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Comforts from the Unexpected

Chapter 42

By Firestar

The next few days passed quickly. Order members and professors seemed to be in frenzy. He barely saw Severus other than in class – the man seemed to be busy working on a potion which would allow the drinkers to develop temporary immunities to simple spells.

Since his nightmare in which the two mysterious females had showed him the destiny of Hogwarts, he'd started waking up at odd times during the middle of the night. His scar always prickled irritatingly, and the visions from Voldemort came more often than ever. Deciding to make use of this, he'd begun to train every time he woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. After the first day, Ice and Shadow had joined him. Harry had asked them about Blaze, and had been amused to here that his pet had taken a liking to Fawkes.

He practiced. He practiced his elemental and wandless magic, his shield-making, warding, and more. He started spending most o his time in the library, looking up new and potentially useful spells and curses.

He was thankful, as in the storm of things, Remus had stopped trying to speak to him.

At the present time, the young man had just finished with another session of his training. Sighing in exhaustion, he lay back on his bed and immediately fell asleep. And he began to dream…



Harry woke up with a gasp sweat dripping down his brow as he recalled the vision. For a minute, he just sat there in a daze. His heart pounded loudly, his breathing coming in uneven gasps.

Finally, he pushed himself into motion. He had to get to Dumbledore, and as soon as possible. Pulling on his black school robes and a pair of shoes, he closed his eyes and Apparated.

He appeared in front of the door of the Headmaster's office, spraying the ground in ice. He'd bypassed the gargoyle completely, and the stone creature sniffed behind him, seemingly insulted.

Just as he was about to pull open the door, two familiar voices came from inside.

"... the students will be placed into the ward dungeons tomorrow. Classes will then proceed in the spare classrooms downstairs. We can then ---

He didn't wait to hear any more. Reaching forward, he pushed open the door, responding to the Headmaster's previous statement. "It's too late, Professor." He ignored the wand a certain Mad-Eye Mood had trained on him. "Voldemort's attacking, tomorrow at dawn. He's brining most of his Death Eaters, along with about 200 Dementors."

"How do you know all of this, boy?" Moody asked harshly, stepping forward. "Ad how did you get in here without a password?"

"Alaster!" Dumbledore said sharply. "Calm down! He is of no harm to the Light, and I trust him."

"Albus, he---"

"Sir," Harry cut in suddenly. "We have no time to argue. Voldemort is gathering his allies as we speak."

Dumbledore nodded. "I will tell Minerva to bring the lower years into the dungeons as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it's only a few hours until dawn, and I fear we won't have enough time."

"Some is better than none, sir. Send in some prefects with the younger students to keep order." Harry looked up at the elderly Headmaster. "I will go visit the House Elves and centaurs as soon as possible."

Dumbledore sighed before nodding. "The Order members must me notified immediately. I wish you luck, Sebastien."

"Thank you, Headmaster. I must leave now."

With a nod towards Dumbledore and the protesting Moody, Harry disappeared in a rain of ice.


"Mr. Frostpine! Mr. Frostpine, sir!"

Harry had to smile as he landed in the middle of the kitchens. House Elves were bustling about, preparing for breakfast the next morning. A group of them immediately surrounded him.

"What can we do for you, sir?" A female elf in the corner asked in her high voice.

Harry smiled warmly at her. "Is Dobby here right now? I'd like to speak to him."

Before the female elf could reply, another voice penetrated the room. "Yes, sir! Dobby is right here, Mr. Frostpine, sir! What can Dobby do for you?"

"I need you to spread the news to the rest of the House Elves later --- but Voldemort is attacking Hogwarts when dawn comes. I need all of the elves to protect the school and students in any way possible."

Dobby nodded immediately, his bat-like ears flapping. "Dobby will tell the others, Mr. Frostpine, sir! We will protect the school at all costs, sir!"

"Thank you, Dobby." Harry smiled at the small elf. "I need to go now and see the centaurs."

"Alright, sir! Thank you for coming, sir!" Dobby squealed.

"You're welcome, Dobby." Harry chuckled at the excited elf before Apparating off to the Forbidden Forest.

"Bane!" He called loudly, walking deeper into the darkness. The leave rustled, the moonlight streaming into the clearing. "Come out! I need to speak with you!"

He turned around as he suddenly heard a branch crack behind him. He saw the centaur eh was looking for behind a small bush.

"Bane. You've come."

"What are you doing here, human? And how do you know my name?"

"I came to ask whether or not the centaurs would help in this upcoming war against the Dark." Harry carefully avoided the second question.

"Why should we help?" Bane growled at him. "Why should we do this when humans ridicule us? If it will place centaurs in danger?"

"Voldemort is planning on attacking Hogwarts when dawn comes." Bane looked up in surprise, but Harry continued. "And when he attacks, he ill show no mercy. He will attempt to take down the Forbidden Forest and take away the home of these creatures. The decision is yours, but I beg of you, do not disagree merely to spite us humans."

Bane seemed to contemplate this for a second. "I am not agreeing to anything, but I will thinking about this and bring this matter to the rest of our clan."

Harry nodded. "For that, I thank you. When dawn comes and you do not appear, we will respect your decisions and assume that you have disagreed. If you do agree, however, then we will meet again when the sun rises. " He lowered his head slightly.

"I hope to see you soon, Bane," Harry said as he turned around toe leave. As he began walking, he added, "And remember that just like any other species, not all humans are evil. Many members respect the centaurs greatly. Do not let the opinions of one cloud that of the other humans."

And with that, he disappeared into the trees, leaving Bane to ponder his statement.


When Harry got back into the halls of Hogwarts, he came face to face with Professor McGonagall, who was busy leading students in the direction of the dungeons. He noticed that many of the first years seemed to be trembling, although from cold or fear, he wasn't sure. He had a suspicion it was the latter though.

He was rounding the corner to get back into the Slytherin Common Room only to see Severus leading the first and second year Slytherins. Although the House of Salazar was already located in the dungeons, the students still had to get to the correct regions. Harry gave a small smile as he looked up at his Head of House. "Professor Snape," he greeted, inclining his head.

"Mr. Frostpine." Severus shot him a worried look, seeming as he if wanted to speak with him. The Potions Master didn't say anything though – he just continued walking, the long line of students behind him.

Harry, knowing that Severus was busy, just stood to the side and allowed the man (with the children) to go by.

It was by chance, he would recall later, that he saw a small boy near the end of the line trip on the robes of the person in front of him. With a small cry, he fell to his knees. What shocked Harry the most, however, was that none of the students behind him paid him any attention. They just kept on walking, like he wasn't there.

The last of the students walked by, leaving the young boy still on the ground. Severus obviously hadn't noticed, as he'd turned a corner already and had long disappeared out of sight.

Harry quickly stepped forward and pulled the boy up to his feet. "Are you alright?"

The child nodded, the black hair shifting up and down. "I'm fine," he said in a small voice.

"What's your name?"

Startlingly dark eyes peered up at him. Indigo, Harry decided after a while. Not black, but a deep indigo.

"Tom," came the quiet reply. "My name is Tom."

Harry just looked at him for a while, until unexpected, he chuckled. "Well Tom, my name is Sebastien, and I'll just take you to Professor Snape, alright?"

A small smile lit up the boy's face. "Alright, Sebastien." He placed his hand into Harry's and started down the hall, dragging the older Slytherin with him.

Harry had to laugh at that one.

---End of Chapter----

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