Pokemon Fan Fiction

Prophecy of Hope and Betrayal

By: Gema J Gall

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. If I did I'd be making this into a movie and getting rich.

AN/ This is a prequel to The Secret of Alph and The Legend of Ho-Oh. If y'all haven't read those yet, you might like. Otherwise, this might get a tad confusing. I guess y'all could read on if you like, then pick up The Secret of Alph and The Legend of Ho-Oh. It's your choice. And, as always, please read, review, and enjoy! (


We are the writers of history. We are the watchers of the legendaries. We remember the promises made by them to the world to keep it safe. We remember the betrayals. We know of the hope. We are watchers to world events. We are seldom seen. We are unknown. We are the Unown. And this is the history which brought the world to where it is today.

But the events of today would have never happened without the events of the past. Without one event in particular, one complicated event. It was the time of great peace and harmony, when pokemon and people dwelt together. It was the time when those who made promise with the world could roam freely in it. It was a time of prosperity, where the crops produced in abundance. It was a time when sickness, famine, and war were unheard of. It was a time when we were free.

This time is long past, it did not last. Because betrayal destroyed it. Many remember the great human betrayal, when the humans turned their backs on pokemon and persecuted them. But there was also a time when pokemon turned their backs on humans, and fled. The harmony that once ruled the world was shattered. It was shattered by fear, pride, greed, hatred, spite, bitterness, malice, and suspicions. These are often consider human characteristics. But during that event they were found in pokemon and humans alike.

If only the strife could have ended there. But seeds of evil were planted which did not grow for centuries. But hope remained, for seeds of goodness were planted. And they, too, grew.

Many know the story about the events of today, the recent events that many finally restore the harmony that was shattered centuries ago. But few know the truth about how that harmony got shattered. Those that do have warped the history beyond the truth. But we are the recorders of history.

We were banished so that the foul deeds committed would never be known. This was the wish by pokemon and humans, who committed those deeds. So we were exiled. But in what is now know as the Ruins of Alph we gathered our power. From afar we watched the world, we watched the legendaries and the promises that kept the world from annihilation. And now it is time for the world to know the truth. It is time for the story of the past to be told.