Together At Last Chapter 1 "The Chase"

"I think she went that way!"  A voice rang out.  It was the voice of one of the bullies that always tormented her.

"Yes, I saw her go that way!"  Another voice said.

As if on cue, the girl started running faster.

"Yup, she went this way all right, let's get her!  Orphans like her don't deserve to live."  The first voice said.

The criminals were so busy chasing the girl that they didn't notice the pharaoh's procession.  The girl saw the procession and bowed her head slightly to show respect, before she had to keep running.  From where the pharaoh was sitting, he saw the kind of danger the girl was in, and wanted to do whatever he could to help her.  The criminals weren't paying attention to anything other than the girl so they just ran past the pharaoh and didn't show any sort of respect.  This made the pharaoh angry, and he sent half his guards after the criminals.  He told the guards to bring both the criminals and the girl to him, but to not hurt the girl since she hadn't done anything wrong.  The bullies chased the girl down a dark alley, and cornered her.

"Oh, great……  I'm done for now……"  The girl thought.

Just when the girl thought that her life was about to end, the pharaoh's guards appeared and pulled the criminals off her. 

"What?  What's going on!  Did I do something wrong?  Why are these guards here?"  Karania thought.

"Come, my dear, the pharaoh would like a word with you."  A guard said.

Then the guard took the girl back to the pharaoh.  The guard presented the girl to the pharaoh, and she curtsied making sure that she didn't look at the pharaoh since that was forbidden unless the pharaoh told you to look at him. 

"What does the pharaoh want with me?  I hope I'm not in trouble…."  The girl thought, while being a little afraid of the pharaoh.

The pharaoh sized the girl up before he said, "Look at me."

The girl looked up at the pharaoh, and when she did so the pharaoh gasped since she was so pretty.  The girl had a slender build, blue eyes, and glistening reddish brown hair; that looked almost like gold when the sun hit it.

Now the pharaoh asked, "What's your name child?"

"I'm Karania, your majesty."

The pharaoh smiled, "Come here, Karania."

Karania walked over to the pharaoh, and he helped her up, and set her at his feet.

While the pharaoh was waiting for his other guards to return with the criminals he looked at Karania and asked, "Karania, where are your family?"

"My family abandoned me……  The last I heard my father and brothers went to become tomb robbers……"

"You poor thing……  No wonder you have so much trouble trying to stay alive……"  The pharaoh's gaze fell on Karania again and he noticed how skinny she was.  "It appears that you haven't had enough to eat, child."

"I would have eaten more, but I couldn't afford to……"  Karania replied.

"You refused to steal, even though you were hungry?"  The pharaoh asked her.

"Yes, your majesty."  Karania replied.

"Well, I can't let a little thing like you starve to death.  I insist that you let me take you under my wing.  You'll be my daughter, and a princess of Lower Egypt."

"As you wish, your majesty."  Karania replied.

The pharaoh smiled, "Then from this moment forward, I name you Princess Karania."

Just then, the rest of the guards appeared dragging the criminals.  Karania trembled in fear of them, so the pharaoh put his hand on Karania's shoulder to comfort her before he began addressing the criminals.

"How dare you try to harm such an innocent child!  What did she ever do to you?"

"She didn't do anything to us, it's more the fact that she exists."  One of the criminals replied.

"Oh, really?  Well, she's out of your range now.  She'll now be heavily guarded since she's now a princess."

"What!?"  The second criminal exclaimed.

"You heard me.  She's now my daughter and the princess of Lower Egypt.  She will be trained as a princess and taught everything she needs to know to be one.  However, your fate rests with me and not her at this moment."

"Uh-oh……."  The criminals said together.

"You got that right, and I choose exile!  Now get out of my sight and never come back to Egypt!"

The guards released the criminals, and they ran off and out of Egypt.