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Five Months From Now

Small A/N: This is a story that will develop with the last five months until Jack and Ana's child is borne, is chapter will roughly represent the next few months. Some months will even have two chapters representing it; depends on how much I want to show you in one chapter. So enjoy!


Jack stood at the helm, his eyes closed as he allowed the wind to whip through his hair. His eyes fluttered open and he rubbed the sleep from them while stifling a yawn at the same time. The forenoon watch had just started and he himself was just waking justifying that it had been a long night.

Ana had tossed and turned, unable to get comfortable and several times during the night, she had unconsciously punched Jack, obviously with the intention that he was a pillow and needed fluffing. Jack Sparrow was not a happy camper.

So in bed he stayed when the sun rose that morning, the first tendril of sleep wrapping around him in a blanket of calm. He was so exhausted he did not hear Ana rise or attempt to shake him awake, and since Ana didn't feel like messing with him, she tossed the rumpled blankets over him and quietly slipped from the cabin.

Now as Jack was still escaping the vestiges of sleep, he looked around counting heads to see if anyone else had taken the opportunity to sleep in as he had. His crew was all accounted for except one: Ana.

The dark skinned woman was no where to be seen on deck or below, Jack knew, he had already checked the galley, the one place other than their cabin that had become Ana's haunting ground especially late at night. Several times Jack was woken at the sounds of screaming and things being thrown only to find out come morning that, Albert, their cook had caught Ana pilfering the small pantry down below.

Jack chuckled at the thought as he started for the foredeck to finish his search. He stopped suddenly and glanced up at the main sail that barely flittered in the breeze; he frowned at the lack of wind and noted that they'd have to pull anchor before long if they wished to make land by nightfall.

Stopping momentarily to assist one of the crew in tying a proper knot, Jack continued making his way to the bow where he spotted Gibbs giving out orders to furl the topsail and bring it down to be repaired, the old sailor shielding his eyes from the sun.

"Gibbs!" Jack called, his usual swagger unnoticeable.

Gibbs turned and tucked his flask back into his belt, a welcoming grin on his face. "Jack, how be ye this fine morn'n?"

"Same as every other morning, Gibbs," the pirate captain offered with a roll of his eyes.

The weathered sailor chuckled as he placed a comforting hand on Jack's shoulder, a twinkle in his eye," Lass keep ye up all night aga'n Jack?"

"No more than usual," Jack muttered leaning against the rail. "Though, my chances for survival during the night have considerably improved with the exception of being treated like some bloody pillow that needs to be beaten back into shape."

Gibbs let out a hearty laugh as he glanced at his captain, "Aye, but she loves ye, she does."

"No doubt there mate," the captain agreed with a nod. "Speakin' of which, have ye seen the Unmerciful Pillow Punchin' Bed Harpy?"

Gibbs' face creased with laughter, his eyes twinkling with mirth, "Best not let the lass 'ere ye call 'er that," he motioned for Jack to hold on as he gripped a section of the rigging.

Jack looked at him, a puzzled expression on his face as he started to ask why Gibbs was holding on when the entirety of the ship rolled to the left, the deck coming almost parallel to the water. The pirate captain made a grab for the railing but slipped, his fall being broken by a strong grip on his arm.

Looking he saw Gibbs holding back the laughter as Jack firmly gripped the railing and hauled himself up. The old quartermaster pointed down the side of the ship to the water below and Jack struggled to get a good look at what he was pointing at.

His dark eyes got huge as a frown covered his face, "Ana! What in blue blazes do ye think you're doin'?"

The woman the reprimand was directed was currently poking her head up out of the water for a breather, a single edged dagger in her hand. She tread water and with her free hand, pushed the bangs back from her face as she looked up at him.

"Scraping the bloody barnacles from the boat, Jack," she yelled up. "Which, might I add, is something that needs to be done more than what you have been doing it!"

The pirate captain turned and glared at Gibbs who just offered a shrug, "She insisted on doing it, Jack. And I don't know 'bout ye, lad, but a pregnant Ana with a dagger wasn't somethin' me an' the boys wanted to mess with, if ye catch my drift."

"Yeah I catch ye," he mumbled. Jack looked back to Ana and frowned as he lifted a hand, "Yes well, I greatly appreciate it darlin', now," he paused and pointed at her, "why don't ye come up out of there," he gestured to the water, "before ye poke an eye out with that thing."

Ana huffed, "I'm almost finished on this one side- I'll come up when I'm done!"

"Or ye can come up now and I'll get one of the boys to finish it," the pirate captain suggested. "Besides, ye don't need to be down there in your condition anyhow!"

There was an exasperated sigh as Ana rolled her eyes, "Jack, we've been through this. I'm fine," she emphasized the word fine as she added, "Not to mention, I'm still capable of pulling my own weight around here you know."

"That's fine, well and good Ana, but it doesn't change the fact that you're pre-"

Ana cut him off with a growl, "Jack, don't start. Give me five more months and then you can start to worry."

Jack drummed his fingers on the railing, "Keep this up and there won't be another five months," he muttered much to Gibbs' amusement. "Now just come up out of there before you find yourself an entrée on the main menu."

The dark skinned woman shook her head, a smirk on her face. "Whatever you say, Cap-" the rest of her sentence was cut off and replaced with a short yelp of pain and Jack peered down just as her head disappeared beneath the water.


Several seconds ticked by before she broke the surface gasping for air and coughing the water from her lungs. Her face was scrunched in fear and pain as she called out to Jack, her hands frantically grabbing at the useless water as she once again was drug beneath the waves.

Jack didn't bother shedding his boots or effects before jumping over the side of the boat, Gibbs and the rest of the crew watching silently as their captain searched the dark waters for Anamaria.

From the corner of his eye, he briefly saw Ana poke her head up from the waves spluttering, her arms pedaling to keep her afloat. "J-Jack!"

He swam toward her, only to have her disappear once again and he quickly dove under, his arms sweeping the area for her. From above the crew gathered tightly, their eyes wide as a few whispers and gasps passed through them.

Jack finally turned up, his arms empty as he circled around, his pale face dripping water. "Ana? Ana!" The only answer he got was the sound of the waves lapping against the hull of the ship.


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