A loud scream was emitted from Hermione and was coming from her and Legolas' chambers. Legolas was running down the hall with a smirk on his face. He ran into Aragon's classroom and quickly shut the door.

Aragon looked up from the papers he had been reading. "What did you do?" he asked with mild interest knowing the way the two tended to play pranks on each other.

"Nothing really bad," he defended himself. "I just got some help to make it look like an orc was in her shower."

Aragon's head shot up. "Legolas, do you remember a few years back when what was left of the fellowship got together for a reunion of sorts?" Legolas nodded. "I never told you because I didn't want you to worry for no reason but when I returned Hermione was gone. Arwen said that a band of angry orcs had heard about our get together and realized that my family would be left alone. In the middle of the night they took Hermione. I quickly tracked them down and got her back but she has never told me what they did to her."

Legolas did not know how to react. He was angry that this had happened and he was furious at himself thinking of what Hermione must have thought seeing what he thought of as a small prank. He punched to wall to let go of a little bit of his anger and then quickly left the classroom running as fast as he could back to the chambers that he and Hermione shared.

He opened the door and found Hermione silently crying on the bed. She was still in her nightgown telling Legolas that she hadn't bothered to try to get ready for class after he had heard her scream. He quickly joined her on the bed pulling her into his arms and she clung to his neck and started to sob into his shirt.

"I'm so sorry love," Legolas quickly said in elvish as it seemed more appropriate. "So sorry," he repeated again in English. "I didn't know."

"I know," Hermione slowly said her voice hoarse from crying. "You couldn't have known." She gave a half smile for his sake and placed a kiss on his lips.

When they pulled back, Legolas started to rub her cheek. "What did they do to you?"

"Honestly, I don't really feel like talking about it right now. It wasn't pleasant though." Legolas nodded understanding that it would be hard to talk about and that she needed some space.

"Why don't you go get a shower and then we can go down to breakfast?"

"Will it be gone?" she asked referring to the apparition in the shower that had greeted her that morning.

"Yes, it will be. Do you need me to go with you?" Hermione shook her head no. He walked over and gave her a kiss on the forehead before she walked into the bathroom and then he picked up the volume he had been reading. With Hermione living in the same quarters he never had to worry about having nothing to read.

Hermione came out of the bathroom looking much happier than when she went in. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt under her school robes. She picked up her school bag that she had laid by the chair. She knew that she wouldn't have time to come back to her room before she had to go to Potions.

Legolas quickly finished his sentence before marking his spot and loudly closing his book. He grasped Hermione's hand and the walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast in silence. Once they had entered the Hall Legolas made to go sit with Aragon at the Head Table but Hermione pulled on his hand. "Sit with me?" she asked simply and he smiled at her and kissed her cheek in reply. She led the way to the Gryffindor table and took a seat by Ron, Harry, and Ginny.

She sent Harry a knowing look and a smirk at seeing how close to Ginny he was sitting. Harry just rolled his eyes and gave her a look as if to say "You're one to talk."

"You know what I just realized guys? You've never really said what you did this summer. I mean, you are like brothers to me after all."

"I went over to The Burrow," Harry told her. "We pretty much played Quidditch all summer."

"They really did," Ginny said rolling her eyes. "I mean, I like Quidditch a lot more than most girls but it was starting to get kind of boring."

"You were just mad because that meant less time to make out with Harry," Ron teased her. Ginny leant over and smacked him on the head getting an "Ow" from him in reply and he rubbed his head. "That's what you get," Ginny said. Harry and Hermione just laughed and Legolas was still not completely used to the playful attitudes of the group.

Legolas looked around and saw that the Great Hall was quickly emptying. "Time to go to class," he commented getting groans in response. "What's wrong?"

"It's Potions today," Ron said as if that explained everything.

"What's wrong with Potions?" Legolas asked confused. He turned to Hermione waiting for an answer.

"The Professor isn't very nice to us." Hermione said.

"Not very nice?" Ron said in disbelief. "He takes points from us if we breathe the wrong way."

"Which is why we better not be late," Harry said. "Have a good day Gin," he said giving her a kiss. He picked up his school bag and Ron and Hermione quickly followed suit and the three of them and Legolas rushed down to the dungeons.

They found a table in the back of the classroom quickly slipping in. Legolas sat on the end by Hermione just before Professor Snape stormed into the classroom.

"The instructions for the potion are on the board. Get to work," he simply instructed. The Gryffindors scrambled to get going on their Potions while the Slytherins talked and started at a leisurely pace.

Snape looked up about halfway through class to see Legolas casually observing the class. He had just gotten through with yelling at yet another student. "What are you doing in my class?" Snape demanded.

"I'm going with Hermione to all her classes this year," Legolas told him simply.

"You will address me as sir as I am a Professor," Snape said testily.

"Actually, I won't be." Legolas told him. "I have been alive much longer than you and have surely done more for the good of man kind than you. I will not call anyone sir that finds it entertaining to scare children. If anything you should be addressing me with more respect as I am the Prince of Mirkwood. I am not prone to pulling rank but I have heard about you and have seen how you treat your students and believe me. I don't like it. I don't think you deserve anyone's respect and I don't see how Hermione had been putting up with this treatment for so long."

"Miss Granger is a stuck up know-it-all. She needs to be put in her place."

"Hermione is the Princess of Gondor and Rivendell. I guess you were not paying attention at the Opening Feast." He turned to Hermione. "Are you finished with your potion?"

"Yes," Hermione answered somewhat confused.

"Good, bottle it up and we are leaving." Hermione started to do as he said.

"You are not allowed to leave in the middle of class Ms. Granger," Snape told her.

"I am finished Professor and I don't appreciate the way you are treating Legolas." She shoved her potions into his hand, picked up her bag, and swept out of the classroom. Legolas followed her out and slammed the door behind him.

Hermione was waiting for him in the hallway. "Why did you do that? I've only walked out on class once before. Now what am I going to do?" she asked starting to panic.

"I think you already know pretty much everything that is being taught in that class. I'm sure Dumbledore will not allow Snape to kick you out or give you or any of the Gryffindors anymore unfair treatment. He seems like a reasonable man."

"Well, I guess we might as well go visit Ada while we have a couple hours." Hermione said starting to walk off toward Aragon's office.

A familiar figure greeted them in the hallway outside of his door. "Mother," Hermione yelled joyfully. She ran up and gave her a hug.

"Hello Hermione."

"What are you doing here?" Hermione asked in disbelief.

"I was getting a little lonely at home so I decided to come for a visit. I can only come for about a week and then I will go back home."

"We'll go ahead and leave you alone with Aragon for now then," Legolas said starting to lead Hermione away.

"Thank you Legolas," Arwen said with a smile. "I will see you later Hermione," she told her daughter with a smile.

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