Chapter 3

"Dad, do you think Karania's okay?"  Karania's younger brother asked.

"I'm sure she can take care of herself."  Their father replied, while sharpening his knife.

"Yeah, but father, Karania never took care of getting food to eat……  What if something happened to her, or she fell sick?"  Karania's older brother said looking at his sandwich disgusted.

"I don't know……  She might not be alive anymore……  Maybe we should've taken her with us, however I didn't think that she'd want to be a tomb robber.  She probably would've ratted us out to the pharaoh, anyways."  Their father replied.

"But father!  What if she somehow rose to power!?  I don't think she'll think of us as family if that happened."  One of her brother's stated, dropping his kerchief from his hand.

"What?  Like the pharaoh would adopt her?  That's crazy, he wouldn't do

that, or would he……  Maybe you're right, Karania didn't look like the other commoners so maybe he found her and adopted her.  If that happened she's still alive, and could prove to be our enemy, for as you said she might not think of us as family."  Their dad replied starting to sound worried.

"I guess we could go into town and try to find her."  Her older brother said.

"Let's try that."  Their father said.

Karania's father and brother's finished their lunch, and packed up their supplies before they headed from the village outside Egypt and into Egypt.

They searched for Karania for the rest of the day; they even searched what used to be their house.

"Hey!  I found her veil!  She must've been here not long ago…..  Why don't we ask one of the villagers if they've seen her."  Karania's older brother said.

Karania's younger brother walked outside and found a fruit vendor that was close to their house so he walked over to see if he had seen her anytime soon.

"Excuse me, have you seen a young lady named Karania?"  Her younger brother asked the vendor.

"I haven't seen her lately, she usually buys fruit from me, but I haven't seen her lately.  I heard that there was some criminals that had been tormenting her, so I'm a little concerned that they might've murdered her."  The vendor replied.

"Oh my!  Well I'm trying to find her because she's my sister."  Her brother replied.

"Wait a second, I heard something yesterday, but I thought that it was just a rumor.  I heard that the pharaoh adopted a young lady with golden brown hair and blue eyes."  The vendor said.

"If that was Karania then she's been given a better life than she could ever get with us……."  Her brother replied.

"True, if she was made a princess I'm sure she'll be a fair and kind ruler.  Since being mean doesn't seem to suit her at all.  I've never seen her angry, and I plan to keep it that way."  The vendor said.

"Okay, thank you for your time."  Karania's younger brother said.

"You're welcome."  The vendor replied.

Karania's brother walked away from the vendor and went inside their house.  "Did you learn anything?"  Karania's older brother asked.

"Only the fact that the pharaoh is rumored to have adopted a young girl who seems to be of the description that fits Karania."  Her younger brother told the others.

Everyone just looked at each other, while trying to figure out what to do.  It seemed to them all that getting in touch with Karania was proving to be more difficult than they had originally bargained for.

"Let's leave a note for Karania that tells her to come to the village outside Egypt."  Karania's real father said.

"I suppose we could do that, and if she never gets the message we can assume that she either got killed or was adopted by the pharaoh."  Her older brother said thoughtfully.

Karania's younger brother obtained a piece of paper and wrote a note for Karania and set it on the table in the middle of the room.  Then after they had done that, they left what used to be their house and walked back out of Egypt to their desert home.


Back in the palace, Karania was in her first princess lesson.  Her first lesson was about how to walk like a princess.  Karania was having a bit of trouble catching on since it was hard for her to readjust to doing something else when she had grown up walking a different way.

"Don't tread, float."  Her teacher said.

Karania tried again, not putting all her weight down on her feet at the same time, this time she succeeded in doing what her teacher had asked her to do.

"That's better, a princess never puts her whole foot down; a princess mostly walks on her toes though not exactly.  Keep in mind how you're supposed to walk, and don't revert back to your original way of walking."  Her teacher said.

Karania nodded and her teacher smiled, "I'm not trying to be hard on you, I'm just trying to teach you what you need to know to be a princess.  The sooner you get the basics down, everything will get easier."

Now that Karania knew how to walk like a princess, the teacher moved on to teach her how to eat like a princess.  "Elbows in and sit up straight."  Karania's teacher instructed.

Karania tucked her elbows in and sat up straight.  "So far so good.  Now, each piece of silverware is used in the order it's placed in on the table.  Let's say you were eating soup, you would use the more rounded spoon to eat it with.  The other narrow spoon is better suited for eating rice and mashed potatoes, and that sort of thing.  The knife is for cutting your food and your fork can be used for holding your food still so that you can cut it along with enabling you to move food from your plate to your mouth.  Do you understand where I'm going with this lecture?"  Karania's teacher asked after she had given a basic explanation of table etiquette.

Karania looked at the silverware once more before she said, "I think I understand."

"Good, now that concludes our lesson for today.  Oh, and by the way, it's time for dinner now, so you can show your dad what you've learned today.  Make him proud, your highness."  Karania's teacher stated with an air of distinct pride and respect.

Karania and her teacher walked to dinner, and when Karania's dad saw Karania walking like a princess, he couldn't resist smiling.  "Well, you're catching on already.  You've taught her well, Bella."  The pharaoh praised.

"Come Karania, take the seat on my right hand."  Karania walked over to the seat and sat down, and when she did she was now sitting across from Ishizu.

Just then Priest Seto entered, "I'm sorry I'm late, your majesty, the task you gave me took longer than I expected."

The pharaoh waved his hand in a dismissive fashion, "Don't worry about it, the important thing is that you're here now.  Now please take your seat next to Ishizu."

Priest Seto took his seat next to Ishizu and the meal got underway.  While Karania was eating, she kept in mind what Bella, her teacher, had taught her in her lesson.  She was remembering exactly which piece of silverware to use, and was using perfect table etiquette, and when her father saw this he couldn't help but be proud of her.  When the meal finally concluded, the rest of the royal court all stood up and went their separate ways to their chambers to prepare themselves for bed.  Karania stood up when her father did, and was about to head to her own room when her dad said, "Karania, you're doing very well, you're starting to fit in perfectly to your new lifestyle and for that I'm very proud of you.  Now head to your room and prepare yourself for bed, I'll see you again in the morning.  Oh, and your servants should be waiting for you in your room; as a princess you have servants, who will help you perform certain tasks, I'm sure you'll get used to it as more time passes.  Okay, sweetheart?"

"It'll take some getting used to, but I'll become more accustomed to it over time, like you already said I would."  Karania replied.

"Good.  I'll see you again in the morning, I hope you sleep well and have pleasant dreams."  The pharaoh now left the dining room and headed to his chambers and Karania left the room shortly after him and headed back to her room.  When Karania arrived at her room and went inside, she found her servants waiting for her, like her father had said they would be.  Karania's servants quickly obtained Karania's nightgown and helped her change into it.  Then they helped Karania crawl into bed and make herself comfortable.  Once she was comfortable, Karania dismissed her servants, and they bade Karania goodnight, and they turned the light out as they left.  Karania fell asleep shortly after they had left her, and shortly after she had fallen asleep the cat her father had given her when he had adopted her jumped up on her bed and curled up beside her and fell asleep.  Now Karania and her cat, who she had named Quinella, continued to sleep in peace.