Link sat alone on the beach on Windfall, remembering everything that has come and gone, the Wars World Nations, the Six Sages, and the Fierce Diety's Mask. There was so much that he remembered. He also missed Tetra, sure he saved her, but they split up yet again.

Outset Island was destroyed and Magenta Streams was now completely under water. Sturm and Maelstrom ran after their defeat in the Dark Obliterator. Ganondorf was now sealed underwater in the structure. The Master Sword is still in Link's possession.

The Wars World Nations are now trying to rebuild, after the tragic loss of Orange Star, Green Earth, White Nova, Yellow Comet and Red Star. White Nova, Orange Star and Red Star have to rebuild on Blue Moon, which Olaf doesn't mind because they just got more territory. Yellow Comet and Green earth are rebuilding on Golden Flames because there is a lot of room there. Link continued to stare at the setting sun as a voice called out from behind him.

Link got up and began to walk around the island. He stopped in front of the Bomb shop first. Memories started to slowly flood back from the first adventure he ever had. He remembered eavesdropping on Tetra and her crew. He remembered how he noticed Tetra turn her head to spot him.

He continued to walk and walked towards the gravestone on the cliff, said to belong to the founder of Windfall. He looked to the spot where the Pirate ship once docked on that stormy night. How he had to go through Niko's next 'training' to get bombs. Then how Tetra was watching him the whole time.He grabbed his head with both hands and closed his eyes tight. He fell on his knees to the ground.

"I can't live without her," He said to himself.

"Hoy Link!"

Link turned around to see Aryll and Grandma walking towards him. They wrapped their arms around him and sat down next to him. They looked into his eyes to see depression still covering him from life.

"I know you're still depressed everyone went their separate ways," Grandma stated, "But cheer up, everything will be fine."

"No, nothings going to be fine," Link said, a tear rolling down his face.

"You miss them all that much huh Link?" Aryll asked.

"Yes and especially Tetra. Nothing will ever be the same without her," He replied.

"That's why we're here!"

Link turned around surprised to see the Pirates standing there. Tetra was smiling lovingly at Link. She ran towards him and Link ran towards her. They met in one big embrace. They looked into each other's eyes and made a passionate kiss as the sun began to set. They parted lips and looked at each other again as the pirates, Aryll and Grandma came up to them.

"Its great you guys got back, but we got the letter from you saying that you lost the Pirate Ship near Great Fish Isle, how'd you get here?" Aryll asked.

"With Our help," said a voice who's hand was placed on Link's shoulder.

"Naval Ace!" Link said happily.

"Yep, and not just me, everyone else is here too," He replied as everyone just appeared as if in some sort of movie.

"We're all just one big family," Colin stated.

"Yah, once we're with each other a long time, things won't seem right when we part," Fado agreed kissing Saria.

"Indeed it is like that," Lance declared.

"I guess we'll be with each other a while now," Sonja stated.

"Yah, but isn't that a good thing?" Link asked.

"Yes it is, yes it is," Granger said as they all looked at the setting sun.

Link, Tetra, The Pirates, Medli, Komali, Makar, The 10 sages, Colin, Andy, Sonja, Naval Ace, Granger, Townes, Tao, Juziz, Alexis and Yuri all looked towards the sunset.

"The sunset reminds me of something," Naval Ace stated.

"And what may that be?" Sonja asked as they all looked at him.

"The sun is setting and the day is ending, but unlike the ending day, our Friendship and memories will last forever," He replied as the others smiled and looked back at the setting sun. Their adventure set, just like the sun...


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