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Chapter one: A Talk in the Loft

Thursday night found Clark up in his loft gazing at the stars when he heard footsteps on the stairs. The footsteps weren't heavy like a man's but more like a woman's. Just as he was wondering who it was, Lana appeared at the top.

"Lana," Clark was a little surprised that she had shown up. He looked down at his watch and saw that it was almost midnight "what brings you over so late?"

"I was out, didn't want to go home and saw your light on, and came over," She said sitting down on the old worn couch "what are you doing anyway?"

Clark looked at the telescope, "oh I couldn't sleep and came up here to clear my mind" "Sounds like it must be pretty peaceful here at night"

"Yeah it is," Clark looked over at Lana and saw that she had a troubled look on her face "you didn't just come over to talk did you?"

Lana looked at him and smiled, "Yeah Chloe and I had a fight and I left before I'd say anything that I'd regret later."

Clark nodded, "so do you need a ride home or anything?"

"No I brought the car, figured it would be pretty stupid to just run out."

"Okay, so I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah Clark bye"

"Bye Lana"


The next morning Clark came downstairs and saw his mom with a big smile on her face. "What are you so happy about?"

"Oh nothing, but I heard a car drive up last night."

"Oh, that. Lana just came by she had a fight with Chloe and drove off. She just ended up here."

"So, what else were you doing up there?" Martha asked, her smile getting bigger by the second.

"Are you prying mom?" Clark looked at her with a surprised look on his face.

Martha put her hands up in a mock surrender, "Okay I'll stay out. You need to hurry Clark or you're going to miss the bus again."

Clark still of course missed the bus and was just contemplating the best route to get to school when Lana drove up.

"Need a ride Clark?" Clark looked around, "Yeah it looks like I do"

"Well what are you standing around for? Get in."

They arrived at school a few minutes early. For the first time in a while Clark was able to have a complete conversation with Lana and there was no one around to interrupt. They talked about upcoming school events, friends, and other things. The last few minutes were spent in silence until Clark had the nerve to bring up what happened between Lana and Chloe.

"Lana what happened that caused you and Chloe to start fighting?"

Lana sighed, "It's kind of complicated"

"That's okay. Hey do you remember that time Chloe and I got into that big fight?"

Lana nodded.

"Do you remember how long it took us to talk to each other again?"

"I thought if I didn't say anything you guys would work it out yourselves."

"Right. Then you finally got tired of it and made us sit down and talk to each other about what had happened."

Lana looked at him confused, "I don't see where this is going Clark"

"What I'm saying is you're never going to get over what happened if you don't talk about it, so go, talk to Chloe and then see what happens, see if you can get her to open up to you and you open up to her."

Lana thought for a minute then nodded, "You're right Clark. I'll go talk to her after the lunch bell rings."

Lana pulled into a parking space and turned off the car. Clark smiled and turned to leave. "Clark, thanks for the advice"

He smiled, "No problem, I'll see you at lunch"


The lunch bell finally rang and a bunch of hungry students spilled from their classes all trying to be the first to get there so they could get the good stuff before it ran out. Clark found Pete and Chloe sitting at a table in the far corner apparently arguing over something. Pete was waving his arms while Chloe was shaking her head. After a few minutes Clark decided he'd better break up the argument before it got too heated.

"Hi guys what you talking about?"

Chloe looked up at him, "Pete doesn't think I should do an expose` on what really goes on at the pep rallies when no one is watching."

"There's no point in doing it, nothing goes on. We just have a little fun," Pete said going red.

"So going out and spying on girl in their houses is just a little fun?"

Pete looked at her awestruck, "that's not what goes, and how would you know what we do anyway you never go."

"Don't be so sure of yourself Pete, a reporter goes through a lot to bring the people what they want"

"Do you mean to tell me that you are hiding.."

"Pete, Chloe, drop it for now okay?" Clark but in. "can we please have a conversation that doesn't involve fighting in the end?"

Chloe thought for a few seconds, "Okay, then how did you get to school?"

"Lana picked me up"

Chloe's smile faded a little, "Oh"

"Chloe I talked to her and she said that you two got into a fight"

"Did she tell you what we were fighting about?"

"No but she said that you and her needed to talk"

Chloe nodded, "yeah I guess we do. I think that's enough of talking of fights for one day. It's time for wall of weird stuff."

"Okay what do we have today?" Pete asked.

"Well it seems that a fellow student, Derek Jones, has disappeared and hasn't been seen since Wednesday"

"And this is wall of weird material how?"

"Well, his mother said that he's always been a good kid. You know the kind that gets good grades, teacher's pet, always turns in work on time, etc. I did a little digging and found out that after the meteor shower he would disappear for hours at a time then come back saying that he was there the entire time."

"So you think that maybe he can blend in with the walls and stuff?" Clark asked.

Chloe looked at Clark and Pete both of whom were quietly sitting there "guys trust me this is something we need to look into who knows he could be another meteor freak out for revenge on people he thinks should die."

"I don't know Chloe that theory is a little far out even for Smallville standards," Clark said.

"Well then how do you explain him disappearing for hours on end then magically reappearing claiming he was there the entire time?"

Clark shook his head, "I don't know but who would he go after I mean how would you make enemies if you're quiet all of the time and don't talk at all?"

"My dad said that the quiet ones are usually the ones you want to stay away from," Chloe said "I think I know why he said that"

"Yeah it's usually the quiet ones that have the most problems at home," Pete nodded in agreement "remember Eric Summers? He was one of those silent types then went crazy when he gained all that strength"

"Okay I'll go along with you for now but I think I'll do some digging of my own," Clark said reluctance lacing his voice.

"Okay but Clark be careful try not to get into trouble okay? Just remember I'm a whole lot more experienced than you are"

"Thanks Chloe that made me feel really good," Clark said sarcastically.

Chloe smiled, "sorry Clark it's just a joke I always use when people other than me is doing some digging"

"I'll see you later Chloe," Clark got up and started walking away.

"See 'ya Clark," Chloe called after him.

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