SWKOTR: Destiny's Pawn

Book 3: Tatooine

By Allronix

Disclaimer: Bioware's characters and plotline, George Lucas's universe. The adaptation is Allronix's.

Dedication: The whole story is for my niece, of course. Wherever did they find you a set of blue head-tails? This chapter is dedicated to Entropy Inc and Chaos Crew, a fine group of SW scoundrels and a finer group of people in reality.

Thank you, Athena Prime, for the beta-read.

Tatooine Vision

It waited for them deep in a cave, amid the infinite and frightening mass of sand drifts. Malak had opted for lighter robes, but Revan still wore concealing ones, almost to mimic the natives here. To the local tribes, an accidental show of skin was punishable by exile and a slow death by the unforgiving desert.

"Their warriors could not stand against us," Malak said. "And you did what you must - showed them your superior strength. Czerka had been correct in calling them nothing but animals."

From underneath the hood, Revan's head shook. No other words as they continued.

"You believe this Star Forge will be enough?" he asked. "You claimed its power would insure no one would attack the Republic ever again - that no army could ever stand against its might."

Revan waved a gloved hand and the sands shifted, revealing the buried remains of a temple, crumbled so that what was once a wall was now little than a sand-encrusted pile with a hole in its side. They entered the darkness.

Bones from unlucky grave robbers littered the path as they walked forward. The inscriptions on the walls had been blasted away by the blowing sand. Statues and statue pieces were scattered and broken on the floor or against the walls, all features other then the vague shapes blasted away like the temple's writing.

The evil-looking black spires, the tripod on tripod design… as soon as Revan touched it, the Star Map opened for them, blazing to life in its pattern of colors…