Title: 10 Minutes to Spare

Chapter 1

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~~~~~~~~~~~~Ryou's POV~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck. It must be from what happened last night with Bakura. I got out of my bed, I noticed how the floor was a mess with our clothes. I looked around for my boxers and an undershirt, in which was hard to do since the floor was covered with clothes. I'm going to have to spend all day cleaning my room. I had finally located my stray boxers and undershirt and hurriedly put them on. I looked over at my bed and saw Bakura's sleeping form under the covers. The covers moving up and down in momentum with his breathing. His mouth was slightly open and you could barely hear his snoring. I decided to let him sleep, he was always cranky in the morning if you woke him up before nine.

I left the room in nothing but my boxers, they have black and blue emblems of smiley faces on them, and a white undershirt. I wanted to get started on breakfast, but I just happened to remember that I didn't wake up to my alarm. It must have woke Bakura. He probably turned it off. I entered the kitchen and looked at the wall clock, it read five to ten. It's that late! That's just wonderful… I jerked the fridge open and pulled out some bacon, I love bacon, and some eggs and other stuff and started to cook. Even though I had woken up late, I was still doing my morning schedule: Get up, get dressed, come down and make breakfast, and wake Bakura up. I always did that last, he was just too irritable in the morning.

Breakfast was about done when Bakura walked into the kitchen with the same attire I was wearing. "Morning." I said cheerfully. "You, by any chance, didn't turn off my alarm did you?"

"Yeah, that was me. It went off at seven and woke me up, so I turned it off." He came up behind me and slipped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder, watching what I was doing. "That's alright with you right?"

"Yeah that's fine. I just didn't wake up until a little while ago." I tried to sound awake, but a yawn escaped.

"Sounds like you're tired. I didn't keep you up too late last night did I?" He took his arms from my waist and took a seat at the table.

"No. I'm just always tired in the morning after I just wake up." I turned off the stove and took the rest of the bacon and put it on my plate. "Here ya go." I set Bakura's plate in front of him. It's not that he forces me to make his breakfast, lunch, and dinner it's just that I don't trust him to be around something that can cause bodily harm to things and start fires. This is Bakura we're talking about, he knows each and every form of torture in the world…well Egypt anyway. We ate in silence like we always do. I never bothered to ask Bakura why he doesn't talk while he eats, I just figured if he wanted to talk he would.

When Bakura finished, he always ate much faster than me, he put the dishes into the sink and went into the living room. I didn't feel like doing the dishes today so I just left them there as well and joined Bakura in the living room. I normally read while he watches T.V but I found that he was signaling the seat to him. "Why don't you watch T.V today, with me?" I decided what the heck. "Sure, I could go for some T.V." So I took the seat next to him. My neck still hurt from this morning. I tried to get it so that the crick would go out, but it wouldn't go away.

"What's the matter abiou?" He noticed I was showing some discomfort.

"Nothing, it's just my neck. It's killing me today." I rubbed it softly while turning my head.

"Is it from last night?"

"Yeah, I think."

Bakura put his hand on the slightly red spot on my neck, the hicky he had given last night while we were doing many other naughty passion related things. "Is it because of this?"

It had been the first time Bakura had tried giving me a hicky, he had tried many times before but found it very uncomfortable; tiring to lay on someone and give them a hicky is very hard. He had to get me in a very interesting position before he could properly give me a relatively large and red hicky. The position called for me to bend my head at an obscure angle. "It might be. I had to hold my head like that for a while."

"You should have told me that I was hurting you. I would have stopped." He brought his hand the hold my chin and tilt my head up a bit.

Did I fail to mention that ever since him and me have been going out, he's been completely transformed? It was moments like this that made me realize why I love him so much. "I know I could have, but I didn't want you to stop." My cheeks suddenly felt hot. I'm blushing! Great…damn all creation for blushing. I could tell I was blushing, and it couldn't be helped. I loved the feelings Bakura gave to me nightly.

"Well, I could have least gotten you into a different position. Maybe one that was more comfortable."

No! Not those eyes! I know those eyes! Those are his bedroom eyes! I knew exactly where this was going and it happened to be right here. He was giving me his bedroom eyes, the eyes that always ensnared me into sharing passion with him. "Not now Bakur—" I tried to protest but his lips told me otherwise. He pressed his lips against mine in one of his lust kisses. The kiss always followed the bedroom eyes. He put his hands behind my head to deepen the kiss, which again he always does, and pressing his tongue against my teeth so that he could gain entrance into the depths of my mouth. I tried to protest but the lust told me to embrace. Why did it have to such a great feeling?

I found myself falling into the lust, he made you catch it just like a cold. I tore my lips from his. "Bakura, we can't do this now. We have to meet Yugi and everyone else soon. We still need to get ready."

"It's okay koi. I understand. But tonight I want to have you all to myself, deal?" He placed a gentle kiss on my lips as he finished.

"Deal." I replied catching him into a hug and burring my head in his chest, inhaling his wonderful scent. I love his scent. It was hard to describe, but he's scent really comforted me. I felt him starting to stroke my hair. "Koibito?"

"Yes?" He put his head on top of mine.

"My neck still hurts." I forced him to lay on an angle so that I could feel his warmth a little better.

"You sure you don't want to right now before we go?" He pressed the issue a little more. He started to rub my back, my most evident weakness.

"We each have to take showers and get dressed-" I stopped short as he interrupted.

"Why don't we just take a shower together?" He continued to rub my back.

"That sounds like fun." I replied as I was half asleep in his arms.

"Okay, but to do that you need to wake up." He gently rose and got off the couch, I continued to lay on the couch. "Koi? Get up."

"Okay, okay." I reluctantly got off of the couch and followed Bakura upstairs to get ready.


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