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Five Months From Now- Epilogue: The Call of the Sea


Jack stared out the window, a sigh resting on his lips. Down below, the dark waves of the ocean waved to him, the sea-foam rolling up on the sandy shore. It beckoned to him, called his name and challenged him for a game, but Jack Sparrow was unable to answer the call.

A slight gurgling noise drew his attention from the roving sea, his head tilting down to peer into blue eyes. Dark lashes fluttered as a brown hand rose in the air, the fingers clenched tightly to Jack's own. His daughter stared up at him, her bright eyes burning his heart with guilt and pride.

He had almost lost Anamaria because the girl had decided to be stubborn, her father's daughter to be sure, he chuckled thoughtfully. The regret of the pain Ana endured washed over him and he frowned, the small girl's grip wavering as her lips puckered upon sensing the new expression on Jack's face.

"Now, now," he gently soothed her. "There'll be none of that young lady. Can't have your mother thinkin' that I'm scarin' ye on purpose, aye?"

The girl's face scrunched up as tiny tears pricked her eyes and began to slide down her cheeks, her wailing echoing in Jack's ears. The pirate captain quickly adjusted her in his arms like Ana had shown him- the baby nestled to his chest, her head rested against his shoulder- and gently swayed back and forth, the small girl quieting down at the soothing motion.

Soon her crying had ceased and Jack tenderly patted her back, a sigh breaking the silence. He looked back out the window at the waters below, the setting sun casting it in an orange and crimson glow, the rippled surface sparkling. He closed his eyes for a brief moment, envisioning himself back on the Pearl, the wind running through his hair; the sun on his face; the smell of salt in the air; the feeling of something wet dripping down his arm?!

Jack opened his eyes in alarm and pulled the small girl away from his chest, a look of content on her face as she blew a spit bubble at him. He arched an eyebrow at her actions, a grin slowly forming on her tender lips as she watched him. Looking down at his arm, he saw a fading white spot on his black shirt, the remainder of the girl's lunch rolling down his sleeve as he grabbed a small pink clothe from the table to clean the mess with.

Dabbing at the soiled spot on his shirt idly, the door suddenly opened as a shadowed figure stepped inside.


Tossing the rag aside he glanced up. "Aye?"

"I heard Rae crying; everything okay?"

Jack turned an accusing eye to the baby in his arms. "Aye," he answered pulling a face at the girl. "We're just fine and dandy."

There was a chuckle from the shadowed person as they moved forward, the fading sunlight bathing them in a golden afterglow. Ana smirked at him, a skeptical expression on her bemused face. Jack blinked at her curiously. She stood stout, a hand propped lazily on her hip; tendrils of dark hair framed her face, a few of the ringlets hanging loosely around her ears.

Ana's spirit hadn't faded any and if he riled her just right, the fire that was the structure of her personality showed itself. The past month's events hadn't dampened her fiery spirit in the least, proving that the dark skinned woman was tougher than she was given credit for. Although she had a quick brush with death, she had recovered nicely- the only reminder of her endeavor, a thin scar stretching across her abdomen.

Stepping toward the pirate captain, Ana gently took the contented girl into her arms. The small girl cooed at her, her tiny hand trying to grasp the charm of her mother's necklace in her chubby fingers. Ana chuckled at her daughter's effort before she placed the baby into a nearby crib.

Running her fingers over the smooth wood railing, Ana smiled, her daughter smiling back at her. She traced the girl's cheek and kissed her forehead before turning around to look at Jack.

He grinned at her and took her by the forearms, drawing her close. "Have a nice trip to the market with Elizabeth?" he asked teasingly.

Ana pulled back slightly and frowned at him. "You should try going to market with her and then you'll have your answer," she replied sticking her tongue out at him.

Jack laughed as he nodded, the woman laying her head against his chest, the faint sound of his heartbeat reaching her ears. A few moments of silence passed between them, the embrace saying the unspoken words. Resting his chin atop Ana's head, he closed his eyes allowing himself to exhale as he hugged the woman tighter.

After a minute or two, Ana shifted in his arms and wrinkled her nose asking, "What's that smell?"

The pirate captain groaned, his head lolling backward as he muttered, "A gift from your daughter."

Ana shook her head stifling her laughter as she whispered, "Oh."

Jack rolled his eyes and silently mimicked her, his head turning to catch the last rays of the sun slowly disappearing behind the Caribbean waters, the churning waves and caressing ocean once again calling to him. He tightened his grip on Ana as a muffled cry echoed in the silence, a small grin coming to his lips.

The beckoning sea would just have to wait.

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