"I Wanna Be With You"

Chapter 1: My life, plain and simple.

Author: BarbedWire23

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Summary: Jounouchi Katsuya is happily married to none other than Mai Kujaku. He's living a decent life, but what if a mere intrusion will send him down a different road in which he could have taken. With one, Seto Kaiba. What will Jou do when he sees what could have been? Is it too late to change? Read and find out! Don't forget to review! ^_~

A sigh and a rustle sounded in the white room as Jounouchi Katsuya turned on his side, his arm around the figure before him, tightening as he did so.

Another rustle, and Katsuya groaned, feeling the warmth that was once Mai Jounouchi left his side.

A sleeved arm came up to run across his eyes, squeezing them shut from the streaming light which flooded in from the now opened curtains.

"Uhhg…" Grumbled the flaxen-haired man as he scrunched up his nose, turning over so that the light was aimed at his back, rather his face.

"Jou…" Came a small voice from behind him as the bed shifted.

"Jou, time to wake up…" Came the voice again, this time a hand had gripped his shoulder shaking him awake.

Jou turned over to face Mai; blonde tresses cascaded over her thin shoulders as she smiled back as him, dipping down for a kiss.

Jou smiled into the kiss, a hand going behind her head to further deepen the contact.

Mai laughed, two hands coming down across Jou's form chest in order to push him back down against the mattress.

As they had broken apart, Mai smiled down at him, her lavender eyes glittered as she bent down to kiss his cheek.

"You have work today…" She reminded him as she stood from the bed, walking over to Jou's dresser, her nightgown swaying as she picked out a black suit along with a white dress shirt.

Jou groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, sitting up on his side of the bed, and then made his way over to her.

"What would I do without you?" Chuckled the blonde as he took the suit before leaning down to claim her lips once again.

"You'd be lost…" Mai joked, hands running through Katsuya's hair, only to rest around his neck.

"You know…" Jou looked as if deep in thought before adding, "You're right. I'd be completely lost…" He'd whispered kissing her once more before taking her hands in his own.

"You…better…go…change…" Mai had whispered in between kisses.

Jou nodded, bringing his hand to cup her face as he leaned his forehead against Mai's, closing his eyes to inhale the strawberry scent of her hair.

"Now…" Giggled the blonde as she gave him one final kiss, and then shooed him off towards their bed, where Jou set the clothes down.

"I'll have breakfast ready in a minute." She winked before leaving to take on the challenge of eggs, bacon, and toast.

Jou sighed as he unbuttoned his nightshirt, walking over to the window as he did so.

He looked out past the many smaller buildings around their own, for they lived in a pretty decent apartment.

With taking off his shirt, he walked back to where he'd set down the dress shirt. Sliding that across his lithe back, he'd straightened the cuffs of his sleeves before buttoning it down.

"Smells good…" He'd called from the master bedroom as he exchanged his pajama bottom's for the straight-legged dress pants, as well as slipping the suit's jacket over the dress shirt, leaving it unbuttoned as he walked back to the dresser to come up with a gray tie.

Slipping it beneath the collar of his shirt, he loosely fastened it, then made his way towards the small kitchen just down the hall.

"It looks good…" Jou commented as he ran a small comb through his blonde mane, taming it for the most part.

"Thank you, Hun." Mai smiled as she turned around to plant a kiss on his mouth, nibbling on his lower lip, causing a moan escape from the depths of Jou's throat.

"Eat up." She smiled as they broke away; a plate of burnt bacon, and toast, along with browning eggs was placed in the small distance between them.

Jou chuckled.

"Looks like you're getting better at this whole breakfast thing…" He smiled, gratefully taking the plate into his own hands before Mai thwacked his shoulder.

"You make one more comment about my cooking…" Threatened the blonde before him, but as expected, Katsuya had silenced her with yet another kiss, making it a quick one.

"Whoa there, girl…" He smiled teasingly, running a finger across her cheek.

"It was a compliment." He added before making his way to the table, Mai joining him soon after.

 Jou scooped up a few of the eggs onto his fork, and hesitantly brought it to his lips.


'I'm so exhausted…' grumbled the flaxen haired man as he stood from his desk.

Glancing at his watch, he dared to glower at the red hands, signaling that it was 11:45 P.M. He was late again.

Jou grabbed his shoulder bag and turned off his office light, as well as locking the door behind him.

He was indeed the last person to leave the office; this had been deciphered as he looked about the dark hallways.

"Mai's going to be so mad…" Whispered the man as he left through the door leading into that part of the building, locking that as well, and then he'd left in the general direction of the elevators.

Pressing the button to the elevator, he was surprised to feel a jolt run down the length of his spine, causing a shiver to course through his body.

"What was that?" Jou inquired in a whisper as the elevator doors slid open, and he stepped inside.

Jou looked at the 12 buttons upon the elevator's menu, jabbing in 'P1' for the first floor of the garage, the doors then shut, leaving Jou to heave a sigh as he checked his watch once more.

11:53. Damn was he late…it was almost midnight!

The elevator seemed to go slower than normal, just to spite the worried blonde.

And with a ding, the doors opened to reveal the darkened garage.

Jou stepped into the cool cemented parking structure, the smell of oil and gas reaching his nose as he walked towards his car. Only to find that it had vanished.

"Hey! What's going on?" Cried the blonde, as he ran over, the small red Honda he had kept in such good condition was indeed gone.

"Now Mai's going to really be pissed…" Jou mumbled when he stopped abruptly, the sound of quiet footsteps nearing him.

"Hello?" Called the blonde. No answer.

"Is anyone in here?" He asked, sighing when he realized that there were no other cars in sight.

"Damn…" Jou muttered, running a hand through his blonde locks.

"Jounouchi Katsuya…" Came a voice from behind him, and Jou had whirled around, nearing a heart attack when he'd seen the tall man before him.

"I have been expecting you…" The man continued to speak, ignoring Jou's frightened eyes.

"Wh-what's going on?" Jou had stammered as he peered skeptically up at him.

"Where's my car?" He demanded, but received no answer as the man began to chant in some different language, unknown to Jou.

For a time, Jou just listened, his feet rooted to the hard ground of the garage floor level.

But, after hearing his name said by the odd man, he'd shaken his head and snapped out of his numbing thoughts.

"Jounouchi Katsuya. It is tonight, on this eve that at the stroke of midnight, you will be sent down a different road, a road in which you had never thought of to venture…but, now you shall come to terms with your lost heart. For your heart does not belong with the fair-haired…" The man's booming voice electrocuted every nerve in Katsuya's body.

Fair-haired. Jou shook his head in realization.

"You leave Mai out of this!" Cried the blonde as he furrowed his brows in frustration.

"Young, and afraid." Murmured the man as he took a step closer to Jou, angry brown eyes looked out to him as the man stepped from the shadows.

"It's time you face what could have been, Jounouchi Katsuya!" Bellowed the being before Jou.

'Mai…' Was the blonde's last passing thought as he felt himself tumbling into oblivion, as darkness then had taken its toll on his body.

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