragorn. Hermione though was an elf. She had attended Hogwarts to learn magic as her grandfather thought it would be a great experience. She loved it there with her best friends Ron and Harry but she missed her life here more than she thought she would and was glad to be back for the summer. She hadn't visited Rona and Harry this summer as it was her seventeenth birthday her coming of age as an elf.

"Hermione, your parents are here," her grandfather announced coming into her room. Hermione smiled and ran out of her room jumping into her father's arms.

"You sure have grown up little one," Aragorn said with sadness in his eyes.

"I'll always be your little girl ada," Hermione said. (That is dad in elvish right?? I need help bad!!)

"I know it's just hard to see you grow up," Aragorn said. Hermione smiled at him gave him a peck on the cheek and then moved over to her mother Arwen.

"Look how you've grown darling," Arwen said smiling proudly at her only daughter. Hermione hugged her mother and then moved back and stood in front of her parents.

"Who else is here," Aragorn asked.

"You're the first to arrive," Hermione told him.

"Am I late," a voice from the door asked. Hermione looked up to see a blonde haired elf standing in the doorway smiling. Hermione ran up to him and he picked her up in his arms swinging her around before setting her safely on the floor.

"I've missed you Legolas," Hermione whispered into his chest.

"I've missed you too my Hermione," he told her before kissing her on the forehead. It was then he saw Aragorn and Arwen. Legolas and Aragorn embraced each other like old friends and indeed they were. Hermione had always loved hearing the story of the adventure they had had destroying the ring of power. It had happened not long before she was born but it always fascinated her.

"Hermione why don't you go have some fun on your last day before going back to Hogwarts. Your father and I have some business with your grandfather," Arwen told her.

Hermione nodded and went back to her room grabbing a book off the shelf and sat down to read. Before long she felt someone sit down beside her shutting the book on her. She looked up and saw Legolas sitting there before he caught her lips in his own. They sat there caught up in the passion for what seemed like forever before they pulled away both needing a breath. "I've missed that too," Legolas said smiling. Hermione smiled back at him lighting up her face.

"Do you have to go away tomorrow?" he asked sadness filling his blue orbs. Hermione looked down before standing up and moving over to her balcony.

"I must, my friends there would worry if I didn't. It will only be for a year. That's nothing compared to forever Legolas. I will miss you, you know that. It gets harder every year. Last year they started to notice how depressed I was getting. Legolas, I," Hermione stopped what she was saying when Legolas's arms snaked around her small waist. She leaned back setting her head on his chest.

"Don't worry about that now love. I'm sorry I brought it up," Legolas whispered lovingly in her ear. Hermione quickly turned around looking straight in his eyes before attacking his mouth with her own. Legolas groaned pulling her closer to him and Hermione smiled against his mouth. She pulled away before the passion went too far however.

"I love you Legolas. Do they know you're in here with me," Hermione asked him.

"I love you too. Yes, they know I'm in here. They trust us. They know we need to be together before you leave. I haven't seen you all summer and now you're leaving again. I'll be glad when this is over." Legolas sat down on the floor resting his back on the back of the bed.

Hermione went and sat in-between his legs resting her back on him letting his arms snake around her waist again. "I will too Legolas," she told him. Legolas took some of her silky long brown hair and stuck it behind her ears.

"How do you hide your ears? How do you hide your elvish appearance," he asked her.

"Gandalf puts a spell on me that changes my looks. I can't do it when out of school so I have him do it for me," Hermione told him.

"It's a shame to cover such beauty," he whispered in her ear. A sadness had passed over them both. It should be a happy time as Hermione was finally of age with the elves but the fact that she would be leaving soon set a dark shadow over them. They talked and snuggled with each other the rest of the day until finally it was time to sleep. Legolas went of to a room that was set up for him after kissing Hermione goodnight and she climbed into her own bed waiting for the rays of the morn. It was the birds that first woke Hermione from her sleep and she smiled at the beauty of the morning. She hoped it would stay like this. She hated leaving Legolas but she had a picture of him and her at least she had taken with a wizard camera and was at least excited to be seeing her friends again.

A few minutes later a knock was heard at her door and her maid came in. "Princess, what are you still doing in bed. You should be ready by now," the maid said sounding panicked.

"Calm down, I'll be down in a minute," Hermione said pulling on a pair of jeans and a green tank top. Very uncomfortable compared to her gowns in her mind but they would have to do.

When Hermione arrived downstairs everyone was already there to say goodbye and Gandalf was there ready to transport her to the train station.

Hermione felt tears start to form. This was the part she dreaded. She said goodbye to everyone and then reached Legolas. He gave her a reassuring smile before pulling her into his strong embrace and kissing her cheek. "I love you Hermione," he reassured her.

"I love you too," Hermione said. She then turned to Gandalf and before she knew it she was running toward platform 9 ¾ with her luggage on a trolley.

"Hermione," she heard a shout and looked over to see Harry and Ron running toward her. She hugged them happily but it wasn't the same as hugging Legolas this was a hug between friends. It was then that realization hit her that she had no clue when she would see him again.

"We were worried you didn't reply to any of our owls," Ron told her and worry was evident in his voice.

Hermione laughed it off. "I was on holiday with my family. It was my coming of age as they put it and they took me on vacation come to think of it they never told me where and I didn't ask. Don't worry I didn't reply to your owls because I didn't even get them. I didn't get any mail wizarding or muggle. My parents were a little obsessed if you think about it." Harry and Ron accepted the story though they were a little shocked that Hermione didn't know something and didn't care she didn't.

"We better go find a spot on the train before all the good ones are taken," Harry said breaking the silence that had engulfed the trio. Hermione nodded her head and they went off toward their usual compartment.

When on the train Harry and Ron became involved in a heated discussion about Quidditch. Hermione shut rolled her eyes and pulled out a book. Every now and then she would feel her ears. They were still pointed to her and any other elf it was just the rest that couldn't tell. Gandalf had discovered this spell this summer before everyone had been blind to what she really looked like. Of course it would stay that way she didn't expect any of her classmates to be elves.

Harry and Ron noticed her feeling her ears at one point and gave her a weird look. "Are you okay Mione," Ron asked.

"Oh yeah just thought I felt a scab on there but there isn't one that's good," Hermione smiled. That was close she thought and made a mental note to be more careful.

They had been on the train for an hour and Hermione was already wishing with all her heart she was back in Rivendell. She missed her parents, her grandfather, and most of all Legolas. She sighed and then grimaced when she looked up to see Draco Malfoy entering the compartment.

"What do you want Malfoy," Ron asked. He wasn't looking at them however but at Hermione.

"I was told by Dumbledore to come and fetch the mudblood, for the head students meeting," Draco sneered as if he was in torture to have to be in the same room with those he considered lower beings.

"Well you could be a little more polite about it," Hermione said glaring at him. He just smirked back.

"Malfoys don't have to show respect to mudbloods," Draco said. With this Harry and Ron jumped up from their seats.

"If you say that one more time," they threatened. Draco just laughed at them walking out of the compartment. Hermione regretfully followed him.

"It seems we have a bit of a problem Granger," Draco told her.

"And what would that be," Hermione asked him. She was glaring daggers at him though he pretended not to notice.

"Well, for one Dumbledore has elected us both heads and for two he is starting a class of defense and had one of his friends recommend as person to teach. We won't even know who it is until we get to the castle. I personally think my father would have been a perfect choice," Draco went on.

"Would you like some cheese with that whine," Hermione asked before slipping into the heads compartment smirking at him. Draco infuriated that he had gotten the better of her stormed in after.

"Ah yes, my two head students," Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye. He ignored the fact that they were giving each other death glares and would both be dead if looks could kill.

"Ah yes well then, you will both have your own rooms this year. Hermione will be staying in the tower facing the forbidden forest. Draco you will be facing the Quidditch pitch. Also, as you know we will be having a physical defense class. The person I have hired is skilled in both sword and bow though I don't think he knows what he is getting into," Dumbledore said.

"And you think that's funny. One of us could be killed," Draco shouted.

"Ah Mr. Malfoy I'd appreciate you to clam yourself. I just meant that he has no clue how the students behave around here."

"Professor will we be meeting with him before the feast," Hermione asked.

"Yes, during the sorting. I hope you two won't mind missing it your last year," Dumbledore asked.

"We'll be fine," Hermione reassured, for in fact she was not fond at all of the sorting.

"Yes of course, well then I'll let you get back to your compartments," Dumbledore said. Hermione got up and thanked him though Draco just stormed out. Hermione gave an apologetic glance for her partner but Dumbledore just waved it off as if to say it was not her fault. Hermione nodded and went off to join Harry and Ron again.

"You're going to miss the sorting," Harry cried. They had been looking forward to the last sorting together.

"Yes I will Harry but it's not a big deal I have to meet this new teacher help introduce him to Hogwarts. Please, this is not my fault calm down," Hermione told him. Harry and Ron just nodded.

"As long as you promise to play chess with us," Ron argued.

"You drive a hard bargain but agreed," Hermione said. Ron and Harry smiled as she got off the train and took the first coach with Draco and headed off to the castle to meet the new teacher.

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